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The Story so far

When the universe came into being, The Titans, the Gods in this fantasy universe set about shaping the planets. They began creatingorder on the thousands of planets that scattered the Universe. Whilst creating order on the planets, they became aware of an area ofspace known as the `Twisting Nether` where evil was brewing. The Pantheon, the ruling sect of the Titans tasked Sargeras to defendtheir Universe from evil that escaped from the Nether. He did this without question for many milleniums. Whilst doing this, he cameacross two races, the Eradar (Later to be known as the Draenei) and Nathrezim. The Eradar living on the planet Argus were a powerfulrace of sorcerers who were using magic to conquer and enslave whole races. This trouble Sargeras and he imprisioned the warlocks in theNether. He began to slip into depression and question his role in what he was doing. The Nathrezims were a race of vampiric demonswho would possess the bodies of those they wished to conquer and thus corrupt the races from within. Defeating them was easily but it had an effect on the trouble Titan. He believed that what he was doing was wrong and believed disorder was the right order for theUniverse. The Pantheon tried persuading him otherwise but he was not going to listen to them and instead, he left the organisation, opting to go it alone. He changed from being a metallic bonze titan into a red hot blistering monster of hate. In his hate, he wentback to the Nether and released the two races he had imprisioned, the Eradar and the Nathrezims.

Those two races agreed to do his bidding. He chose two Eradars to do his bidding, Archimonde was chosen to lead his men into battle.Kil`Jaeden was chosen to seek out new races to conquer. Archimonde and Kil`Jaeden was two of the three leaders of the Eradar.The third Velen decided not to join and take what was left of his people away from Sargeras` influence with the help of the Naaru.

Kil`Jaeden took charge of the Nathrezims and appointed Tichondrius as his lieutenant. As time went on, their army grew and grew, next to join were the Pit Lords led by Mannorath, the Destructor.

The Titans continued their mission to bring peace and order to the new universe. They came across a planet called Azeroth where theoccupants were Elementals who were worshipping an evil group of gods known as the `Old Gods`. It was decided that they should be brought to heal. They attacked the `Old Gods`, destroying their Citadel and chaining the gods up underground. They created a raceof humanoids called the Dwarfs to help them reshape the planet. Over years, the planet was reshaped until one continent existedwhich they called `Kalimdor`. Life including plants, monsters and humanoids were left to thrive on the planet. Once they weresatisfied that their work was done on the planet, they entrusted the safety of the planet on a number of dragons. Before even humans and orcs began fighting on the planet, there were a number of different races. One, calling themselves Kaldorei(children of the stars), later to be known as the Night Elves were drawn to a magical lake which bestowed powers. They believed their goddess Elune was at the bottom of the lake. They built settlements round the lake. The Kaldorei began spreading out aroundthe continent, meeting new races. The Queen Azshara doted on a number of Kaldorei more than the others who were in turn called the Highborne. The Highborne were tasked to learn more about the magic powers and they accepted their task. Over time, the Queen andthe Highborne became more powerful, creating and destroying things at will, this led to a schism in the order.

War of the Ancients, 10,000 years before Warcraft

The power being created by the Highborne caught the attention of Sargeras and he headed towards the planet. He managed to persuadethe Queen unwittingly to give him access to the planet. She opened a portal toallow the giant Sargeras to enter the planet. The Burning Legion attacked, killing many thousands of Elves.The dragons that had been tasked with protecting the planet were of little or nouse. One of the dragons broke up and became a servent of the Burning Legion. During the battle, the Well of Eternity, the sourceof the Kaldorei`s powers caused an earthquake of such ferocity that the continent split up. Where the Well had been, now was water and a vortex of immense power. A number of survivor found sanctuary on a large mountain called Hyjal. On the mountain was a lakewhich one elf poured a little of the Well of Eternity`s water in it, corrupting it with magic. They began a more druidistic life style, working in harmony with the planet.

The World Tree and the Emerald Dream, 9,000 years before Warcraft

When it became known that the Elves were again praticing with magic, the three remaining dragons that had stayed loyal to the Titans arrived. They were alarmed at the prospect of the return of the Legion and wanted it destroyed. Ysera, the green dragon,planted an acorn in the lake and a tree grew from it.

