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Heart of Fear Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Heart of Fear is a raid whose entrance is located in Dread Wastes on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 90. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Mantid. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The raid contains 6 bosses. The end boss of Heart of Fear is Grand Empress Shek`zeer.

The minimum item level requirement for the raid is 470.

The Heart of Fear is a 10/25 man raid in the Dread Wastes and the primary antagonists in this raid are the Mantids. The leader of the faction inside the Heart of Fear follow the Empress who is the last boss. None of those that you kill are allied to the Klaxxi to whom you are able to gain rep with in the outside world. It was the third raid opened up to the players after Mogu'shan Vaults and Terrace of Endless Spring. The raid was split into two for those wishing to do the Looking for Raid.

This raid awards level 483 for raid finder, 496 for Normal and 509 for Heroic (both 10 man and 25 man). The loot awarded is the same as Terrace of Endless Spring. There are two Looking for Raids zones in this, the first ends with Garalon and the second ends with the Empress.

There is no need to solo 25 Heroic version of this raid, just go for 10 man heroic, you'll get all the rewards you want and achievements too. 25 Man Heroic will make the raid harder than it really needs to be.

List of Heart of Fear Raid Bosses

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Tactics

When you enter the hall, there are groups of mobs on each of the platforms, only by killing all the mobs will the fight commence. When the fight does commence, Zor'Lok will fly to a platform and gas the area. Run to Zor'lok and start dpsing.

During the fight, Zor'lok will fire out acoustic streams which are supposed to hurt every player, just keep dpsing the boss. If you are fighting at a high level, all the action will occur on the one platform. In the original when the raid was relevant, Zor'Lok would fly to another platform and you'd have to run through the gas.

The final stage of the fight would see the players fight where the gas used to be. If playing at a higher level, the final phase can be avoided if you manage to nuke the boss on the first platform.

Blade Lord Ta'yak Tactics

When you first reach the area, he will be with Instructors, you can kill them before they leave for their respective corners however, you will still have to deal with the smalls adds that belong to the instructor. Clear all the instructors before you engage the boss for ease.

Ta'yak will have a tornado to assist him and push you back which makes for fun. After you have damaged the boss quite a lot, he'll jump to one end of the room and send tornadoes towards you. You start in the middle of the corridor and you need to get to Ta'yak. He'll throw lots of tornadoes as you, slight moves are all whats necessary to avoid them. The intensity of the tornadoes will increase the longer the fight goes on.

A tip for this boss is to hit him with all Damage over Time spells so even when you get pushed back, the D.O.T.s will continue working. When you do finally reach his platform, nuke him otherwise he will fly to the other platform and you'll have to go through the tornadoes again.

Garalon Tactics

In the Dread Terrace, there are swarms of insects that you must wipe out before Garalon makes an appearance. When nearly all insects are killed, Garalon will fly in so make sure you get to the platform otherwise you could die.

In the fight, you need to target the legs, only when the legs have been damaged will Garalon's body be vulnerable and then you can hit him. If the legs aren't damaged, the body is a bit more protected and will take more hitting to kill.

Stay out of the purple circle as Garalon will crush anyone who is underneath. Avoid the light pools that he creates as these will increase the damage that you receive.

Wind Lord Mel'jarak Tactics

When you reach the boss, he'll be guarded by a group of insects, you can't clear the trash before killing the boss. Hitting any add will start the fight. Try to nuke the adds as quickly as possible, if you are soloing as a mage, use blink and mirror image to deflect attention away from you. You don't need to use much in the way of CC, its all hard nuking. Use distraction if you can.

You might get encased in amber but it'll only be for a short time. Aiming straight for the boss without killing any adds is difficult and his health will not go down as quickly as if you had taken out the trash.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok Tactics

Clear the room of the trash, clear the insects first as that will stop the bubbles from being created then kill the rhino and the scorpion after. This boss is the hardest in the raid so be ready to nuke as quickly as possible, use hero or whatever skill you may have for it.

The first part is to attack the boss along with destroying any oozes that may have been created. When the large yellow monster appears, nuke that one down, ignore the Insectoid. If you don't nuke the yellow monster down, life will be difficult in the next phase.

You may get turned turned into a smaller version of the yellow monster, if this is the case, move to where there is pools of ooze and consume to maintain your willpower. Loosing Willpower can be very rapid and if you are soloing, it can be difficult to do and u might have to come back a couple of times. If you don't get turned into the yellow monster, just nuke the insectoid down as quickly as possible.

Grand Empress Shek'zeer Tactics

You have now reached the company of the final boss. Before you engage the boss, clear all the trash. The two far left and right groups can't be killed so ignore them and just concentrate on the groups in the middle.

If you are doing this solo, you just need to handle the boss, she doesn't disappear unless bugged. There are no adds, its just you and her. The Sha will appear and tell the Empress to speed up but he won't interfere. You just need to nuke and avoid the patches on the ground. A Mage facing off against her doesn't need to worry as the Empress won't do enough damage to hurt.

Heart of Fear Location

Location of Heart of Fear

Heart of Fear Entrance

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