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Naxxramas Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Naxxramas is a raid whose entrance is located in Dragonblight on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 80. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The raid contains 15 bosses. The end boss of Naxxramas is Kel`Thuzad.

Naxxramas is one of the oldest instances in the game, it used to be situated in Eastern Plaguelands and access to the raid could only be achieved if the player had the necessary reputation with the Argent Dawn. To gain the necessary reputation, the player had to complete dailies and kill untold undead creatures that walked the zone.

Naxxramas is one of the oldest raids in the game. Naxxramas first appeared in the Classic/Vanilla version of the game, when it came out in 2004. It was closed off before the second expansion of the game came out so it could be upgraded.

If you just wanted to kill the last two bosses, it is now possible. All you need to do to get to the final bosses is to walk into the portal which is at the heart of the raid and you'll come face to face with Sapphiron.

When the World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released, the instance became a Wrath of the Lich King instance. The instance is broken into four zones, Arachnid (Spiders), Plague, Construct and Military. You can complete the zones in any order that you wish to. It was required to defeat all four zones before you could get the portal to the last two bosses but now that is no longer a requirement, you can jump straight to the final two bosses if needs be.

To get to the raid location, you need to fly there or be summoned by party members. There is no raid finder feature for this raid, you will need to make your own way there. The raid is located in the eastern part of Dragonblight, high up above the city. There are quite a few pyramids but only one allows access to Naxxramas.

The instance is still off the ground and you are required to fly up to the instance to get in. If you still don't have flight skill, you'd have to be teleported up to the instance by other raid members. Although there are achievements that make up a major achievement, there is no mount to be rewarded here but there are three pets that can be collected from the various bosses.

You used to have to complete this dungeon before you could go to the Eye of Eternity but that requirement no longer exists, you don't need the key from Sapphiron anymore, you can just go to the Eye of Eternity.

List of Naxxramas Raid Bosses

Anub'Rekhan Tactics

Anub'Rekhan will start the fight as soon as you get anywhere near him so be careful when you get into the room. The tank should pull the boss to the entrance because he'll call a Crypt Guard to help him. One tank should deal with the boss, the other deal with the Crypt Guard. During the fight, the boss will launch you into the air so you need to be ready for that. When you come done, get some healing if you need it.

Grand Widow Faerlina Tactics

When you first enter the room, you will notice that there are a group of spiders that seem to be moving around the room, kill them as they're trash but make sure that when you kill them that you are at the back of the room so you don't inadvertently pull any of the boss adds. When you enter the room, she'll make a speech but don't worry, she's not been pulled so long as you stay at the back of the room.

Although the picture of the boss shows she's accompanied by two worshippers, there are four worshippers on the same platform plus a number of other worshippers scattered around the room. So long as you pull them away from where they are standing, the groups of Acolytes can be killed without triggering the boss. If you're a Jewel Crafter then you might be lucky as one of the trash will drop an object that will give you a quest to do.

The four worshippers are little more than an annoyance, the real damage is by Faerlina. Faerlina has both melee and ranged attack moves, her melee is the one she uses most often on the tank. After you kill a worshipper, she'll become emotionally affected and increase her damage. Once all the worshippers die, she will eventually increase in height and power so be ready.

Maexxna Tactics

Maexxna is the spider boss that graces the loading screen for the raid. He is traditionally the last boss of the Arachnid (Spider) Quarter of Naxxramas. Maexxna will start off on his own but will call adds later on to help his fight against the players. During the fight, players will become webbed so ranged should keep an eye out for the players that are webbed and freed. If you're doing this solo at a high level, the webbing won't be forever as you will be released as the fight progresses.

Once the fight is over, a portal will open up at the back of the room that will take the players to the entrance and so that they can start another quarter of the raid.

This boss drops "Dusty Clutch of Eggs" which in turn creates a Giant Bone Spider as a pet for the lucky player.

Patchwerk Tactics

When you enter the room that Patchwerk operates, make sure you clear the whole room before you encounter Patchwerk otherwise they will come and assist. Be careful when you jump across the Ooze rivers otherwise you could receive heavy damage and even possibly die. If you can kill him before he goes ballistic, there's an achievement for you there. It recommended that you kill Patchwek before crossing the road of ooze creatures. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Grobbulus Tactics

In the room that Grobbulus is in are frozen Stitched monster, go round the room and clear it otherwise they will come to Grobbulus' aid. After that then take on Grobbulus. He has two main ways of attacking, infecting people with a virus. If you become infected, move away from everyone else as that will affect them also. The other is leave an area of poisonous gas where he stands. The main method is to slowly walking him round the edge of the area and so that when he drops the gas, everyone can move out of the area.

After the fight, run up the slope he came down from. When you enter the new room, there's a pipe that you need to walk/run along. If you run too far, you can end up falling off the pipe and you'll have to start from the start of the zone again. The recommended action is walk the pipe by pressing '/' and then pressing the same key again once safely off the pipe to run again.

Gluth Tactics

Gluth is not a nice doggy what you may think, he'll kill you when he gets the chance. You need to tank the dog at the back on the room, opposite end to where you came in. You tend to use three tanks here, a surrogate tank is used for the zombies, usually a hunter if possible. The aim of the third tank is to keep the zombies away from the dog. If the zombies get to the dog, Gluth will devour the Zombie and heal itself so keep the zombies away. When Gluth does eat a Zombie, its enrage will reduce for a brief time then go up again.

