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Murlocs are Irritating water based monsters that can be found inhabitating Eastern Kingdoms mainly. They do appear in other parts of the world such as Northrend and in Broken Legion. In the later, they appear quite a lot on the Broken Isles. There are a few communities in Kalimdor such as round the Darkshore coastline. Easy to kill but they work in packs so can call on reinforcements when they are in trouble. Murlocs are not aligned to any one organisation. They are only seen as having one gender, male. Like humans, there are different types of Murlocs in terms of their weaponry. Some are warriors whilst others pratice magic. They have evolved to building their own settlements as evident in Elwynn Forest. After missing in action in Burning Crusade, they will reappear on Northrend as questgivers. Yes, some are intelligent and have mastered the ability to communicate with players. Their attacks on the Trolls caused the Darkspear Trolls to abandon Strangelthorn Vale. They took up an invitation to join the Horde and move their capital to Orgrimmar in Durotar.

Warcraft, the Movie

In Warcraft the movie, there's a brief scene where soldiers are riding across a bridge with a Murloc underneath making a noise. Its a nice touch in the film but its a blink and you miss it scene. There's no major characters who are Murlocs in the film mind you.

Undead Murlocs

Just as there are undead humans as in the Forsaken, there are some undead Murlocs who can be located on North West coast of Howling Fjord on Northrend. They're not major characters in the expansion so no need to feel the need to go and see them unless you want to.

Save the Murlocs

There's even a website set up in dedication to the irritating creatures. I don't endorse it but its fun to have look at. Save The Murloc . The videos quite fun with comedy grusomeness so warned.

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