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Court of Stars Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Court of Stars is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Suramar on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110. The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Court of Stars is Advisor Melandrus.

This dungeon is the first dungeon in the game that can only be completed on Mythic level. In addition to it being Mythic level only, you also need to complete 'Friends with Benefit' quest line, complete 'Nightfallen But Not Forgotten' achievement and 'The Waning Crescent' and 'Blood and Wine' parts of the 'Good Sumaritan' achievement. Also you need to be Honored with the Nightfallen faction.

The Court of Stars takes place in an instance version of Suramar city. There are quite a few Nightborne who will not attack you and you should avoid hitting them first otherwise it will make things harder.

List of Court of Stars Dungeon Bosses

Patrol Captain Gerdo Tactics

Be sure you to take on the boss when there's no fellow nightborne around. You don't have to clear much, just in the small vicinity that you fight in will be enough. The Mythic level is easy to do if you're at 120 or above and you wish to go back for the achievements.

During the fight, Gerdo will call on Nightborne guards to help him fight. You do not need to take out the guards to kill the boss but it might help you. When the boss is down, the adds will disappear. On the ground, the boss will create a large amount of A.O.E., you need to move away from it otherwise you will get stunned.

Talixae Flamewreath Tactics

This boss even if you're high should not be attempted when it has all the adds with it. You need to remove the adds by finding Enforcers in the surrounding area. When an enforcer is killed, one of Talixae's minions will go off any investigate. When the add is on its own, kill the add. You need to do for all the adds.

Once all the mini-bosses have been killed, take her on. Throw everything you got, during the fight, she will summon imps to help fight but they are just a nuance rather than a challenge. She will create flames so just move out of the way, tank her if necessary.

Advisor Melandrus Tactics

After you have killed the previous boss, the trash to the next boss is interesting. You don't kill anyone, you have to identify the spy who will unlock the final boss. You speak to the Nightborne who is outside a building, that person will transform you in a Nightborne, either male or female, it doesn't have to be the same gender as your actual character. You walk inside the building and have to identify the spy. There are a number of people who will give a clue to who the spy is. You don't have to collect all the clues but the more clues, the easier it is.

If you speak to a person and that they are not the spy, you are teleported outside the building and have to start again. Once you have identified the person, they'll take you out on the balcony and turn into Garenth, a monster from the Legion. Kill Garenth and get the key. The key will allow you to open the final fight area.

There is a short interlude whilst Elisandre talks to Melandrus and then the fight begins. There are no adds but he leaves echoes of himself behind. You need to avoid the echos and take down the boss as quickly and efficiently as possible. Job Done.

Court of Stars Location

Location of Court of Stars

Court of Stars Entrance

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