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Black Rook Hold Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Black Rook Hold is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Val'Sharah on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110+. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Black Rook Hold is Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest.

The entrance to Black Rook Hold is at the end of a short corridor whose entrance can be found in Hero's Rest at TomTom Location 38 , 51. Standing beside the entrance is Maiev Shadowsong and Commander Jarod Shadowsong.

The dungeon marks the end to the Val'sharah quest line when you need to enter and kill all the bosses. The action takes place in the side of the mountain. The nearest flight point to the dungeon is the neutral Bradensbrook.

For those that don't have flight to hop over the wall, the easiest way in is to go round the walls in a clock wise direction and enter through the gap in the wall. If you go Anti-Clockwise, you may encounter some elite which depending on your level could be difficult or just plain time-consuming.

One of the most frustrating things about this dungeon is the boulders that come down the stairs which you should be aware of. If they hit, you are knocked back for 4 seconds, if you're unfortunate to be hit by more than one rock, you can fall back many times so be warned.

Dungeon Wide Achievement

You used to scrawl me on the Fel Tome

Scattered around the build are entries to the diary of Illysanna Ravencroft. When you have read all six tomes, you'll have completed the achievement. Keep an eye for the tomes, they can be anyway. Be sure to check tables, lecterns and bookshelves for the tomes.

List of Black Rook Hold Dungeon Bosses

Amalgam of Souls Tactics

If you've done past raids, in particular, Icecrown Citadel then you'll recognise the look and style of this monster with its Scythe. This ones' a bit easier as he's only a dungeon boss.

The main things to worry about here is the item he leaves on the floor which if you get too close to will push you back. He'll also put a lot of crap on the ground to keep you from standing still. Its not hard so long as you keep your wits about you.

Black Rook Moan Achievement

At about 50% of the fight, he'll stop fighting and Restless souls will appear, they will head to the boss. If you can trap one with any spell, shackled or Entangled Roots for example for more than 60 second, it'll turn into a frustrated soul. Kill the Frustrated soul then kill the boss for the achievement, Black Rook Moan. When the Souls are about, the boss won't attack so you can concentrate on the boss.

Illysanna Ravencrest Tactics

Probably the first time you will come across a Demon Hunter in the dungeons or raids. During the fight, she'll take to the air and use her eye rays to follow a person like all normal Demon Hunters do, don't they :)

Adds, More Like Bads

Near the end of the fight, she'll take to the air and use her eye rays to follow a player so you all need to make sure you don't step on the crap on the floor otherwise it could end horribly for you. When she reaches into the air, some adds will come to her assistance, if you ignore the adds and instead target and kill the boss and not the adds then the achievement is done.

Smashspite the Hateful Tactics

There doesn't seem to be an achievement with this boss so its just a simple tank and spank. If I have got that one wrong, do let me know in the comments below. He'll create lines of crap on the floor which you must move out of. The only other thing to worry about is when he pauses, he'll target a player and smash into them.

When tanking, make sure you are not by the entrance otherwise you could be knocked out of the room and the boss will reset. All that hard work goes down the drain.

Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest Tactics

There are two phases in this, the first phase is to kill the knight, Ravencrest. He'll create damage on the ground so you need to move out of the way, both lines and light rays. There doesn't seem to be a linked achievement to this, if there is, do let me know below.

Once Ravecrest is dead, the other night elf will turn into a monster called Dantalionax who will repeat much of the same damage as before. You just need to move out of the damage and be aware of the adds that he summons. Once the boss is dead, the monster will disappear.

Black Rook Hold Location

Location of Black Rook Hold

Black Rook Hold Entrance

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