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Black Temple Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Black Temple is a raid whose entrance is located in Shadowmoon Valley (Outlands) on the continent of Outlands in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 70. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The raid contains 9 bosses. The end boss of Black Temple is Illidan Stormrage.

Black Temple on the eastern edge of Shadowmoon Valley on the asteroid of Outlands. Players are able to gain reputation with the Ashtongue Deathsworn who used to live in the place before Burning Legion came and destroyed the place. Illidan Stormrage is the final boss and tactics are quite easy. Illidan will be crouched on the ground when you first meet him which will be started when a player talks to one of the NPCs. During the fight, he will call on the power of the elementals and will fly up in the sky to return later. Once killed, his remains will stay on the ground. He'll be back for the expansion due out in 2016, entitled Legion for which is the main leader in the absence of Sargaras.

Apart from the boss kill, the only reason to run the raid again is for the reputation achievement and the dungeon completion achievement. However if you're into collecting pets, some pets have been added to the raid which drop and all make up part of a pet collection achievement. Supremus is one such boss that drops a pet.

List of Black Temple Raid Bosses

High Warlord Naj'entus Tactics

When you reach the area, he'll be flanked by two water elementals. These water elementals can be attacked without fear of pulling the boss and killed. There are two things to worry about here.

The first is that he'll impale a player and everyone will need to free the player before carrying on. If you're soloing it, you don't need to worry about impaling, it won't happen. The second thing to know is that he'll go into a bubble where he'll be unattackable, you need to wait for the timer to run out before you can attack him again.

Supremus Tactics

The main things are to run when you are fixated as he'll come for you and avoid the molten flame which he will throw. He's the only character in the raid that will drop a pet of himself to fingers crossed it drops for you otherwise you'll end up coming back.

Shade of Akama Tactics

When you get into the room, clear all the trash otherwise it'll be hard. Once all the trash has been killed, talk to Akama who is by the entrance and is a pale shadow. Akama will appear properly and walk towards the shadow and fire a stream at the Shade. Kill all those humanoid creatures that are holding Akama in place. Eventually Akama will walk towards the other, continue killing the scorcerors. When the Shade reaches the other Akama, the Shade will be attackable and unleash all your force onto him. During the fight, adds may come so they need to be handled.

Teron Gorefiend Tactics

You can clear all the Orcs in the room without pulling the boss, its safe. When you engage, one player will killed instantly but will come back alive to prevent the Shadowy Constructs from killing the rest of the party. In solo mode, you will be a tank and not have to worry about anything.

Gurtogg Bloodboil Tactics

He'll attack the group with Blood Boil which will stack up so you need to move around and not be stacked too highly. If anyone is attacked with Fel Rage, they need to healed quickly otherwise they will die.

Reliquary of Souls Tactics

This is a three phase boss, the beginning of the phase will see a multi-faced head will appear from the clutches and attack you. When you have defeated a head, spectrals will appear and approach you to attack, simply kill the spectrals and move onto the next phase. There are three phases of the head and two of the spectrals. The spectrals will not appear after the boss is dead. If you don't clear the spectrals in time, they'll be problems ahead so every wo/man must do their duty.

Mother Shahraz Tactics

During the fight, random players will be teleported and linked to one another, those linked must run apart from one another to break the link. If you can, stay as far from her as possible as her shrieks can cause players to stop spell casting. During the fight, she'll spin on the spot so the tank needs to move away from her briefly other damage will occur to him and nearby players.

Illidari Council Tactics

You should try to cc one of the group and pull the others away from the sheeped. The more CC you have in the group the better. Don't start attacking the group until the tank has move them out of the way. This is one of those times where marking comes in hand so that you're all taking down the same character otherwise it'll be a nightmare. The good thing about this is that each boss awards the same higher amount of rep so in total, you can get 1000 rep with the Ashtongue Deathsworn.

The female character is a healer so its best that you aim to cc her or kill her first. Melee dps should avoid Zerevor as he does arcane explosions which could prove fatal, this boss should therefore be the target of ranged dps. Veras's deals poison and therefore those players need urgent curing and healing.

After the fight, Akama will appear in battle gear, ready for the final confrontation. You need to talk to Akama so he can open the door to the final encounter.

Illidan Stormrage Tactics

You can walk up to Illidan and he'll do nothing. The fight will only start when you talk to Akama at the back of the room. Once Akama has been spoken to, the fight will begin. Its three phases, the first phase is just attack Illidan until his health is about midway when he'll take to the air. When he goes up, he'll throw down his glaives which will spawn two fel elemental, take out the elementals as quickly as possible.

After the elementals, Illidan will land and pick up his glaives for phase three. During the next phase, Malev Shadowsong will appear and provide a little assistance. From this point on, its all easy, just take on Illidan until he is dead. If you're lucky enough, the Legendary Glaive will drop.

Black Temple Location

Location of Black Temple

Black Temple Entrance

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