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Nighthold Raid

Nighthold is a raid in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110. The location of the entrance to Nighthold is in the Suramar zone on the continent of The Broken Isles. The raid contains 11 bosses. The end boss of Nighthold is Tichondrius.

Nighthold Raid Bosses

Skorpyron Tactics

Skorpyron Boss in Nighthold

Chronomatic Anomaly Tactics

Chronomatic Anomaly Boss in Nighthold

Trilliax Tactics

Trilliax Boss in Nighthold

Spellblade Aluriel Tactics

Tichondrius Tactics

Tichondrius Boss in Nighthold

Krosus Tactics

Krosus Boss in Nighthold

High Botanist Tel'arn Tactics

High Botanist Tel`arn Boss in NightholdThe first thing to make sure is that everyone is in the play area because if they`re not, the fight could bug and you`d have to start all over again. If you had a hard battle, it`ll have been for nothing if it bugs.

During the fight Tel`arn will split into two then three enemies of the same type. They will need to be controlled together, there`s no point splitting them up at this moment. The players will need to avoid the stuff on the floor and also the spores that spawn that will hurt the characters.

Star Augur Etraeus Tactics

Star Augur Etraeus Boss in Nighthold

Grand Magistrix Elisande Tactics

Grand Magistrix Elisande Boss in Nighthold

Gul`dan Tactics

Gul`dan Boss in NightholdTime to kill the person who has brought all the pain and suffering onto both Draenor and Azeroth. When you first meet him in the encounter he`ll be in the centre of the room casting his spells. Don`t attack until the spell beams have finished. In the first phase, he`ll be assisted by two adds which have to be prioritised.

In between phases, he`ll have a shield around him to protect him from spells. There`s nothing you can do with him at that time, the pets look like they`re able to hit him but they`re not able to do anything.

In the final phase, he`ll grown powerful arms and start doing aoe damage on the ground which you will need to move out of otherwise will be hit for six.

Before Gul`dan is about to die, Illidan Stormrage makes his first appearance in Legion where he grabs Gul`dan by the neck and squeezes the life out Gul`dan, leaving only a skull.

Flotsam Tactics

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