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Azsharas Eternal Palace Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Azsharas Eternal Palace is a raid whose entrance is located in Nazjatar on the continent of Kul Tiras in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 120. The raid contains 8 bosses. The end boss of Azsharas Eternal Palace is Queen Azshara.

Azshara's External Palace is the home of Queen Azshara, the legendary Elven queen who helped the Burning Legion onto Azeroth. During the Sunder, her palace became submerged and was turned into a Naga. Those elvens who followed Azshara were also turned into Nagas.

For such a legendary character, it is slightly disappointing to know that she won't be the end boss of the expansion, she will be the penultimate one. It was always known she wouldn't be the last boss of the expansion. There's speculation as to who might be the final boss, it is possibly the Old God that transformed Azshara to a Naga in the first place.

Nazjatar is the home of Queen Azshara whch became flooded during the sundering. Over the years after being converted into a Naga along with her people, she has been biding her time until the time is right to strike. The time has now come whilst the Alliance and the Horde are fighting for control of the land.

The entrance to the Palace is through the well at the far end of the zone. Go to the location where the arrow below is pointing to and jump into the water. You will get sucked down through the tube to the entrance location. There is a small device to click on to return to dry land above next to the summoning zone. Don't worry about breathing as that will be taken care of as you are sucked down.

List of Azsharas Eternal Palace Raid Bosses

Abyssal Commander Sivara Tactics

This is a straight on fight one against the raid. You may look like you are buffed so don't spend too much time trying to dispel as it won't work. The only thing you need to worry about with this boss is the knock back. The knock back won't amount to much but will require you to move in quick afterwards.

Blackwater Behemoth Tactics

The Black Behemoth is the hardest of the first three of the bosses. It is a fight that takes place under water and your main target is a giant fish that is half hiding out of the water. If you're a druid and you get a breathing problem, just turn into a seal and recover quickly.

The priority should be a puffer fish because when it is killed, you will get a green aura which will help healing. When the buff disappears you need to target a new puffer fish and kill that one.

The Behemoth will retreat into its cave and pop up elsewhere in the zone which you need to swim to to carry on the killing. If you hapen to be over the cracks in the ground, you will be target by creatures below so you want to be fighting above rock.

Radiance of Azshara Tactics

The Radiance of Azshara is a giant sea monster that appear in the middle of the pond. It is a relatively easy boss that will require you to move round the pond edge. When the ground becomes watery, you need to move as a sprout of water will spring up and knock you back. In LFR, the sprout won't do too much damage but in higher attempts, the watersprouts make knock you in the waters outside the pond and kill you.

Occasionally, you will be targetted by an arcane bomb so you will need to move away from everyone else so as not to cause damage. Adds will spawn and you will need to take them out but they are more of a hinderance rather than a problem. It is quite an easy fight in the end.

Lady Precillia Ashvane Tactics

Lady Precillia Ashvane, the pain in the Proudmoores' .... well you know. Lady Ashvane has sided with Queen Azshara and her gift for siding with the queen is to be turned into a monster. When the fight starts, the tanks need to move Lady to the edge of the fight area and then move her around the room when seaweed grows underfoot.

Lady will grow a carapiece on the back and when it happens, the players need to destroy the carapiece as quickly as possible. After the carapiece has been destroyed, she will grow in strength. The good news about the carapiece is that he health will be lower than before.

Orgozoa Tactics

Orgozoa is a giant octopus like creature that has a head with a large eye. Orgozoa also has adds that need to kill during the fight when they break loose from the boss. Its not the adds that players need to worry about, its the water areas on the ground as they can inflict a lot of damage. The areas on the ground can cause a lot of damage and you need to move to an area where there is not any water. The gaps between the bubbles are small and can be hard to navigate but you need to do otherwise it could mean death.

At about 40%, at least on L.F.R., the wall at the back of the room will break away and Orgozoa will run away. Players need to run after the boss and continue the fight until he is dead. In addition to the main tactics, the boss will employ a number of spells to hurt the players as well, they might have different names to other damage spells bu they are the same, move away and get dispelled.

The Queen's Court Tactics

The Queen's Court consists of two Nagas, one for each of the tanks. You need to separate them on either side of the room and get them down as quickly as possible. During the fight, they will create a number of sparks which the dps then need to prioritize whilst the tanks continue with the bosses.

Queen Azshara will appear during the fight issuing a number of decrees, the one that most stood out was Stand Alone. When the player is inflicted with this one, they need to move to the edge of the room until the spell has finished and then move back.

Za'qul, harbinger of Ny'alotha Tactics

Za'qul is a faceless monster that we've seen in the past, the tactics are slightly different. The tanks need to move him to the edge of the fighting area for ease of fight. Everyone needs to be inside the area before the fight starts otherwise they will be locked out.

During the fight, there will be a lot of ground damage to avoid but it should be easy enough. Avoid the runes.

During the fight, there will something what looks like eyes on the ground. The eyes will teleport people to another realm where they must attack the monsters there. If a team does not go there, the group will wipe. Its advisable that you have a dedicated group before the fight starts to go there and defeat the adds.

Although the tank should take the boss to the edge, the other people should avoid the outside. During the fight, shadow arms will appear and knock people flying out of the ring. The player(s) will receive a large amount of damage. If they don't back in, they will die. The arms phase will only end when the boss dies, you shouldn't target the arms, just leave them as they are.

Queen Azshara Tactics

Azsharas Eternal Palace Location

Location of Azsharas Eternal Palace

Azsharas Eternal Palace Entrance

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