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Karazhan Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Karazhan is a raid whose entrance is located in Deadwind Pass on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 70. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The raid contains 18 bosses. The end boss of Karazhan is Prince Malchezaar.

Karazhan is a 10 man raid that was introduced in Burning Crusade expansion. It is the first raid that players will encounter in the first expansion. The raid takes places in a very tall tower at the southern end of Deadwind Pass, not that far from Stormwind, the human capital and default capital of the alliance. The tower is the home of Medivh, a human mage who was responsible for building the Dark Portal on Azeroth that allowed the Orcs from Draenor to come through and attack Azeroth. The tower appears in the first movie of the game, out in 2016. The film had been due to come out in December 2015 but was put back because Star Wars - The Force Awakens was suddenly revealed to be coming out at that time. In addition to Karazhan, Medivh, Moroes the butler boss of Karazhan will also appear in the movie so expect the dungeon to feature heavily.

When the raid first came out, someone in the raid party had to have done the attunement to the raid, this meant doing a series of quests and dungeons to be able to open the raid to the group. However, there was a bug that allowed players to sneak into the raid without opening the door, it was a case of falling through a hole in the wall and entering the lobby. The raid contained everything from ghostly humans, through skeletal dragons, a chess game and finally the Draenei boss. However, the final boss for some people was Nightbane because it had to be summoned and people needed to do a quest line to access it.

One of the bosses, the theatre was a random boss, it could either be Romeo or Juliet, Wizard of Oz or Little Red Riding Hood. Each of those theatre bosses had different tactics such as the Red Riding Hood had a Worgen who would chase the player and kill it when the player was changed into Red Riding Hood.

There are two entrances to the raid, the first part, the lobby was through the front door. A second entrance to the higher part of the raid is through working your way from the bottom or using a side entrance on the opposite side of the building to the entrance and up some steps. The lower part of the raid was easy to follow and straight forward but as you got higher up the raid, the more you had to remember and think where you had to go.

The first boss of the raid, Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight dropped the only rollable mount that would drop in the raid. This was advantageous so that you didn't have to run through the whole raid only for the mount not to drop. All you had to do was do the first boss, no drop, come back the following week. Although Burning Crusade enabled Heroic dungeons for the first time, Heroic raids were not yet enabled yet.

Although Medivh does not appear as a boss to fight, you do play against the spirit of Medivh in a game of Chess where the rules of the board game apply, i.e. knights moves one place then two in another direction. Medivh does like to cheat in the game. There are no individual boss achievements in this, just one achievement to kill the final boss and that's it.

List of Karazhan Raid Bosses

Attumen the Huntsman Tactics

Attumen the Huntsman is the first boss you will encounter in the Karazhan Tower raid. He is in the stables to the left of where you come in. When you first come in, head into the stables and kill all the stable hands and horses. Nightmare the horse will be on its own when you get there. You start off fighting the horse and then Attumen was eventually appear on the horse. After a short fight, he will get off the horse and fight you. During the fight, ghostly horses will be called upon to help fight against you. This boss is one reason why people come here often because it drops a mount. There's not many dungeons or raids where the first boss drops anything. Once the mount drops, you can leave unless you're after rep but if you're after rep, you might as well not waste time because odds are you'll hae to keep coming back here to kill Attument for the mount and get rep at the same time.

Rokad the Ravager Tactics

Rokad the Ravager is a hell beast near the entrance. A boss that can be skipped if you just want to make it to the final boss. However if you're grinding rep, the extra rep him and his fellow friends give is invaluable and can reduce the need to visits as many times. To get to the boss, at the very entrance, take the doorway to the right and follow it all round killing everything in sight.

Unlike the other bosses, this one has to be summoned. You need to clear the whole area of other hell beasts, spiders and bats. Only when they have all been cleared will the beast appear in one of the rooms. He won't come straight at you, you need to him first. There are no adds to worry about, just hit and kill. The boss is also known as simply 'The Servants Quarters'

Tenris Mirkblood Tactics

Prince Tenris Mirkblood was a special short season boss that was found in Karazhan Tower just before Wrath of the Lich King was released. He was later removed and can't be found anywhere in the raid now. He was hidden behind a door above Attumen and was part of a short questline started in the capital cities or Light's Hope in Eastern Plaguelands..

Shadikith the Glider Tactics

Hyakiss the Lurker Tactics

Moroes Tactics

Moroes is the undead head waiter in Karazhan Tower and man servent to Medivh. You will find him in the dining hall talking to guests. When you enter the Banquet hall, the room will have lots of spectral guests that must be killed otherwise they will come at you when you attack Moroes.

Close to Moroes is a group of named spectral ghosts who must be killed also, ideally before Moroes is killed otherwise it could be a wipe. Moroes favourite weapon is his knives which he uses to dig you.

Moroes appears as a human in the first film of the Warcraft franchise. He is played by Callum Keith Rennie, a British born Canadian actor. Moroes survives the film but doesn't turn into a forsaken person in the film, in part because the Scourge disease had not yet been created by Professor Putricide.

Maiden of Virtue Tactics

The Maiden of Virtue is an easy enough boss to kill in Karazhan Tower. When the fight starts, she will primarily stamp her feet to cause damage to the group. Melee need to move in and out as she spouts a lot of AOE flames that will cause damage to the players. The boss is similar to the bosses of the same type that you will encounter in Uldaman and in the raid Halls of Lightning

Opera Hall Tactics

The Opera Hall is a random one of three bosses that can appear, they are either Romulo and Julianne, The Big Bad Wolf or Wizard of Oz. They can only be started once Moroes has been killed. To start the fight, you need to talk to Barnes the Stage Manager who'll walk onto the stage and announce the Opera.

