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Blackrock Depths Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Blackrock Depths is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Searing Gorge on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 52-60. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Dwarf. The dungeon contains 18 bosses. The end boss of Blackrock Depths is Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.

Blackrock Depths is the largest dungeon in game and boasts 40 bosses, although the ghostly bosses ending 'Rel are all in the same encounter. The location for the dungeon is in Blackrock Mountain, the large mountain that straddles Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge. The dungeon, a cave system is the home to the Dark Iron Dwarf Emperor Dagran Thaurissan who is also the end boss in the dungeon.

Some bosses may be skipped if you know how. Moira, one of the final bosses is one boss that doesn't need to be skipped. Moira is the daughter of one of the leaders of Ironforge, home of the Dwarves. In lore after the Dark Iron Dwarf has died, a pregnant Moira assumes the throne of the Dark Iron Dwarves and falls back into line with the rest of the dwarves. However, although Moira has fallen into line, the Dark Iron Dwarves continue to cause problems for the adventures, both Alliance and Horde.

If during levelling, you follow the dungeon quest line, you will need to visit the dungeon numerous times to try to rescue Moira. Killing Moira with her Princess Leia hair buns has no effect on the storyline and when Emperor is killed, Moira cannot be killed.

During Brewfest, the annual Dwarven drinking festival, modelled on the German Oktoberfest festival, you can visit the dungeon through the Looking for Group finder to encounter the highest level boss for a chance of an epic trinket drop. Highest Level meaning, when it was Lich King, the boss was 80, when it was Cataclysm, the boss was 85. In the second year of the expansion, the item level of the item doesn't increase with the highest raid but stays as it was the first year. The seasonal boss is Coren Direbrew who is drunk and you insult him and then fight him to the death.

When you first enter the dungeon, there is a drilling machine, an abandoned mole machine as its called. Using this boss, you are able to skip a number of bosses if you just want to get it done quick.

Access to the second part of the dungeon if you're doing a full walk though is a door. Prospector Seymore, a dwarf stands by the door so if you see him, the door is next to him. In the first room, you'll see a large clogwheel, you need to kill all the dwarves round it and then click on the clog. The clog will release a door later in the dungeon otherwise you won't be able to progress further.

There are a couple of non-mandatory bosses which can give extra loot but not killing them won't harm your advance in anyway. The optional bosses are Plugger Spazzring, Ribbly Screwspigot and Hurley Blackbreath.

Entrance to Blackrock Depths

You need to go into the heart of Blackrock mountain then if you can fly, you need to fly to the bottom of the middle but not go into the lava. You should see a lone Blood Elf, enter the corridor beside him and the head to the back of the room. The location of the entrance is straight ahead.

Accessing the Iron Hall from Lyceum

After kiling the Seven, you enter the Lyceum, a massive hall with lots of dwarven adds, The dwarves are easy to kill its just there are lots of them. Before you can access the next stage of the room, you need to light the two forges. Shadowforge torches drop off red coloured dwarves. You need to find the red coloured dwarves, kill them, grab the torch and then light the forge fires to open the door to the Lyceum.

List of Blackrock Depths Dungeon Bosses

Bael'gar Tactics

Bael'gar is traditionally the first boss that you will encounter. Whether the boss is the first encounter or not depends on where you go. Bael'gar is at the end of a long corridor which is flanked on both side by Dark Iron Dwarves. It is possible to avoid the trash. Some of the trash is static but others patrol so keep an eye on what that group does before you more.

The boss is a firey rock elemental and his main attacking moves are melee by stomping the ground. He'll infect everyone with hot magma which will cause damage over time. The DOT that he does stacks up to three so the longer you take, the heavier the damage will become. An add will appear if you take too long in the fight so you need to mitigate and the tank takes aggro from the add if possible.

Houndmaster Grebmar Tactics

Houndmaster Grebmar is inside a room near the detention block. When you walk round the area, you will eventually find an entrance to his room. Inside the room, Grebmar will be walking with two hounds, these are his adds and hitting either of them will start the encounter. If you can, kill all the other hounds so to make things a lot easier.

When the fight starts, he'll come at you with his axes and melee you. Kill the two hounds, these share the same health poor so just target one of the adds and then they both should go down. Once the adds are down, no more adds will come to his aid.

Things to be aware of when fighting Grebmar is that he will go into rage and pummel a player for a short amount of time, the healer will need to be ready to ensure that the player doesn't too badly damaged by the effect. When he rages, his pets will increase their damage so you need to get them down as quickly as possible. When the health is about 15%, he'll run away so you should've mad sure that you killed all the other hounds before hand.

