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Halls of Origination Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Halls of Origination is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Uldum on the continent of Kalimdor in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 84-87. The instance was released in the Cataclysm expansion. The dungeon contains 7 bosses. The end boss of Halls of Origination is Rajh.

The Halls of Origination are situated in a giant Pyramid on the eastern side of the zone with the entrance on the west wall. There are two levels to this dungeon, clear all the bosses on the ground floor then move up to the second floor. Earthrager Ptah, a distant relative of Lord Marrowgar can be skipped if you're pushed for time and don't need him. The four Egyptian Gods on the second level can be completed in any order, Rajh is the last one that completes the dungeon.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 69, 52

List of Halls of Origination Dungeon Bosses

Temple Guardian Anhuur Tactics

During the fight, the tank needs to keep him in a different direction to the rest of the raid. During the fight, he'll become immune to attack. You need to jump down and turn off the shield. There are two leavers, one each side and you need to turn both of them before he can be attacked again. The tank will need to go down as well because the there adds, mainly snakes that need to be kept off the person turning the leavers.

Whilst the boss is immune, he'll lash out with light and hurt peope so you all need to go down. Once the shield is off, run back and attack him. If you don't kill him quickly enough, he'll throw up the shields a second or third time, you've been warned.

Earthrager Ptah Tactics

If you are going for the boss achievement, before you get to the boss, look out for camels that are roaming the area. You can jump on these camels for the achievement. You need to make sure that you don't fall off the camel for the achievement. P'Tah will remind you of a previous raid bass, the first boss in Icecrown Citadel, the final boss in the Lich King expansion.

During the fight, the boss will become semi-immune as he calls upon creatures from under the sands. You need to kill the creatures before you can attack P'tah again. Be mindful of the whirlwinds that he creates as these will knock you off your camel no matter what level character you are on. After you have killed him, you can use the portal at the far end to return to the start.

Anraphet Tactics

Before you can enter the room, you need to ask Bran to open the door which he will. The next room will be filled with Troggs and four elementals. The Troggs will keep spawning but will all be killed off when the boss appears. You need to destroy the Elementals before you can encounter the boss. The main thing wih the boss is that he'll do stomp damage and fire a ray of shadow power onto the ground which you need to avoid. Apart from that, he's easy.

Isiset Tactics

Isiset is an optional boss which you can kill if you have the time and need the loot. When you enter the room, there are two wormholes which need to be closed. The wormholes are closed by killing the adds that protect them.

When you fight Isiset, she will create wormhole portals and adds will come from them, the adds are very easy to kill. You should kite the boss round the room if you can.

Ammunae Tactics

When you enter the room, there are two groups of adds, one each side of the room. They both do the same affect so if you master one, the other one is easy. The pods will sprout plant creatures and when you destroy the stalk, the spore will attack. All very easy.

During the fight, Ammunae will create pods at random locations around the room. Its best to destroy the pods otherwise they will turn into killer plants. He'll capture a player and suck life energy from him/her.

Setesh Tactics

This boss doesn't attack you like the other bosses, instead it will open portals and the adds will do the attacking. He'll non-kitable and will do whatever he thinks. The adds will are kitable though. Quickly get the adds down and then attack the boss. Setesh walks around the room opening the portals and doesn't stay in the same place.

Rajh Tactics

The good news is when you kill this boss, it is all over. If you kill this boss before you kill the others, you can still kill the others but people will probably leave the group as used to happen. When you enter the room, there will be the obligatory adds that need to be killed first. When you kill the mini-boss in the middle, the Elementals will come at you. Each time you kill an elemental, they break down into smaller elementals and continue doing so until they die.

The main thing is the blinding, he will unleash a blinding ray that will cause everyone to be uncontrollable. He'll create fire balls which will drop on players so you need to move. He'll also do heroic leaps on the players that are further away than other. Also beware of fire storms that he creates randomly in the room that cause damage to players.

Halls of Origination Location

Location of Halls of Origination

Halls of Origination Entrance

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