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Hellfire Ramparts Dungeon

Hellfire Ramparts is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Hellfire Peninsula in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 59-62. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Orc. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Hellfire Ramparts is Nazan.

Running this dungeon increases your reputation for the Honor Hold/Thrallmar faction. How much you get depends on the level and the race of the character. Humans have a racial bonus of diplomacy which means they get more rep from killing and doing things than the other races.

Hellfire Ramparts is the first dungeon that you will get the chance of entering when your character first reaches lvl 58. It is situated within the Hellfire Citadel in the middle of the Hellfire Peninsula. The entire dungeon consists of Fel Orcs who will do everything to stop you. If you are not entering through dungeon finder, you need to be careful you don't enter the wrong one as all the Hellfire Citadel dungeons are all close to one another. Shattered Halls is the most identifiable of the dungeons here because it has a gate blocking the entrance which you need to unlock.

List of Hellfire Ramparts Dungeon Bosses

Watchkeeper Gargolmar Tactics

Watchkeeper Gargolmar skulks along the corridor with two priests. He has no hands, they've been replaced with swords for double the melee power. His main powers are the ability to hit a player and be able to knock them back. As soon as your knocked back, get up and fight again. The DPS should take out the two priests as quickly as possible to make things a little easier. Another thing to worry about is that when he hits you, healing is reduced by 10%.

Omar the Unscarred Tactics

Omar is a giant Fel warrior warlock who will throw shadow bolts at players. He has power to summon a warlock fel hound to aid him. Prioritise the felhound because he can summon more than one during the fight. He also has the power to target individual players with shadow power so you need to be ready to heal that player back up when he's been hit. When Omar is dead, the fel hounds will not disappear like other adds so you need to take them all out when you can. If you are in a rush, you can skip this boss if you like.

Vazruden the Herald Tactics

Vazruden is first seen flying his dragon Nazan high above. He only lands when all the trash has been cleared prior his fight area. When Vazruden begins his fight, he'll jump off his mount and run at you swiping his sword all the time. In addition to him targetting individual players, he will call upon his dragon mount Nazran to hit one of the players so they need to be alert for when Vazruden attempts to hit them. If you are too high and hit him too hard, Nazran will get scared and not attack you. Nazan will land and approach you with guns so to speak blazing. If Nazan does a runner, you won't be able to complete the dungeon.

Hellfire Ramparts Location

Location of Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts Entrance

Entrance of Hellfire Ramparts

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