Lord Roccor Tactics

Lord Roccor is a lava rock elemental that patrols the outside of the north part of the detention area. His main power is fire which he inflicts on people. His spells have the power to stun all those nearby so be careful that you're not too close which might be hard for melee but those who are ranged should try and get as far from him as possible. Casters such as mages need to be aware he can interrupt your spells.

Ring of Law Tactics

The ring of law is in the circular area in the north part of the detention block. During the Lunar Festival, the Elder for the achievement will be located in the middle of the room however he is not the boss you are after. When you get near the middle, High Justice Grimstone will appear and start talking. Once Grimstone has stopped talking, he'll summon his creatures to come and attack you. There will be two waves of attack and Grimstone will appear during both waves to splurt some words. After the second

High Interrogator Gerstahn Tactics

When you approach Gerstahn, she'll be talking to a group of dwarves and a Tauren. These adds need to be killed or sheeped if you have the necessary spells in the group. The person best to sheep is the Tauren. Some of the iron dwarves and hounds share a small amount of health, when you kill a hound, the dwarf owner's health will go down also. Gerstahn is the last boss in the first part of the LFG group feature. When she's dead, the dungeon is at an end but you can continue if you want.

Once of her spells is to steal the mana from another player to use as her own. You should kite the boss to one of the corners because she has the ability to fear and if you're in the wrong position, she could fear you into another group along the corridor and maybe cause a wipe.

Once you have killed and looted Gerstahn, you will be able to pick up a key and release the prisoners elsewhere in the detention block.

Lord Incendius Tactics

Lord Incendius is a large fire elemental that guards the Black Anvil. The Black Anvil is the only place in the whole of Azeroth that Blacksmiths can use to make things out of Dark Iron. Lord Incendious walks round the anvil guarding it from players.

The tank should place the boss near the edge with the anvil behind the player so that when the player is knocked back, he's not knocked over the edge. Placing the boss there will also reduce the area that Incendius burns and creates AOE damage on the ground.

Fineous Darkvire Tactics

Fineous Darkvire is a paladin with a mace. His main power/skill is holy power, no shocks there. If you approach him to closely, the fight will start. Fineous will had adds to support him, both golems and dwarves. The adds share health to a certain percent so if you can aim your fire on one to get him down.

If you're not careful, you may end up pulling patrolling golems which will make the dungeon harder than it needs to be. Fineous being a paladin is able to self heal and interrupt player spells so speed is of the essence.

Warder Stilgriss Tactics

Warder Stilgriss is a cross between a hunter and a frost mage. On the one hand, he'll fire frost at the player, on the other hand he has a pet that is more akin to hunters. The priority should be to kill Verek, the pet. If you have a mage in your group, you should think about sheeping Warder on the basis that the Warder is the harder of the two. The only thing that Stilgriss can't do as a mage is sheep someone but he can freeze and slow them down.

Verek, even though he is just a hound, he is able to put curses on players so they need to be removed. When Verek is 25%, he'll enrage so get him down quickly when he does get to that amount hence why you should only targe one of the bosses.

Behind Stilgriss is a safe which if you're doing the quest "Heart of the Mountain" then your item is behind that door. If you've not got the item, just don't worry about it.

Pyromancer Loregrain Tactics

Pyromancer Loregrain is a Tauren shamen who will create totems that blast out fire when he fights. When you arrive at the location, he'll have his back to you along with two other frost mage adds. Getting close to any of them will start the fight. When he creates a totem, destroy it quickly by hitting it. He'll have a fire damage over time spell so the healer needs to be ready to keep the infected person up. The elemental gates can't be entered just in case you was curious.

General Angerforge Tactics

General Angerforge can be found talking to his colleague when you enter the room. If you get too close, you will pull the adds and the boss. Its a simple encounter, take out the instance boss and then leave. If you can, take out the reservists first as they will be weak and will allow you then to concentrate on the boss.

The main thing you need to worry about this boss is that he'll sunder your armor meaning he'll make it weaker for a short amount of time. During the sunder stage, you will receive more damage than otherwise. He'll also enrage in phases when he'll dish out more damage than usual but perserve you must, On his death, you will be attacked by a group of dwarves so you'll need to prepare for that.

