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Lower Blackrock Spire Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Lower Blackrock Spire is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Searing Gorge on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 58. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The dungeon contains 16 bosses. The end boss of Lower Blackrock Spire is Overlord Wyrmthalak.

The Lower Blackrock Spire is a dungeon that was released from the beginning, that is Classic WOW. It is a dungeon that you access just before gaining the right to go Outlands. It is a very confusing place and people can easily get lost in there. If you are high enough, just go for the achievement of having done it then don't bother going back there.

Lower Blackrock is one of a number of instances that can be accessed from within the Blackrock Mountain. It is possible to access Blackrock mountain from both Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge, I've just opted to show the entrance from Burning Steppes here. For entrance and location from the Searing Gorge, visit the Upper Black Rock Spire page.

Location of Upper and Lower Blackrock Spires and Blackwing Lair

Once you have entered the inside of the rock, run round to the orange summoning stone and then follow the path to the left and then straight on. Keep going in the same direction that the path takes you until you come to a bridge with stairs leading down and up. Up will take you to Upper Black Rock spires and down to the lower. Along the way, expect to fight off Orcs who are hostile to both factions so don't expect the horde to have an easier time.


The location of Lower Blackrock has not changed since classic, the bosses might have but the location hasn't. The disadvantage of the Classic form of this dungeon is that there is no map to guide you there.

List of Lower Blackrock Spire Dungeon Bosses

Burning Felguard Tactics

Spirestone Butcher Tactics

Spirestone Battle Lord Tactics

Spirestone Lord Magus Tactics

Highlord Omokk Tactics

When you first encounter him, he will be standing with two ranged bullies which if you can take them out then it will make things a lot easier. The two ranged ones will fire electricity from their canes which is the only thing that you really need to worry about here. If you are playing at a high level, the NPCs are easy to be taken out with one punch each. There's no effort required to take them out.

Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin Tactics

After the encounter with the first boss, return back the way you came and then when back in the large room, turn immediately left and left again. If you don't see a large gong ahead of you, you've gone wrong. Follow the path round and turn into the room. Vosh'gajin is in the room opposite the entrance that you came through.

Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin will have her back to you when you enter the room. The first group of mobs in the room can be cleared without any fear of pulling the boss. Once the trash has been cleared, you need to deal with the boss. It is always best to have a player who is able to cc one of the adds otherwise it will not be so easy.

Once the add has been dealt with, deal with the other and then the boss. If you have two CC players in the team, all the better. One CC can handle add and the other, the other. CC'ers include Druid (Entangle Roots), Mages (Sheep) and Hunters (Traps). Vosh'gajin has the ability to transform one of the players into an animal for a brief time and to curse players that are close to her. If you're ranged or the healer, try and stay as far back from her as possible so that you're not cursed. If you are, hopefully there's someone who can decurse you.

War Master Voone Tactics

After killing Vosh'gajin, head to the slope that leads down. At the base, there are two directions, one that leads to nowhere and the other, to the left is leads further down. At the bottom of the slope are adds so be ready to fight them when you get there.

There is a large chest in the room at the bottom, you need to weigh up whether to get the chest or not. To get to it are a number of trash. The entrance to where the boss is located is in the south western corner of the room.

Unlike the previous bosses, there are no adds to deal with immediately. When you enter the room, it will look like he's sleep but with the heavy footstep noises that you make, he'll wake up.

In addition to lashing out at the tank, he'll throw adds at a random player so the healer needs to be ready to heal them up. When his health gets a little lower, he will kick out at a player sending them flying so that player needs to get back on his or her feet quickly to carry on.

Mor Grayhoof Tactics

Bannok Grimaxe Tactics

Bannock Grimaxe is a rare boss that won't always turn up. You'll come across him some time during the fight buts not guaranteed. He might be sleeping when you come across him so you'd need to wake him up.

Mother Smolderweb Tactics

After killing Voone, return to the big room before and run diagonally opposite from where you had just killed Voone. You will up in a tunnel which looks blocked but you need to weave in and out of a number of tight places.

At the end of the path are spiders which if you have arachnaphobia, its your worst nightmare. When you enter spider trash, you come across Immature Venom Sac which will come in handy when fighting mother. If you infected by Mother's Milk, you will need to drink to cure yourself. There should be enough for everyone in the group.

Mother will stun a player during the fight preventing them from doing anything. The stun will also apply to even the highest level even though it won't hurt them. If the player is affected by the Milk, they will need to drink the antitode which they picked up earlier.

Once Mother is dead, small spiders will emerge and need to be killed before progressing so be ready for them. Once you have killed Mother, run across the bridge and then up the slope, killing the spiders along the way. You'll see scorpions come out of small offshoots, you'll need to kill those but there isn't anything from where they came from.

For those that aren't playing classic, there is the chance to pick up a spider pet.

Crystal Fang Tactics

Quarter Master Zigris Tactics

Zigris is seen walking round the room talking to NPCs. When a group of NPCs are dead, he'll still walk over to them and talk to them as is if they were alive. You should kill the first group of NPC and then retreat. When Zigris moves to the dead group, hug the wall behind and kill the other group. Killing all the groups will not start the fight, only by hitting him or being near him will start the fight.

Just because you're ranged or a healer, it doesn't mean you are out of danger. He will shoot at you so the healer will need to be ready to heal that player back up. During the fight, he will stun players and this will apply to very level players. When you're stunned, he'll run away and fire his gun.. He has the ability to heal himself so when you think its going well, it'll get extended.

He has a silver dragon around his icon meaning he is a rare boss. He does drop a Worg pet if you're into collecting pets for achievements etc. He can easily be missed but running back to him after killing the Worg bosses is not that far.

Halycon Tactics

The Halycon is a giant dog at the end of the corridor in a separate room. He has a pack of tiny wolves with him, they won't prove too much of a problem for the team. Halycon doesn't have any poisons or curses, its a straight forward fight. Just because they are puppies, don't for a minute think they are cute and won't fight, they will. The health of Halycon is 56,000 whereas the puppies are about 6,000 but there are few of them.

Gizrul the Slavener Tactics

As soon as Halycon is dead, Gizrul will appear at the entrance to where you came in so be wary where you fight Halycon otherwise the fight with Gizrul will start sraight away. You have been warned. The fight is roughly the same as the previous one but there are no adds to worry about this time, its a straight forward boss fight.

Ghok Bashguud Tactics

Overlord Wyrmthalak Tactics

Be sure to clear all the trash on the way up to the final encounter otherwise the final fight could be harder than you anticipated. The final boss is a dragonkin, not exactly a dragon, it doesn't breathe fire, he's mainly a melee hitter. Even though he's melee, it doesn't mean that ranged are safe from him.

Its best that you fight him from behind as it will protect you from some, not all attacks from him. During the fight, he will scream causing the power of everyone nearby to be reduced for a few seconds.

When his health is down, he will call guards to help him so you need to be ready to switch to the new targets whilst the tank tries to keep control of the proceedings.

Lower Blackrock Spire Location

Location of Lower Blackrock Spire

Lower Blackrock Spire Entrance

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