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World of Warcraft - Vanilla

Also known as Warcraft Classic, it was the first person version of the strategy game that had come out years before. The setting is Azeroth, a planet in another universe where magic and fantasy reign supreme. The player takes on the role of either the Alliance or the Horde as they seek to defend the planet against the other faction and also from the Burning Legion.

The player needed to get to level 60 to take part in the raids, further expansions were limited to 10 or 5 levels. The alliance consisted of Dwarf, Gnome, Human and Night Elf. Those on the Horde had the choice of Forsaken, Orc, Tauren and Troll. New expansions would introduce new races, one for each side where necessary.

The game was set many years after the Dark Portal brought the Orcs to Azeroth and the Orcs had made themselves home in the Durotan wastelands on Kalimdor.

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