Golem Lord Argelmarch Tactics

Argelmarch is assisted by two Golems, Wrath-Hammer who'll fire fire at you and Ragereaver who'll use melee. Unlike other boss encounters where when you kill one add, the other add will become damaged, that won't happen here.

Argelmarch is an engineer but he's also a shaman which is his class. He'll cast chain lightning which will jump from one to another. In addition to the lightning, he'll create a shield which will retailiate against any players move.

Phalanx Tactics

When you arrive in the area, Phalanx will be in the corner in the dark. Phalanx will unresponsive. To get Phalanx to move, you need to annoy Spazzring by either pick-pocketing him or buy eating the food. You need to be aware that when once you have aggro'd the boss, he'll pull the whole room to attack you and it won't be pretty. Its best to stay as far from the rest of the room as possible. Once the boss has been killed, you'll be able to access the rest of the dungeon.

Plugger Spazzring Tactics

Plugger is a leper gnome on the basis of his colour. When you first enter the room, he'll be neutral so you can talk to him. If you have a rogue in the group, the rogue will need to pickpocket the boss so that you can access the final part of the dungeon. If you don't have a mage, eat the food he has laid out in the back of the room.

Once you have annoyed Plugger, he can be attacked. When he's attacked, he'll act like a warlock and use shadow power against you. If you're not careful, Plugger will call upon adds that are in the room to help him. He has the ability to banish a player so that that player is unable to attack the boss. In addition to the banish, he'll curse a player so that their spell power is reduced.

Coren Direbrew Tactics

Coren Direbrew is a Brewfest seasonal boss that appears only in September time. It is possible to queue for Coren and go straight to the boss rather than making your way to the boss. When you enter the room, Coren will be matching up and down the room and will not interact until someone has spoken to him.

What exactly the player says to Coren to annoy him is never revealed but its something that gets his back up. When the fight begins, he'll call upon his fellow dwarves to attack. Normally groups will just go all out and attack Coren if they're hard enough. Things to be aware of is his whirlwind power which everyone needs to run from. He'll also put barrels on people heads to disorientate them.

The end loot is the level that is highest at the first time of appearing. For example, if the highest level item for the first year of the expansion is 500 then the next year, the loot will still be 500 even if the highest attainable piece of loot is 700.

Ambassador Flamelash Tactics

The main thing to worry about Ambassador Flamelash is that he'll create fire elementals that will come to him and be consumed. When the elementals are consumed, Flamelash will increase the damage that he gives over time. The elementals will be in addition to the melee and the fire damage that he inflicts on the players.

The Seven Tactics

The Seven are a group of seven spectres that will attack the group in a closed room. The ghosts in order, when one dies, another will appear. They are all easy and nothing to worry about here. To star, you need to talk to the first, Doom'rel.

Each boss will have a different spell, the first Anger'rel will be a shaman. Seeth'rel is an arcane mage. Gloom'rel will be a single sword dps warrior in cloth. Vire'rel will be a warlock. Hate'rel will be a dps warrior. Only the last one, Doom'rel has any adds and he'll attack with three Voidwalkers which should be handled. Once they are all dead, the chest by the exit can be looted.

Magmus Tactics

Magmus blocks the path to the final room. His main spell so speak is the stomp which affects everyone nearby and can cause players to be knocked back if they are low. In addition to his spells, you have to be aware that fire will come from the walls so you need to be careful of the flames. Once he's done, its just the final boss left.

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Tactics

When you first enter the great hall, it'll be populated with a large amount of non-elite adds which should all be killed before you attempt to kill the Emperor. The Emperor is at the back of the room with the High Priestess of Thaurissan. You need to get close to them to pull. They will both attack at the same time so don't try pulling the priestess because the Emperor will come too. In the past the Priestess used to be Moira of the Bronzebeard clan but this has now changed.

The Priestess should be attacked first because she's a priest and those have the ability to heal as well as hurt. The Priestess will heal the Emperor when she gets the chance.

The Emperor will rage during the fight and his damage that he hits with will increase for a brief moment in time before settling back in place. If you've not cleared the room, non-elite adds will join the fight. How many adds will depends on how many and how much you kite the boss.

When the Emperor has enraged, he becomes immune to everyone including those many levels higher than he is, e.g. 110. When he's immune, the damage is about the same so he won't even scratch a 110 character.

After killing the boss, run to his throne and sit on it and be proud of what you have done. To get out of the dungeon, you need to port out with a mage or use a hearthstone.

Blackrock Depths Location

Location of Blackrock Depths

Blackrock Depths Entrance

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