This boss drops Gluths Bones which in turn becomes the pet "Stitched Pet" for your collection.

Thaddius Tactics

Thaddius is a two phase boss encounter, the first part is you must split into two groups, one group takes on Stalagg abomination and the other Feugen abomination. Only when both monsters are dead can you awaken Thaddius and attempt the kill. Both abominations must be killed at the same time otherwise they will re-spawn again. If one group is able to kill their abomination quicker than the other, they must help the other. You should get the abominations off their platforms to break their link to the coils.

Once the abominations are dead, you need to jump from the abomination platforms onto Thaddius platform. If you don't make it, you have to start again by running through the sludge, up to the platform and jump across. After the abominations are dead, you'll be hit by lightning so the quicker everyone gets across to the platform, the better.

From the two groups you were in to kill the abominations, you need to stay in those groups and tackle Thaddius. One group will be marked - (Negative) and the other + (Positive). When the polarity changes, the groups need to run to the other side without crossing the streams. Both groups should run clockwise round the boss. You need to keep running every time the polarity changes until the boss is dead.

Noth the Plaguebringer Tactics

Noth will be seen walking round the fight arena and when the fight starts, he come charging at you using his fists to hit you. During the fight, he'll call upon skeletal guards to come at you. At about 50%, he'll teleport up to his balcony and call upon about eight skeletal guards to come at you. Once the eight are dead, he'll teleport back down and you will then need to finish the fight off, he'll continue to summon skeletal guards.

Heigan the Unclean Tactics

The fight with Heigan will begin on the raised platform but you should bring him off the platform to fight him. During the fight, he'll teleport back to the platform and you'll have to run to the eastern side of the room and avoid the Fel ooze that is coming through the floor. If no one dies during the fight, you will achieve 'The Safety Dance' achievement. Once you have made it all safely to the other side and he's stopped flowing green, you can charge him and fight again. If you don't get him down in time, he'll cause you to run across the room again.

Loatheb Tactics

Loatheb is the final boss you will encounter in the Plague zone. Loatheb is a Fungal creature that will predominately use melee. During the fight, he'll creature two orange spores that will cause damage and you should avoid it all costs. If you can avoid the spores and not hit them, you will gain "Spore Loser" achievement. You should kite the boss round the room avoid damaging the spores. The boss has "Blighted Spore" pet as a possible drop. Blight Spore will appear as "Fungal Abomination" in your pet logs and look like a baby Loatheb.

Instructor Razuvious Tactics

When you first enter Razuvious's room, he'll have two Death Knight understudies that need to be despatched first. Once they are done, you need to be careful, he can mind control other players. The main focus should be on Instructor and get him down as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can move onto the next one.

Gothik the Harvester Tactics

Before fight commences, you need to split the group into two, one either side of the gate before it closes. The side where Gothik is is referred to as the Living and the other side as the Dead. The Living side will have humanoid and horse apparitions coming at you whilst on the other side will be spectral ghosts. Every so often adds will spawn one side of the wall and attack you. Don't worry if you're soloing this because the gates will open and both sides will merge into one. If soloing, best to stay on Gothiks side. The amount of adds that he releases is quite a lot so don't expect an easy kill. Once Gothik has used up all his adds, he'll teleport down from the platform and try to kill you himself and will also spawn adds to help him,

The Four Horsemen Tactics

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the final boss of the Military Quarter and the only boss you don't need to kill for the "The Dedicated Few" achievement. When the fight starts, the four horsemen will go to their corners to fight so the group needs to split up to deal with the individual bosses. Once a boss has been killed, you need to regroup and kill the other bosses in turn. If you take too long, bosses will exchange corners and you'll have to deal with a different boss. You may recognise a few names as people who has been shouting advice to you as came through Naxxramas. Also Baron Rivendare was encountered in Stratholme where now you get to kill him again, joy!!!

Sapphiron Tactics

To access this boss, you need to click on the orb in the central area. When you enter the room, bones are all scattered around the room but as you approach the fight area, the bones come together to turn into the bone dragon Sapphiron. This is the penultimate boss if you've done it the traditional way. The fight is straightforward enough, tank and spank. However you need to be aware that it will rain icicles on player areas to get them to move. If you don't you'll be frozen and receive damage. If frozen, you need to be rescued by a fellow player. Once this boss is dead, the door to the final boss can be opened.

When this dungeon was the top dungeon, it would give you a quest item to take to Wrymrest Tower where you would receive an item that enabled you to go to The Eye of Eternity and start the raid. Now the raid doesn't have an attunement and you can enter any time. The quest only gives money now.

Kel'Thuzad Tactics

You've finally made it here, the final boss. When you enter the room, Kel'thuzad will notice and start the fight. The group should move to the centre of the green circle just in front of the boss. The group needs to stay in that circle for as long as possible. When the monsters and ghosts come, you need to take them out as quickly as possible. There will be a lot of adds coming before the final boss makes his move.

Once the adds have nearly been exhausted, Kel'thuzad will move in for his attempt to kill the group. He was once a Frost Mage and its evident in the way he uses frost power to kill people. He'll use icicles to rain down on the players. He shouldn't be too much of a handful.

Kel'thuzad was once a human like you before he got corrupted and became a Lich. You can see him in Southshore in the Old Hills Brad - Escape from Durnholde Keep dungeon if you venture to the village before you go off to rescue Thrall.

Naxxramas Location

Location of Naxxramas

Naxxramas Entrance

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