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Antorus, the Burning Throne Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Antorus, the Burning Throne is a raid whose entrance is located in Antoran Wastes on the continent of Argus in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110. The raid contains 11 bosses. The end boss of Antorus, the Burning Throne is Argus the Unmaker.

Antorus is the final raid on the Legion expansion. It is located on the far off planet Argus which is referred to as the Legion home world. Antorus is a large castle building in the Antoran Wastes hence its name. The dungeon is very green when you visit.

The final boss is Argus, the Unmaker. Whilst most bosses were released on the test server, Argus was held back to make things a bit more interesting for the people who like to fight for the prestige of being the first person to kill Argus.

List of Antorus, the Burning Throne Raid Bosses

Gorothi Worldbreaker Tactics

The Gorothi Worldbreaker is like previous bosses that you'll have come across in the past such as Krosus in Nighthold, the raid that was released the last but one. The boss is half above the ground and half below ground.

The main thing to remember with this boss is that he does a lot of AOE damage everywhere so you need to keep moving. He'll target a player and that player will need to move out of the way of the target zone otherwise s/he'll be playing the harp. If you get targetted for missiles, you need to move to the back of the room as quickly as possible. There are no adds but he will open up a cannon which you need to target and destroy as quickly as possible.

The melee and those ranged dps who like to fight up close and personal need to be aware of Eradication. Eradication is where Worldbreaker will bang on the ground and cause AOE damage, move out of the way and then move back when he's stopped.

Felhounds of Sargeras Tactics

Even extremely bad Titans have pets, F'harg (yellow) and Shatug (blue). As there are two pets and two tanks in each raid, one tank per pet. Unlike some bosses where one supertank can take on both, it is advised you wait for another tank before you confront them in LFR. The two pets must be tanked away from each other because they both have a different attack move that will cause massive damage to the players.

F'harg main unique fighting move is that he'll explode with light and cause damage. Shatug will create black holes which are blue balls and pull people toward them. It is a relatively easy boss if you get the mechanics right.

F'Harg wiill poison the ground in the three directions. All you need to do is to move out of the way so that you avoid damage. Once the poison has gone, you can return to the area to fight. Its been known that all the dps target one of the bosses, normally Shatug because they are shared health and its aoe spell can be best avoided.

you're lucky enough, the mount might fall and it will even fall in the LFR raid and not just the normal+ raids.

Antoran High Command Tactics

The Antoran High Command might look like just one corrupted Draenei but its not, there are three Draenei but only one appears at anyone time. Each time another one appears, the group needs to move to another part of the fighting area. The closer you get to killing the bosses, the quicker the interval you need to move to another boss.

The three bosses are all very similar mechanics and they all share the same health pool. Unlike the previous bosses here, these bosses will have adds which are more of a nuisance than damaging. The lights will go dim during the fight but will return.

Things you need to be aware of is that Chief Engineer Ishkar will unleash hellfire so you need to get under the shield that appears. General Erodus has landmines which you need to avoid, they are easy to spot, they are large and green on the ground.

Portal Keeper Hasabel Tactics

Don't start this fight if you only have one tank as it might be a bit difficult. As the name suggests, Hasabel opens portals to other parts of the fight zone which dps and healers need to jump through to kill the boss adds. The adds are :- Vulcanar, Lady Dacidion and Lord Ellgar. The adds are easy enough to kill. Vulcanar as his name suggests is a Vulcano creature that spews fire. Lord Ellgar makes vision difficult and small.

The tanks need to keep movng Hasabel around the fight area. Hasabel will create large areas of shadow damage which is why you need to keep moving the boss around the fight area.

Eonar, the Life Bender Tactics

There is a real boss here like in the other encounters. The encounter takes place in Eonar's home world if you can say that. It is reminiscent of the conservatory area in Ulduar. The fight involves running around the platformed area killing adds. If you fall off, you can ported back onto a platform. Eonar is a titan that the Legion seeks to corrupt but one that you aimn to prevent. There is no large ultimate boss at the end.

Imonar, the Soulhunter Tactics

Imonar will drop from a Legion craft in the middle of the room so its advisable that everyone stays on the outside of the fight zone so that you don't accidentally start it. The mechanics are easy, Imonar is a bounty hunter for the Legion and according to him, the more you fight, the more the bounty is. He doesn't have any adds that you need to be aware of. Just as there is no adds, it doesn't make it any easier for the fight.

The main thing to be aware of is him elevating himself and flying to the other end of the fight zone. In between the two fight areas are land mines which cause damage to you and surrounding people. If you're a Warlock, you can create portals to cross the area. You'll only be able to use the portal in one direction as other people will probably use it to and therefore drain the power to use it.