Wizard of Oz Tactics

The Big Bad Wolf Tactics

This Opera Boss is a play on the Red Riding Hood story. When the curtains go up, there is a woman with grey hair you need to talk to turn her into a wolf. The wolf has the ability to fear you and turn you into a small gnome a.k.a. Red Riding Hood. When you are Red Riding Hood, you are pacified and can't kill or hit anything, you need to run away. The boss is easy enough. If you're lucky, a Clothes chest drop might occur.

Romulo and Julianne Tactics

These two bosses are human spectral ghosts, similar to the other spectral ghosts that you seen all over the lower grounds of the Karazhan tower. Rumulo and Julianne is one of three possible bosses that can be summoned when you enter the Opera House in the Karazhan tower. The other two are the Wizard of Oz and the Big Bad Wolf. The Romulo and Julianne pays homage to William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. Its a story of two love struck people who fall in love with one another against the wishes of their parents, sound familiar?

The fight starts with Julianne first and no sooner has the curtain come up will she come charging at you so be ready. Julianne will fight with a knife and stab you. Once you have killed her, her boyfriend Romulo will spawn and come charging at you. Once you have killed him, they both come back alive and you have to take them down at the time otherwise they will come back alive again and it'll be quite repetitive otherwise.

Curator Tactics

The Curator is the first boss you will encounter if you enter through the upper side entrance. He storms along a corridor wait for you to get close enough. The corridor that he is in is populated by Mana creatures. You should clear the corridor whilst the Curator is out of the corridor otherwise you will have probably killing him. During the fight, he will create energy balls that will hit you chronic. These energy balls last even when the Curator has died so you will need to do more than just kill the boss.

Shade of Aran Tactics

Shade of Aran is a spectral human who is in his own study behind a door. The door is not locked and can be clicked to open. In the room. he is alone and walks round and round so becareful where you stand as he might walk into you and start the fight. He is a powerful mage that has the abilities of Fire, Arcane and Frost. His arcane explosions can hurl you high into the air but if you're high enough, little damage will occur. When his energy is low, he will summon water elementals to hit you from four points in the room. Also like a player Mage, he can and will freeze you on the spot. There is a Violet Eye quest to kill and get his journal for extra rep should have the necessaries to get the quest.

Terestian Illhoof Tactics

This Satyr is hidden and can be easily missed if you don't know where he is. When you are in the Guardian's Library, there is a disconcerting bookshelf which you can click on to open a secret door to his location. On the map, the level is the one directly above the writing. Click on the door and go through and along the corridor. In the room is a lot of Imp which you should clear before taking on the Satyr.

During the fight, the Satyr will summons imps to fight for him, you need to take them out whilst fighting him. Terestian will open portals which can't be closed which Imps will come through. They'll be one named imp which is a different colour to the others, he will stay alive even when Terestian is dead so he will need to be killed.

Nightbane Tactics

Nightbane is considered by some to be the true last boss of Karazhan rather than the Draenei Prince Malchezaar because the only way you can do Nightbane is after having completed a long series of quests that involve some quests being outside Karazhan Tower.

When the skeleton drake is summoned, he will fly over the terrace a couple of times before coming in and launching his attack. There are two main phases. The first is the landing when he will swipe the ground and attack you with his feet. Every so often, he will take off spit skeletons onto the ground as adds. How often he does this depends on how high you are when you kill him. If you're pretty high, it won't happen because you'll have one-shot him. Nightbane quest will award 3300 Rep points so well worth doing.

Netherspite Tactics

Netherspite is a spectral dragon that walks round and round in the telescope room in Karazhan Tower. He won't attack you first, you have to attack it. When the fight begins, he will open three portals which will heal him so kill him quick, you need to keep hitting otherwise it'll be self-defeatist. If you're in a group, players should put themselves in the ways of the beams to block them. There are no adds apart from the beams if you call them adds.

Chess Event Tactics

For those who don't like or know how to play the game of Chess, this will have to be the worst boss in the whole of the game. The Chess Event can't be skipped if you want to get the final bosses, only by beating the ghost of Medivh can you go further. The good news is that this boss is now soloable. You just have to move out one character and into another. The pieces move according to the board game, i.e. pawns move one square forward, knights one square and then two squares in the other direction.

It should be noted that Medivh does cheat in the game so you need to not forget that. You need to enter a character and then use it to move or attack which ever piece in front. Unlike other bosses where you can one hit them, you can't with this one, you have to mundanely play out the whole boss.

Prince Malchezaar Tactics

Although this boss will give you the achievement when you kill him, he is not considered by many to be the last boss of the Karazhan Tower. Some consider the final boss to be Nightbane because you need to keep coming back to the Raid to do a series of quests to be able to find and kill Nightbane. He will give you the most rep of all the bosses, 550 instead of 275.

When you find him, he'll be stomping around at the top, an area where when you look up is all in upheaval, rocks in the air etc. If you get too close to Malchezaar, he'll start the fight. As he walks round the top, you need to be in a position that he doesn't walk into. If you do happen to be in his path and am one of the the classes that can stealth (e.g. Mage, Rogue or Druid) then he can be reset. If you can't reset the Prince, you'll just have to carry on.

When the fight starts, he uses his fists of fury to unleash his damage onto you. After he's been warn down, he'll get out his weapons and start hitting you. After a while his weapons will fight on their own and he'll be using his fists. Be aware he does AOE ground damage and uses all sorts of Magic and Pain to hurt you. None of which will make any impact for you'll be high enough to take it on the chin.

Karazhan Location

Location of Karazhan

Karazhan Entrance

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Karazhan

Fiery Warhorse

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