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Mechagon Megadungeon Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The minimum level for this dungeon is 120. The contains 8 bosses. The end boss of Mechagon Megadungeon is King Mechagon.

The Mechagon Megadungeon is a stepping stone for the raid that is released at the same time, Azshara's Eternal Palace where Queen Azshara awaits your doom. The Megadungeon is the centrepiece of the island.

The Megadungeon will contain eight dungeons and will only be available at Mythic level to start with. Blizzard will be forcing you go improve in order to gain access to the dungeon. The main dungeon contains gnomes like in Gnomeregan at the early levels.

List of Mechagon Megadungeon Dungeon Bosses

King Gobbamak Tactics

Gunker Tactics

Trixie and Naeno Tactics

HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit Tactics

Tussle Tonks Tactics

K.U.-J.O. Tactics

Machinist's Garden Tactics

King Mechagon Tactics

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