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Zosma Comparer

Zosma Character Comparer Screen Shot

Zosma Compare is a small .NET application that I wrote to compare different stats of my characters. You will need to have .NET 4.0 installed to use the program. The current version will only compare general information, basic guild details, titles, raid progression, achievements and reputations. The program does not require or ask you for your user name or password, if it did, you should stop, change your Warcraft account username and password and check your bank statements. If a version asked for your log on details, its not a universe Guide version.

The information, it gets from the wow armory using api calls. The information that is retrieved are stored in files in the My Documents\Zosma folder. When you first install and run the program, there will be a short delay whilst the application downloads the latest achievements and server list from the warcraft server. As the achievements and server list can change over time, I have opted not to include the list with the installation.

The output format can either be a HTML page or a CSV file, both of which are stored on your local machine so you can keep them for historical reasons or to send to people.

To download, click on the above icon and run. The icon by the way came from FindIcons.com and is public domain.

Zosma Character Comparer Screen Shot

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