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Bloodmaul Slag Mines Dungeon

Bloodmaul Slag Mines is a dungeon in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 90. The location of the entrance to Bloodmaul Slag Mines is in the Frostfire Ridge zone on the continent of Draenor. The instance was released in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Bloodmaul Slag Mines is Magmolatus.

Running this dungeon increases your reputation for the Steemwheedle Preservation Society faction. How much you get depends on the level and the race of the character. Humans have a racial bonus of diplomacy which means they get more rep from killing and doing things than the other races.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines are an Ogre infested dungeon where Ogres have enslaved Draenei, Orcs and Arrokoas to mine on their behalf. After killing the first boss, if you run past him, you will see someone tied to the mill. If you click on him, he will follow you to the end and help you. If at the end, you and hi are still alive, you will have gained an Epic Follower called Croman, a character inspired by Conan.

The dungeon drops 570 item level gear on normal, 630 item level gear on heroic and 685 on mythic level dungeons.

The zone that the dungeon is in is the Horde starting zone but there is a neutral flight point near the dungeon but you need to discover it first before you can use it. Discovery is only needed if you plan to do Challenge or Mythic mode dungeon run.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines Dungeon Bosses

Roltall Tactics

Slave Watcher Crushto Tactics

This boss is relatively easy but you need to be aware that he will call upon his slave adds to attack the group so the tank will need to pick up the adds.

Come With Me If You Want To Live Achievement

After you have killed Crushto, one of the players must release Croman from miller from the far end. Croman will follow whoever releases him and that person must survive and not die once for the achievement to be completed and everyone in the dungeon party to gain Croman as a follower. If the person after killing the last boss leaves the party before the acheivement is completed, the achievement is not awarded.

Gug`rokk Tactics

Forgemaster Gog`duh Tactics

Bloodmaul Slag Mines Location

Location of Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Bloodmaul Slag Mines Entrance

Entrance of Bloodmaul Slag Mines

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