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Blackrock Foundry Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Blackrock Foundry is a raid whose entrance is located in Gorgrond on the continent of Draenor in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The instance was released in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The raid contains 10 bosses. The end boss of Blackrock Foundry is Blackhand.

Blackrock Foundry location is in Gorgrond and the end boss is Blackhand, one of the leaders of the Iron Horde. Only Grom Hellscream is more senior in the Iron Horde. It was released in some time in February 2015. It is expected that the raid will be split into three sections and each section is released on the LFR separately. The entrance of the raid instance is at location 51, 28 and is to the east of the area called 'The Pit' in Gorgrond. Blackhand is the Iron Horde's weapons manufacturer and thus killing him will deal a severe blow to the Iron Horde.

In this raid, if you don't kill Aknor in normal or heroic, then the Orc will award you the achievement 'Bought with Steele' achievement and your character gets Aknor epic follower to send out on missions and get back money or other items. The raid also brings back Gruul from his Lair in Outlands for you to kill. Its more likely to be Gruul Snr. to be honest as the newer Gruul seems to have lost a hand.

The entrance to the raid can be found on the western side of the Blackrock Foundry building. Also in the foundry area is the Grimrail Depot dungeon whose entrance is located to the south.

Looking for Raid will award loot that is 655 Level, Normal is 670, Heroic is 685 and if you get that far, you can get 700 level loot if you do Mythic level raid.

In the Legendary quest line, you need to collect three Elemental Tablets which need to be made by collecting 300 Elemental Runes per Tablet. In the village in Tanaan Jungle is an Orc that will for 200,000 Apexis Crystals will give you about 75 Elemental Runes to speed up the collection. There are shipyard missions also that will award Elemental Runes for successful missions.

List of Blackrock Foundry Raid Bosses

Gruul Tactics

They've changed Gruul since his days in Gruul's Lair, he now has a hook as a hand. Unlike the Lair, he is not a solo boss for the raid instance but one of the first bosses you approach. From now until you meet his future self, he regrows his hand. The fight is a simple fight, he doesn't call on the help from any adds or creatures. You need to keep an eye out for his swipes and the ground shakes which can both cause massive damage. It is best that you split into two groups at opposing ends and keep an eye out for when he swipes. Apart from that, hes relatively easy.

Oregorger Tactics

So called because he's got fat on eating all the ore in the instance. His fight zone is a maze and you need to run after him every time he runs away. He will throw stuff on the ground and you'll need to run away so you don't receive damage from the infliction.

Blast Furnace Tactics

One of the longer bosses in this raid, you need to split the group into two, one group either side. One of the groups takes the Foreman. It is a three phase boss. The first phase is to kill the two large Ogres, one each side who will then release the Heart of the Mount fire elemental. When the fire elemental is released, Orc will hold him in place. You need to kill the Orcs that are holding him in place then kill the Heart of the Mountain. During the fight, Orc guards will come to protect those shaman orcs that don't fight back. Only once the Heart of the Mountain is down is the fight over.

Hans'gar and Franzok Tactics

These two Ogres are comical Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonators. Before the fight starts, make sure that everyone in the raid party is inside the fight otherwise the fight will reset and you'll have to start again. During the fight, the belts will move but stepping to the side of the belts can be beneficial. The fight is in three phases. First phase, large slabs of molten ore will come down the travelators which you need to avoid. In phase 2, the molten ore will stop and pressors will come down from the ceiling, you will get ample warning when the presses come down, enough time to move out of the way. The third stage is a mix of the first and second stage where both presses and ore will appear. At intervals, one of the Ogres will jump at a player and if the player is locked out, the fight resets.

Flamebender Ka'graz Tactics

The fight is simple enough, if you're not going for the achievement to get Aknor as a follower, kill Aknor first. If Aknor survives, he becomes a follower of yours. You need to spread out around the room for this fight but when there are circles round you, you need to move to the boss other you will receive hefty damage. Every so often, Cinder Wolves will appear and chase a player, the wolves are slow and you should have enough time to kill them before they get to you. If a Cinder wolf is coming to you, kite him. Ka'graz will also shoot fire along the ground so you need to move out the way before you receive damage.

Kromogg Tactics

For those of you who remember Ulduar, the raid in World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King will remember Kologarn. The bosses look roughly similar, the boss's top half is the part you fight, the rest is underground. Kromogg will shoot circles out from him which cause damage and need to be avoided. A red pattern on the ground will appear, you need to move out of the way as giant hands will appear and they move towards one another, causing damage to any unfortunate player in the raid. When yellow circles appear on the ground, you need to step on them. A hand will appear on the yellow circles and grab you. If you aren't grabbed then when Kromogg starts smashing the ground, you will receive damage and most likely die. When the smashing stops, you need to free yourself or be freed and then resume the fight.

Beastlord Darmac Tactics

Beastlord Darmac is relatively easy to take down. Its a case that you damage him and he'll then jump onto one of his pets and you need to kill that pet before you can damage him again. Once one pet is down, you need to go for the other pet afterwards. Spears will be thrown at players and once a spear hits a player, they become incapacitated and need to be freed by other players. He will also call on smaller pets to help him and they need to be picked up and killed before they kill you.

Operator Thogar Tactics

The whole fight occurs on the tracks. There are four tracks and you need to move between the tracks so that you aren't hit by trains that come along. Standing just off the track is not good enough, when the trains come, they shoot fire out from their sides and cause damage. If you're hit by a train, you can be thrown into the air and get massive damage. Sometime the trains will stop and Orcs will disembark and you need to fend them off. Other trains will have a gatling gun which also need to be destroyed. If you're lucky the train won't stop and just go through.

Iron Maidens Tactics

The Iron Maidens are definitely no concubines of Blackhand, they are his lieutenants in the navy especially Admiral Gar'an. There are three bosses, all with unshared health which all need to be killed. Whilst its best to get them down at the same time, its usually best to get the Admiral down first. In LFR, there's no need to send over a group to the boat behind as that can slow down the fight. Instead, just target the three female orcs and get them down as quickly as possible.

Blackhand Tactics

For a boss, this is considerably easier than other bosses both in Blackrock Foundry and in Highmaul. First time this was encountered, there were no wipes compared (LFR) to the final bosses of other LFR sections. The fight is a three phase battle, at the end of each battle, the platform you are fighting on gives way and you fall to the lower level. During the middle phase, Blackhand will use tanks to help him fight. The tanks will target players and follow them round the fight area.

Blackrock Foundry Location

Location of Blackrock Foundry

Blackrock Foundry Entrance

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