Exile of the Highborne, 7,300 years before Warcraft

A number of elves who were still addicted to the magic that came from the Well were determind to continue their studies. As theothers were set against it, the Highborne left the country to find somewhere to continue. They settled in Quel`Thalas on another continent and built their own civilisation. They would call themselves the High Elves. When the High Elves left, the HighPriestess Tyrande banded together a number of elves to act as protectors for the area.

The founding of Quel`Thalas, 6,800 Years before Warcraft

Their journey to their new land wasn`t direct. They landed in Tirisfel Glades and encountered a few human settlements. At thattime the humans weren`t as advanced as they were when the First War began. They advanced east and as they did so, they came intocontact with the Amani trolls. The trolls from Zul`Aman were a vicious bunch of creatures and they killed many of the Highborne.Those that survived travelled north and built Silvermoon to be their capital.

Arathor and the Troll Wars, 2,800 Years before Warcraft

Humans began clubbing together under a common tribe. They built a city called Strom where lived in safety. The knew of the High Elves and their war with the trolls but didn`t intervene. It was only when a messenger from the Elves arrived to warn them of the threat that they could expect that the humans decided to intervene. In exchange for help, the Elves would teach the humansmagic. An army of humans joined the Elves in a battle at the foot of the Alterac Mountains. After a long battle, the Elves began to use magic on their common enemy which worked and the trolls were eventually defeated. The trolls retreated back to their city Zul`Aman in the Ghostlands.

Guardians of Tirisfal, 2,700 Years before Warcraft

With their magical powers growing, the human magicians left the city of Strom and moved to Dalaran to continue their studies. Always mindful that the Burning Legion could return at any time. Some non-dangerous Burning Legion minions were still on the planet but they were not causing a great deal of problem. Small problems were carefully covered up in Dalaran. The ruling council inDalaran sought help from the Elves to deal with the problem. Both sides agreed to create a Guardian who would protect the planet from the forces of the Burning Legion and that person would reside in the Tirisfel Glades.

Ironforge - Awakening of the Dwarves, 2,500 Years before Warcraft

When the Well of Eternity caused the creation of the continents, the Dwarves sealed themselves in their stone cities. Something woke those in the stone city of Uldaman. It is unclear what actually woke them up. They ventured out and built their new capital inside a mountain in Dun Morogh.

The Seven Kingdoms, 1,200 Years before Warcraft

It was at this time, that humans spread out across the area, building new cities and kingdoms. They would all unite under one banner and its main principle city would be Strom. However a new city was built called Lordaeron and power moved from Strom to there. It was also at this time that humans encountered Dwarfs for the first time and became friends.

Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt, 823 Years before Warcraft

Aegwynn was a human female guardian of Trisfel who protected the continent from the Burning Legion. She speculated that the powers of the Legion was on Northrend so went forth. She encountered Sargeras there and believed that she had killed him butshe had in fact enabled him to transfer his weakened soul into her body to remain hidden.

War of the Three Hammers, 230 Years before Warcraft

The Dwarfen kingdom had three clans, the Wildhammers, Ironforge and the Dark Irons. During this period of time, there was acivil war between the clans and they split up. The Wildhammers moved to the Hinterlands whereas the Dark Irons moved to build their own city to the south. The Wildhammers and Ironforge maintained a friendly union but the Dark Irons turned their back on the rest.

The Last Guardian, 45 Years before Warcraft

Aegwynns powers grew and alarmed the Dalaran council. They ordered her to stand down which she refused. She wanted to choose a successor herself. She became pregnant through natural means. Unknown to her, Sargeras was already corrupting the baby even before it was born. When the baby was born, she left him in the care of the Dalaran Council then wandered aimlessly.

Kil`Jaeden and the Shadow Pact

Kil`Jaeden began plotting the second invasion of Azeroth. His plan was to cause a diversion and occupy the Azerothians leaving the planet open for attack by the Legion.He came across a race of beings on Draenor called the Orcs. They were warlike and he believed he could persuade them to work for him. He manipulated Ner`zhul, the Orc leader and turned them in a blood thirsty race. They started to attack one another and the Draenei who they had lived in peace with. When Ner`zhul awakened to the trouble that was brewing, Kil`Jaeden had him killed and replaced with Gul`dan. Gul`dan founded the Shadow Council and invited warlocks to join.

