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Hellfire Citadel Raid

Hellfire Citadel is a raid in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The location of the entrance to Hellfire Citadel is in the Tanaan Jungle zone on the continent of Draenor. The instance was released in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The raid contains 12 bosses. The end boss of Hellfire Citadel is Archimonde. Dungeon rep can only be gained during Reputation Week.

Hellfire Citadel raid was released in patch 6.2 and will see you face some foes from the past, such as Archimonde who we last fought against in The Battle for Mount Hyjal during the World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade expansion. In this raid, Archimonde is again the last boss that you will come across. Just before you fight Archimonde, you will also fight some other bosses who you would have encounter in the same raid as the first Archimonde encounter. The location of the entrance of the raid is situated in the middle of Tanaan Jungle and houses the seat of the Iron Horde. It is the last raid to a disappointing expansion, one that didn't have as much content as the previous expansions. There are five LFR raids here with Archimonde being the solo boss in the last raid encounter when doing the easiest level of the raid.

The Citadel is situated in the centre of the zone and is the home of the Iron Horde led by Grommash Hellscream. When Grom announces to Guldan that this is what Grommash is happy with, Guldan unleashes his fury on the Iron Horde and corrupts the Citadel with his fel power, a green ooze liquid.

When the expansion came out, the subscriptions went up by three million but over time, that has gone down. There have been three major raids in this expansion, the lowest of all expansions of the game. Blizzard said they would try to make an expansion a year which if that's true could mean an expansion is due soon. The first Warcraft film is due out next year so an expansion to mark the release, tied in would be an obvious bonus for the company. The film is due out in a years time which is about the same length of time Blizzard gives players to try and complete the final raid.

To get your Legendary Ring, you will need to collect 33 Tomes of Chaos that drop from the various bosses in the raid. There is no shipyard mission or follower mission to assist you to collect them. You can only get the Tomes of Chaos from bosses.

The raid awards 685 loot for Normal, 705 for Normal, 720 for Heroic and 735 for Mythic. 735 is the same level as the Legendary quest line ring that finishes in this raid.

Hellfire Citadel Raid Bosses

Hellfire Assault Tactics

Hellfire Assault Boss in Hellfire CitadelBefore you actually enter the Citadel itself, the first boss that you come across is actually a few mini-bosses known as the Hellfire Assault. The group consists of amongst others, Orcs and Goblins. The tanks need to pick up the enemy and keep them together whilst the dps just nuke them one at a time. It is in effect the same as the trash you fought as you made your way to the boss.

Iron Reaver Tactics

Iron Reaver Boss in Hellfire CitadelThe Iron Reaver is a giant mechanical monster that prowls the area outside the Citadel. The reaver will require a lot of moving around as he fires a lot of Fel onto the ground which can cause a lot of pain and injury to the player's characters. Every so often, he will take to the skies and throw bombs down which must be destroyed before they explode.

Hellfire High Council Tactics

Hellfire High Council Boss in Hellfire Citadel

Kormrok Tactics

Kormrok Boss in Hellfire CitadelKormrok is a giant Gron that has been infected with Fel Material. He can only be started on when the other Grons in the room have been killed. The tank should tank the monster away from the raid.

Although he doesn't call on minions to help him in the fight. You need to move out of the way of the different coloured bubbles that spawn and move across the ground which can cause damage. Also during the fight, he will create marks on the ground, these need to be stamped on otherwise they will cause damage to the players.

Kilrogg Deadeye Tactics

Kilrogg Deadeye Boss in Hellfire Citadel

Gorefiend Tactics

Gorefiend Boss in Hellfire CitadelGorefiend creature will appear once you have cleared all the trash in the room. Gorefiend doesn't move but he creates a lot of adds which cause damage and kill. Every so often, he will consume a lot of players and these player must kill the spectral characters before they escape into the real world. Dps can only kill skeletons whereas healers must heal kill the Draenei. The player must leave the area before the countdown reaches zero in the top right corner. They can escape at any time but its best to stay in for as long as possible. When the spectrals escape into the combat zone, they will target players and cause real damage to them unless the spectral is killed. There is nothing new afterwards, the players need to kill before the spectrals escape and avoid them if they do escape.

Shadow-Lord Iskar Tactics

Shadow-Lord Iskar Boss in Hellfire CitadelPhase 1, just tank and spank until he flies up into the air and then you need to start attacking the adds that appear. The priority is always the new one or the one that looks different to the others. If you take too long, Iskar will return to the battle whether the adds are dead or not. The first priority is Corrupted Talonpriest

Phase 2, After going into the air add, more adds will appear, the priority will be the Shadowfel Warden, a robot. If you see a Corrupted Talonpriest, you should still concentrate on the Warden first.

Phase 3, Its the same as before but the priority will be the Fel Raven rather than the Warden or Talonpriest./p>

During the phases, he will try to push half the raid off the edge and kill them. One person will be carrying the Eye of Anzu which makes them immune to the wind. Once a person has the Eye of Anzu, they must pass it onto another person who is affected by the window so that they are no longer affected.

Another thing to mention is that one person will be targetted with Fel Power, that player needs to move out to the edge of the fight area until the fel power has worn off. The fel power will damage each and all players that it comes into contact with.

Fel-Lord Zakuun Tactics

Fel-Lord Zakuun Boss in Hellfire Citadel

Xhul`horac Tactics

Socrethar the Eternal Tactics

Socrethar the Eternal Boss in Hellfire CitadelThe fight starts when the Binders and Mystics are all dead. There are two bosses in this, the merchanical boss and the Eradar ghost. The fight ends when the Eradar is dead, the mechanical, once he is dead will res himself and start again. During the fight, ghosts will line up with players and head towards them, if they are not killed, they will hurt the player that they are targeted at. A player will become a living bomb and explode every so often, it cannot be dispelled, the player must go to an area where he or she will not hurt other players and then come back in when its all safe to do so.

Tyrant Velhari Tactics

Tyrant Velhari Boss in Hellfire CitadelWhen you enter the room, Tyrant Velhari will be crouching down and will only stand when her minions have been defeated. Tyrant Velhari when the fight begins will summon one adds to help her defeat the raid party. If the add dies, another one will take its place. She will create fire spots around the room to ensure that the players move about. If you are in the fire spot for too long, you can expect to be thrown into the air and knocked back along with a damage hit too. During the fight, everyone's health will be reduced and will not return to max until after the phase. It will go down in two stages, the second time, it'll go down further.

Archimonde Tactics

Archimonde Boss in Hellfire CitadelBefore you get down to where Archimonde is, make sure on the way to the final boss, you speak to Tyrande Whisperwind who is on a panther. She will give you "Tears of the Goddess". The tears will when activated will slow you descent after being thrown into the air. Even if you are high levelled, being thrown into the air can still cause a little damage. When thrown into the air, activate the Tears. If you get close to the Draenei then start the fight pretty much like everyone else. Archimonde's main tactics are fear which will make you run around and fire damage. When Archimonde gets to near death,he will reduce to 1 health point and go into a fit of madness. He will start spawning red flames everywhere, you need to avoid the flames and kill him. Job Done.

Hellfire Citadel Location

Location of Hellfire Citadel

Hellfire Citadel Entrance

Entrance of Hellfire Citadel

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