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Halls of Origination Dungeon

Halls of Origination is a dungeon in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 84-87. The location of the entrance to Halls of Origination is in the Uldum zone on the continent of Kalimdor. The instance was released in the Cataclysm expansion. The dungeon contains 7 bosses. The end boss of Halls of Origination is Rajh.

The Halls of Origination are situated in a giant Pyramid on the eastern side of the zone with the entrance on the west wall. There are two levels to this dungeon, clear all the bosses on the ground floor then move up to the second floor. Earthrager Ptah, a distant relative of Lord Marrowgar can be skipped if you`re pushed for time and don`t need him. The four Egyptian Gods on the second level can be completed in any order, Rajh is the last one that completes the dungeon.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 69, 52

Halls of Origination Dungeon Bosses

Temple Guardian Anhuur Tactics

Earthrager Ptah Tactics

Anraphet Tactics

Isiset Tactics

Ammunae Tactics

Setesh Tactics

Rajh Tactics

Halls of Origination Location

Location of Halls of Origination

Halls of Origination Entrance

Entrance of Halls of Origination

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