Rise of the Horde

Over time, the Orcs powerbase grew. There were a few dissenting voices but the power hungry chiefs were louder. They were being controlled by Gul`dan and the Shadow Council. With no enemies, they turned their attacks on the Draenei, killing all but afew. They were now the foot soldiers of the Burning Legion.

Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind, the First War

Kil`Jaeden was now satisfied that the Orcs were ready to attack Azeroth. A Dark Portal was opened between the two planets ofAzeroth and Draenor with the help of the corrupted Medivh. The Orcs marched through, attacking whatever and whoever got in their way. Discontent was brewing amongst the Orcs mainly from Durotan, one of the clan leaders. He was exiled to Kalimdor where he set up his own community. During the war, humans from Stormwind stormed the tower belonging to Medivh where they killed him. Sargeras was banished into an abyss. Durotan who had been exiled returned to persuade the other clan leaders of their folly. This time insteadof exiling him again, Durotan was killed. Another clan leader Orgrim realising what was happening, set out to free his people from the Burning Legion.

The Alliance of Lordaeron, the Second War

With Stormwind damaged, the human kingdoms met at Lordaeron to build a defence pact. They called upon the Dwarfs and the High Elves into the pact. Whilst this was going on, there was a power struggle going on amongst the Orcs. Gul`dan went off with a group of Orc soldiers to find the tomb of Sargeras and free him from his underwater tomb. The tomb contained only demons which when released cut the young Orc to shreads. The Horde built an alliance with the Amani trolls. The Alliance were now attacking theOrcs and trying to push them back. Battles on water and in the air took place as well as those on the land. The Horde managed to find a powerful crystal which they used to enslave one of the great dragons. The Dark Portal was closed and Orc reinforcements could not come thus ensuring a win for the Alliance. Trapped Orcs surrendered and were rounded up. Although the Dark Portal was closed, the Orcs managed to re-open it. They sent through agents to get a number of items from Azeroth. The Humansdecided to launch attacks on the Orcs on Draenor and duly sent soldiers through.

Birth of the Lich King

Incensed at Ner`Zhuls inability to destroy Azeroth, Kil`Jaeden tore his body apart, leaving only his soul which he would use later.He was later reborn as the Lich King. His followers also had the same treatment done to them and turned into Liches. Watched over by the dreadlords, he was sent back to Azeroth. The attack plan this time was to unleash a devastating disease amongst the humans and elves. Those infected would die and be reborn as the Undead.

Ice Crown and the Frozen Throne

Kil`Jaeden sent Ner`zhul back down to Azeroth, landing on Northrend. From within the Ice Citadel, he began unleashing the disease. First was a small human settlement on Northrend and before long the dead were rising up again.

The Battle of Grim Batol

A mighty battle raged in Grim Batol between the Orcs and the Humans. In the midsts of the battle, the crystal that had controlled one of the defending dragons was destroyed. The new released dragon and her fellow dragons unleashed their fury on the Orcs.

Lethargy of the Orcs

Over the forthcoming months, it was noticed that some of the captured Orcs were being calmer than usual. It was theorized by magicians from Dalaran that they were no longer under the influence of the Mages that had once controlled them.

The New Horde

One Orc in captivity Thrall was taught about the wider world by one of the wardens. He grew to be intelligent, strong and quick witted. He managed to escape from his captivity. This is told in the Caverns of time:Durnholde Keep dungeon. He wanted to rebuild the Orc empire. He managed to rally all the free Orcs under his control then returned to free his people fromthe internment camps. He led them back to Durotar.

War of the Spider

A group of spider like humanoids began to attack the Lich King. They were immune to his suggestions and the disease. When thespiders attacked and were killed, he would raise them once more as the Undead.

