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Scarlet Crusade

Principle Zones
Tirisfal Glades
Eastern Plaguelands
Western Plaguelands


When the Scourge attacked Lordaeron, driving the humans away from their city. A group of priests/paladins led by Grand Inquisitor Isillienand High General Abbendis stayed behind to defend what was left and kill as many Undead as possible. Their main areas of concentration is the Scarlet Monestry (Tirisfal Glades), Hearthglen (Western Plaguelands), Stratholme (Western Plaguelands) and Tyrs Hand (Western Plaguelands) (Eastern Plaguelands). Although human, they have little regard for other non-Crusade humans. They are fanatical in nature, killing whatever gets in their way as they seek to destroy all signs of the Scourge. Abbendis was killed during an early battle and now is led by Grand Inquisitor Isillien (Priest), Abbendis`s Daughter and Highlord Alexandros Mograine.

Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan (Current, corpse possessed by Balnazzar)

A once respected Knight, he was killed by the demon Balnazzar. Whilst possessed, he managed to steer the Crusaders into being more paranoid than ever. He can be found in the Stratholme dungeon.

Highlord Taelan Fordring

A Paladin who resides in Hearthglen who serves the Crusade no matter how corrupted that they have become. He was eventually killed by Isillien accused of betraying the Crusaders.

Highlord Alexandros Mograine (Former)

Was a high-ranking member of the Silver Hand before he became corrupted by the Scourge. He is one of the four horsemen of Nexxramas, the Dragon. He was killed by his son Renault after being corrupted by the Scourge monster Balnazzar. Before becoming a Scourge, he was one of the leaders of the organisation. Also famous for his sword, the ]bringer which was carved from a gem found round the neck of a dead Orc Warrior.

High General Abbendis (Daughter)

When her father died, she became the head of the military side of the organisation. She reides in the Western Plaguelands enclave of Tyrs Hand.

High General Abbendis (Father)

Was one of the original members of the Scarlet Crusade set up to kill the Undead after their take over of Lordaeron and surrounding areas. He was in charge of the military side of the organisation whilst Isillien looked over the religious side of the organisation, ie Priests.

Grand Inquisitor Isillien

He is the Spiritual Head of the Crusade who with Abbendis, he started the organisation to rid it of the Undead. He accused Taelan of betraying the cause. This ultimately led to his death at the hands of Tirion, Taelans son.

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