Kin'garoth Tactics

This boss is tricky but the mechanics are easy if you pay attention. During the fight, he'll summon from a portal a Decimator. When the summoning is happening, Kin'garoth will be immune to dps so all need to run to the Decimator. When the Decimator comes out of the portal, run to the main area otherwise you'll die when the ground becomes poisonous. At the same time as the portal, the boss no longer is immune. One of the tanks needs to pick up the boss whilst the other keeps the Decimator in check.

The group needs to keep moving round and the tank needs to kite the add round at the same time. Every so often, Kin'garoth will fire a beam from his hook hand, so you need to move round clockwise otherwise you'll die. Its best to dps him from behind so you have enough time to react to the stream. In addition to the stream, be aware of the mana balls which need to be avoided otherwise damage will ensue.

Varimathras Tactics

Compared to the other bosses, this one is easy. The tanks need to tank him away from the rest of the group, with Varimathras facing the wall. The rest need to be behind the boss and hit him till he's dead. The only thing you need to worry about is the shadow damage he creates on the ground in which case you need to move out of the way. Once the shadow damage has gone, return back to fight him.

The Coven of Shivara Tactics

Although there are three Shivaras, you only face two at anyone time. The third jumps on a column to cause mayhem. It is best to stack the two bosses that are in play together so that they can receive the dpses damage. During the fight, one of the bosses will step out of the fight and another will return.

The main thing with this fight is that there will a number of different adds that will cause pain. The adds will take on the form of spectres. The Spectres will have the names of Torment and then the names of the Pantheon. When the Spectres appear all round the room, it is at that point you need to find a break in surrounding wall and run towards it. Failure to run out of the fight area will cause damage and most likely death if you're in the poison for too long. When the wall is moving in, you should not try to dps the adds as you'll died.

In addition to the poison on the grounds, the Spectres will also through electricity on people so you need to heal them up as quickly as possible.

Like so many previous bosses, there will be a line of damage that will fire out from the centre of the bosses so you need to move out of the way. Another piece of damage is the swirling swords which are easy to move out of the way of.

Aggramar Tactics

Being on the European Aggramar server, not too happy that Aggramar is not the last, final boss of the expansion but subordinate to Argus :( Ah well. You could say that he is the final boss of the Burning Throne because the final boss takes place at the Seat of the the Pantheon, where the Titans live. Aggramar is a fallen titan who Sargeras corrupted and persuaded to help.

The main things things you need to be aware of is that the clue is in the name as to what you'll face with him. He main powers are fire. He'll launch fire blades out in all in directions so people need to be ready for them twhen they happen and side step them. If you can remember back to End Time and when you had to fight Echo of Jaina, she would throw frost blades across the ground, well, this is a variety on that.

He'll create a large of area of fire from which you need to move out of the way quickly otherwise you'll be damaged.

During the fire, flame adds will appear from where he is standing. You need to kite and kill them as soon as possible. These flame elementals can and will merge if they are not killed quickly enough. Found Aggramar to be tougher than Argus but if you take things carefully then he's killable.

Argus, the Unmaker Tactics

Argus, the Unmaker is the final boss of the Legion expansion. You sadly don't get to face off against the big bad guy, Sargeras in this expansion. You may get the chance later but the question to be asked is how do you kill a Titan, a God. Anyway, back to this boss. You have been teleported to the Seat of the Pantheon, where the Titans sit on their seats to watch down on the universe.

The fight is in a number of phases. Phase 1, you fight Argus on his own. His large Scythe swipes the area so all the dps should stand behind him so that they can't be hit by his sweeps. He'll create large areas of damage so you need to be nimble and move out of the way otherwise its curtains for you.

When you get to about 30% in the LFR version anyway, he'll disappear and ghostly adds will appear. You need to kill each of the adds before you get them. You should concentrate on taking one at a time at least in LFR.

When all the ghostly figures have been killed, Argus will come back and kill you all just like that. You'll be revived by another of the Titans where you need to run to the tree to revive. Whilst you are doing the ghost run, you will see sha like creatures roaming, in the LFR version, these monsters can be ignored. However for higher levels, the shas will attack you, otherwise whats the point of haing them. You'll probably die multiple times in the fight and each time, you run to the tree and res. The tree will only have a finite amount of times that you can be ressed so make dying as sparing as possible.

Once Argus is dead, the cartoon will begin and will show the Titans revealing Sargeras. Sargeras will ram his sword into Azeroth, Silithus to be more precise. Silithus was chosen because it has the least number of players visiting it than any other zone and besides its on the coast as well. Sargeras is imprisoned by the rest of the Titans. As Sargeras isn't killed, he could well escape from prison and therefore return in a future expansion but not for the next few expansions.

Antorus, the Burning Throne Location

Location of Antorus, the Burning Throne

Antorus, the Burning Throne Entrance

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