Kel`Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge

A magician from Dalaran heard the call from the Lich King and decided to seek him out. He gave himself to the Lich King who waspleased with him. Kel`Thruzad was tasked with returning to Lordaeron and trying to convert people to joining his new religon which worked. Whilst that was going on, the Lich King was unleashing cauldrons of the plague near Lordaeron. The new undead army was named the Scourge.

The Alliance Splinters

The high cost of rebuilding Stormwind was having an effect on the kingdoms. Many were unhappy and began breaking away from the Alliance. The High Elves had decided to go it alone, disliking the human leadership even though the humans had helped them out when they really needed it. The Dwarves of Ironforge pledged their total loyalty.

The Scourge of Lordaeron, The Third War

The undead disease was unleashed upon the many human settlements. Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron went to investigate. Fear of what would happen affected him and he journeyed to Northrend to confront the Lich King. Against better judgement, he picked upthe cursed Runeblade Frostmourne and became a Death Knight. He did this because he thought it would save his people. Arthas returned to Lordaeron and destroyed all that was left of the city.

Sunwell - Fall of Quel`Thalas

Arthas turned his attention to the Sunwell which he was told would raise Kel`Thuzad from the dead. The High Elves led by Sylvannas Windrunner had put up a valiant fight but it was not good enough and they were all killed. The City of Silvermoon was destroyed.

Archimonde`s Return and the Flight to Azeroth

Arthas took the army to Dalaran where he obtained Medivh`s spell book. With the spell book, he was able to summon Archimonde who would lead the attack on Azeroth. Archimonde turned his attentions to the Night Elves as they were called and destroyed theirWorld Tree. Out of the chaos Medivh returned who tried to persuade both the Alliance and the Horde to work together. Neither party agreed. Battle took place on Kalimdor now.

Battle for Mount Hyjal

Nestled in between Felwood and Moonglade is the locked off zone of Mount Hyjal. Eventually Medivh`s powers of persuasions paid off, the two groups, the Alliance and the Horde decided to work together to kill Archimonde. The battle took place on Mount Hyjal. The battle can be played in one of the Cavern of Time raids. Archimonde, was eventually killed by the primal fury of the World Tree.

The Betrayer Ascendant

Illidan Stormrage who had been encased in a prison many thousands of years ago was accidentally released during the battles that raged through Kalimdor. Free, he wandered around for a while before being noticed by Kil`Jaeden. He offered the Elf untoldpower if he killed the Lich King who was growing out of control. Illidan agreed. He went to Dalaran where he obtained a gem to attack the Ice Citadel. He launched an attack on the Citadel and destroyed it. His captors from the Elf kingdom came and prevented him from killing the Lich King. Fearful of reprisal from Kil`Jaeden, he escaped to Outlands and the Black Temple.

Rise of the Blood Elves

Prince Kael`thas Sunstrider returned to Silvermoon to see the devastation that the Scourge had caused for himself. He set out to rebuild his nation. They renamed themselves the Sin`dorei meaning Children of the Blood. He sided with the Naga QueenLady Vashj and was seen as a traitor and cast out. He moved to the Outlands and joined with Illidan to plot against the Lich King. The remaining High Elves refused to continue their friendship with the Alliance.

Civil War in the Plaguelands

Lady Sylvannas Windrunner led a civil war in the Plaguelands, breaking free of the powers of the Burning Legion. She took control of Lordaeron and building an empire based underground. Arthas had to return back to Northrend.

The Lich King Triumphant

Arthas returned back to the Ice Citadel and killed Ner`Zhul, the current Lich King. He placed the helmet on his head and infusedboth their bodies as one. Arthas became the new Lich King.

Old Hatred - Colonisaton of Kalimdor

Although victory was theirs, the Horde and the Alliance maintained an uneasy peace. The Orcs moved to Kalimdor, building theircity in Durotar and befriending the Taurens. The Alliance built a small city Theramore, in Dustwallow Marsh much to the annoyance of theHore. When a massive naval/army moved on the Orc city of Orgrimmar, the Alliance city of Theramore sided with the Orcs tocrush the threat. As a reward, the Alliance city was allowed to stay.

Condensed from the Official storyline, found at the official World of Warcraft site.

Copyright: Blizzard Entertainment

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