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World of Warcraft - Legion

World of Warcraft - Legion is the sixth expansion of the MMORP game that defied all rules of the MMORPG. It is currently the only subscription based MMORPG on the market that has a huge following. Although the subscription have fallen from a high of 12 million to about 5 million, it is still going strong. After the events of the last expansion, the lack of content, hopefully this expansion will address those short-comings.

The Orc wizard Gul`dan was last seen being pushed into a portal by the dying Archimonde. He has resurfaced in present day Azeroth. Somehow he has managed to get onto the The Broken Isles, a series of islands and a land mass continent that for many thousands of years was protected by a shield generated by the Nightwell. Gul`dan has entered into a pact with the Nightborne, corrupted Night Elves who live in Suramar, the main city on the continent. Together, Gul`dan and the Nightborne are opening portals to Legion worlds and inviting the Legion to enter Azeroth.

Unlike in previous expansions, you had to go via pre-defined zone path, that pre-defined path has been removed and you can level in any zone you wish, the adds will be tailored to your level like the raids are for previous expansions. Gul`dan isn`t the lead antagonist on the new continent this time round. We will be seeing him as a boss in an early raid where he will finally get his conuppence.

There are rumours that the lead antagonist is going to be Lady Azshara, the Night Elf turned Naga queen. The basis for the rumour is that she was once an Elf and Elves are the dominant enemy race this time round and the Nagas will play a large part in the zones to kill or be killed by. Hopefully, Lady Azshara is given the respect that she deserves and isn`t some minor boss but the final boss of the expansion which is very much liked by the Warcraft community.

There are no new playable races in the game but there is the Hero class Demon Hunters, a class that starts at level 98 and they are the only classes that carry glaives. Illidan Stormrage, an Night Elf that was defeated in Black Temple is making a return. Its unknown as to what his role will be in the game, whether, he`s on the side of the good or on the side of the Legion. He was seen on the side of the Legion the last time round but rumours are he might change sides with him leading the Demon Hunter class.

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