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Dire Maul Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Dire Maul is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Feralas on the continent of Kalimdor in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 55-60. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Night Elf. The dungeon contains 16 bosses. The end boss of Dire Maul is King Gordok.

Dire Maul, the kingdom of the Ogres is a three zone dungeon that culminates in a battle with King Gordok, There is a quest in the dungeon to make an Ogre suit but this can be ignored. You used to be able to gain rep with te Shen'dralar are Night Elf practitioners of arcane magic but this is no longer possible.

Dire Maul is one of the hardest places to get to, it is situated in Feralas, miles away from any major city and the ground around it is very uneven. The nearest Horde base is to the east at Camp Mojache, a Tauren encampment (75,44) and the nearest alliance is Tower of Estulan (57,53) in the opposite direction.

If you do this dungeon whilst levelling a new alt, you will find that the dungeon appears broken up in different sections and you can enter between the levels of 36 and 50 roughly, each having their own dungeon quests to go along with it. There are no achievements other than having completed the dungeon on normal. They have not yet done a heroic version of this dungeon.

It is possible to complete all three sections in a Looking For Group team but most people will quit after completing its sections final boss.

Even those night elves and denizens in Dire Maul celebrate Winterveil. Even in their twisted minds they believe they are good.

Christmas in Dire Maul Dungeon

Shen'dralar Reputation

Running this dungeon used to increase your reputation for the Shen'dralar faction of Night Elves. How much you get depends on the level and the race of the character. Humans have a racial bonus of diplomacy which means they get more rep from killing and doing things than the other races.

Gaining exalted with the Shen'dralar is no longer possible as it has been removed from the game. It used to be a requirement for the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement, this requirement has been removed.

List of Dire Maul Dungeon Bosses

Pusillin Tactics

When you first enter the Dire Maul dungeon, Pusillin is hiding in the corner, you need to talk to him to make him run away. You need to follow Pusillin and keep talking to him until eventually he stops running and then you fight.

Pusillin isn't a boss that is required by the dungeon to complete, he's an optional boss but he does drop the crescent key to allow you to progress. You'll not find him listed in the dungeon boss list.

When you get to confront Pusillin, he'll have grown and be surrounded by other Imps. You need to knock out Pusillin then handle the Imps after. The Imps don't go once the boss is dead so you need to keep fighting them.

Lethtendris Tactics

Lethtendris is a female blood elf warlock that wonders round a large bonfire. She is located up a slope so if you can't find her, its because you are on the wrong level, look for the path upwards.

The main things to worry about the warlock is that she'll curse a player and when that happens, anytime that player hits with melee, the person will receive shadow damage back. If on the other hand the player is a ranged, their spell time is increased.

Her pet Pimgib will inflict flame damage to players and everyone. If Pimgib isn't killed quickly, there's a chance that he'll be enraged slightly by Lethtendris to do more damage.

Hydrospawn Tactics

Hydrospawn, a water elemental wanders round in his pool. You can jump and fight in the pool, its quite safe. The main power is that he'll be a frost monster, He'll reduce the stamina of players the longer it goes on so that aim is to kill him as quickly as possible.

Hydrospawn will spawn some adds, Hydrojets which will attack with water bombardment. If the spawns haven't appeared before the boss is dead, they will do so you need to handle them afterwards rather than just jumping out and running to the next boss.

Zevrim Thornhoof Tactics

What you can't see in the picture is Zevrim's altar. Zevrim is a holy satyr, the kind you don't want to be hanging around with for too long. During the fight, he'll stun a player and put them on his altar and drain their blood. In addition to the altar sacrifice, he'll drain blood from everyone so if their stamina is low, they might die.

Alzzin the Windshaper Tactics

Before you start this boss, you need to clear all the trash before you otherwise its a wipe and you'll have to make your way from the start again so its not worth risking. This boss is the end boss for the Warpwood Quarter.

Alzzin has a few phases to be aware of. In his phases, he'll change to a variety of life forms such as a Dire Wolf and a Tree. Whilst in Satyr form, he'll be a ranged form whilst the others, he'll be meleeing you. The main thing to be aware of is that at 50%, he'll call upon quick a few imps, although the imps are easy to kill, there is quite a few to deal with. Once the boss is dead, the Imps don't die automatically, you need to finish them off. After the kill, go through the tunnel that was behind Alzzin.

Tendris Warpwood Tactics

Tendris Warpwood is a large tree, presumeably based on the Ents in Lord of the Rings. To progress further, you will need to deal with him. The primary things you need to know is that he'll root players on the spot so you can't move. Rooting will occur for 10 seconds and he'll even port a player to be rooted so it won't just affected melee but ranged as well.

Over time, he'll create Ironbark Protectors which will try to hinder your progress. Depending on how much left you got will depend on whether you ignore or you attack the protectors. When Tendris is dead, the protectors will not disappear, they will stay so you'll need to kill them all.

Before you go through the door which you can now open, make sure you have turned off the shield generator which is on the level above and killed Illyana Ravenoak.

