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Eye of Azshara Dungeon

Eye of Azshara is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Azsuna on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100+. The dungeon contains 5 bosses. The end boss of Eye of Azshara is Wrath of Azshara.

Back before Legion was officially released, Blizzard trademarked 'Eye of Azshara' leading people to believe that it was the new expansion name and that the main anagonist is the Legendary Queen Azshara. For those not in the know, Queen Azshara is a Night Elf who lived thousands of years ago. Azshara was none for her beauty and her rule. It was her allegiance with the Burning Legion that contributed in large part to the Sundering, when the world broke into different continents. The Queen appeared as a boss in Well of Eternity but cannot be killed, saving her later. Back then she was a Night Elf but as Lore has it, she is now a Naga.

The end boss is Wrath of Azshara which fortunately for those who'd love the Queen to a final expansion boss, this is not her. The Wrath is a minion of hers which leads to speculation that somewhere down the expansion line, Queen Azshara will appear, hopefully as a Raid end boss and not some small dungeon boss, that won't do her legend any justice.

The dungeon is set in open space as opposed to being in a building such as Karazhan. Its also set on a coastline with water and land to trudge through. It is one of the first dungeons you get to experience at 110. The main antagonists in this dungeon are Nagas, fallen Night Elves. There are others but they're the main ones.

You can't skip the bosses, you need to kill all the other bosses before you can take on the Wrath. Bring on the Legion and Queenie I say.

List of Eye of Azshara Dungeon Bosses

Warlord Parjesh Tactics

Warlord Parjesh will be in an open area but its a bit deceiving. During the fight, he'll call on his guards to come and help. During the fight, they'll be a warning that someone has been targeted by a spear and you'll have to move to stand behind one of his guards so the guards gets speared and not you. There are two guards so be ready for moving.

Lady Hatecoil Tactics

Lady Hatecoil will be in an area of water with small mounds dotted about the place. You'll need to keep an eye on the warnings as she will at times electrify the water. When Lady does this, you need to step on a mound. Mounds will disappear during the fight so you need to be aware of this and move to another one before she electrifies and calls upon damage. To make things harder, she will call upon small water modules to attack so you need to dps them down.

Serpentrix Tactics

Serpentrix is as its name implies a Serpent much like Megaera in the bowels of Throne of Thunder. There are a number of holes the green serpent will appear from out of the ground from. The main target is the green one but you'll have difficulty if you don't attack the red serpent as well. Also be careful of the trash that is lying in wait round the boss. If you don't clear them especially the seagulls which look harmless then you're going to have trouble defeating the boss.

King Deepbeard Tactics

Wrath of Azshara Tactics

Eye of Azshara Location

Location of Eye of Azshara

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