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Mogu'shan Palace Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Mogu'shan Palace is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 85-90. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Mogu. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Mogu'shan Palace is Xin the Weaponmaster.

Mogu'shan Palace is the home of Xin the Weaponmaster, an Emperor Mogu. The entrance to the raid is on the eastern side of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and is clearly marked on the map. The Palace entrance is about mid way up from the bottom. If you go too high, you will enter the Lorekeepers room. The encounter contains both Mogu and Saurok (Lizards). The first boss encounter, the Clans, see you fight the leaders of the Red, Blue and Green clans for the honour of the Emperor. You do not kill the clans, just weaken them into submission,

Once you have beaten the clans, a Saurok NPC will steal treasure and so you will need to go down into the depths of the Palace in order to retrieve what is rightfully yours.

Once back on the surface, you are then fighting the Mogu again including their leader, Xin. Xin will throw everything at you to kill you including spears, flames and everything. Although what he throws at you might cause a little damage but over the whole encounter, all the damage will add up. For Xin, its all about the positioning and running around, avoiding the weapons and damage.

This encounter should not be confused with the similarly sounding Mogu'shan Vaults which is a raid in Kun-Lai Summit. Mugu'shan Vault is where Lei Shen, the Thunder King was laid to rest before the Zandalari Trolls dug it up and woke up the Thunder King.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 80,33

List of Mogu'shan Palace Dungeon Bosses

Clan Leaders Tactics

Xin has called a meeting of the Clan Leaders who are identified by their colours, Red, Green and Blue for simplisticity, they do have name but lets not confuse it all by using their names. One Leader will attack at a time. Red will use smash the ground and use AOE so you need to protect yourself by moving round and killing the boss. THe Green boss's special move is that after he has received a fair amount of damage, he will whirlwind and pull everyone into him, once he has pulled you in, move out as fast as you can. The Blue Leader's pet will jump on people and stun them, the pet can be killed but the boss can be killed with or without the pet dead.

Gekkan Tactics

Once the previous boss, the Clan Leaders have been killed, a Saurok will steal something from the battle chest and run off. You need to follow the Saurok and kill all the adds in between. At the bottom of the path is the Gekkan and his followers. The Followers are a mix of melee and ranged. You need to kill all the adds and not just Gekkan to to finish off this boss encounter. If you're low, you should think about CC'ing one of the Oracles as they are on the outskirts and therefore less likely to be de-cc'd.

Xin the Weaponmaster Tactics

After battling your way through to the final boss, Xin will be sitting on a chair waiting for you to start. When the fight starts, all manner of arrows, hot spots on the ground and weapons will all fly out at you. In this boss, you need to keep moving or find a place in which to take cover for the length of the battle. The corner at the back of the room where he sat to the right has been a safe place at times. The healer will have to keep everyone up but everyone has to keep moving.

Mogu'shan Palace Location

Location of Mogu'shan Palace

Mogu'shan Palace Entrance

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