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World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King

This time round, there are no new races of players that the can control, instead there is a new class, the Death Knight which allows a player to jump straight to level 55 without having to do the first levels. The Death Knight is the same class as Arthas, the main antagonist of the expansion. The final battle takes place inside the massive Icecown Citadel where Arthas Menethil sits at the top and controls his legions of the undead. Players can either start on the east side of the island or the west side of the continent, having reached the location from their faction base. In the case of the Alliance, the player will take a boat whilst the Horde will fly on a zeppelin.

In the centre of Crystalsong Forest is the Neutral City of Dalaran where both sides can meet and not be hit by any other faction players. Near the close of the expansion, came a new raid where the players faced off against a dragon follower of Deathwing in The Ruby Sanctum, a precursor of what was to come in the next expansion.

The expansion marked the arrival of Championing where you could wear a non-player`s factions tabard for rep when doing dungeons.

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