Illyanna Ravenoak Tactics

Illyanna and her pet Ferra walk in a haphazard way along the top and they cover a long way. Illyanna is a hunter although she is seen with a sword, she does exhibit a number of hunter traits with arrows and bombs and a pet. Ferra, the diseased bear is the easier of the two to kill so you should aim to kill the bear first before taking on Illyanna. When Ferra dies, Illyanna will crouch down in sorrow but don't take that as a sign of weakness. Her bomb will cause damage over time to a player so (s)he'll need healing.

The bear even though it is a diseased bear will not infect you. What the bear will do is to charge the player and maul it. If you're trying to sneak past it, it'll sniff you out long before Illyanna attacks. Once this boss is down, you can go back Tendris and go through the door so long as you've disabled the power generators by killing the mana guards otherwise you'll only have to come back.

Magister Kalendris Tactics

The spectral boss can be missed if you're not looking out for him specifically. Kalendris is seated by a wall with nothing surrounding him. There is a green light but that is the only thing to make him stand out.

Kalendris is a shadow priest and therefore he uses the spells that shadow priests usually reserve for their enemies, Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast and Dominate Mind. There are no adds with this boss but he does inflict damage over time.

Immol'thar Tactics

Immol'thar is a giant multiheaded, multi-eyed that is the boss of the Capital Gardens section of Dire Maul. To encounter the boss, you had to make sure you disabled the shield generators that are located throughout the dungeon. If you miss any, you have to go back. When the shield is down, he'll start attacking the Night Elves that are keeping him at bay. If you don't attack the boss, he'll attack you after he has killed the Elves.

There's nothing you need to really worry about with this boss, the mechanics are the same for everyone else. You need to be aware that he'll have some eye adds which will affect the speed and ability of players which persist after the boss is dead. He'll bite players which will cause a small amount of damage over time but nothing to worry about.

The Capital Gardens dungeon ends with the boss but most groups will carry on to kill the next boss, Prince Tortheldrin for the quest if they have it, the loot and experience.

Prince Tortheldrin Tactics

Prince Tortheldrin is an optional boss, if you are doing the Capital Gardens section, the dungeon ends with the Immol'thar boss. Most groups will continue on for the loot, the xp and if they have it the quest. On the way to the boss, the night elves in the room will not attack you.

He might look like a Rogue but he has features and attack moves of other classes. In addition to attacking all players, he has the ability to speed up his attacks, knocking people back and interrupting spells.

Guard Mol'dar Tactics

Guard Mol'dar is a tank like character, with heavy armor, a shielf and sword. Don't let that fool you into thinking he's hard, he's not. The main thing you need to worry about him is that he'll call upon packs of hyenas that are nearby to help him. When his health gets low, he'll enrage and his damage will increase.

Like a tank, he will be able to interrupt spell casters with his shield and is able to knock players back so make sure there's nothing he can knock you back into, say a patrol.

Stomper Kreeg Tactics

Stomper Kreeg is an optional boss and the dungeon can be completed without him if you don't have the time. Stomper is a drunk and you can see him with a mug in his hand. He'll normally be found either asleep, dancing or falling about the place.

He willl spill his drink all over the place which will have the effect that those touched with the alcohol will find it harder to hit people. Also, he'll whirlwind like warriors so you need to move out of the way he's moving to. Like other bosses, he will knock people over so get up and get back into the fight when that happens. Loot isn't exciting, it can just be an alcoholic drink or two.

Guard Fengus Tactics

Guard Fengus has a large walking area that he patrols. You should find an area and clear all the hyenas and fellow Ogres before engage because he will call upon allies to help him. If it possible, tank and keep the focus in the middle of the fight place. He is no different to the previous Guard that you encountered earlier.

Guard Slip'kik Tactics

If you're not interested in fighting this boss, you can fix the trap that is in the room. Once the trap has been fixed, Slipkik will walk over it and become frozen. Unlike Mage freezes, you can't unlock the boss by walking up to him and hitting him.

Captain Kromcrush Tactics

Captain Kromcrush blocks the final encounter with the King. The first thing you need to know is if you don't take out the two Ogres before the Captain, they'll come later and make things a lot harder. If you can, try and Crowd Control one of the ogres but if you have two CC then take them both out.

Unlike the other Ogre soldiers, this one has a slightly different skill set, most notably, this one will fear people therefore it is imperative you kill the Ogres in the tunnel. He will interfere with healing prevent maximum healing on players.

King Gordok Tactics

You've finally made it here after three wings and 23 previous bosses. The final boss, King Gordok, leader of the Ogres on Azeroth. As you can see he's not alone, he has a caster, Cho'rush the Observer to keep him company.

Like the other Ogres before him, Gordok is a warrior and will have the same features as the others such as knocking players back, sundering their armor and of course striking them.

Cho'rush is a more interesting character, what that character's class will be is random. Cho'rush can be either a Mage, Priest or Shaman. The spells that Cho'rush will cast will be dependant on what class he ultimately chooses. If you kill Gordok first then Cho'rush will simply sit down and become unattackable.

Dire Maul Location

Location of Dire Maul

Dire Maul Entrance

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