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Nighthold Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Nighthold is a raid whose entrance is located in Suramar on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110. The raid contains 10 bosses. The end boss of Nighthold is Gul'dan.

Nighthold is in the city of Suramar, the main city on the continent. Gul'dan, the Orc Warlock has made his way into the City and has managed to corrupt the people. You need to make your way through the city and kill the Warlock once and for all otherwise Azeroth will be in peril. At the end of the raid, a familiar character will return.

List of Nighthold Raid Bosses

Skorpyron Tactics

The main thing with this boss is to keep him at the back of the room and everything should be ok. The main thing for dps and healers is being pushed back which they need to be aware of. There is a large wall that the boss builds round himself, stay outside of the wall and things should be ok.

Chronomatic Anomaly Tactics

The Anomaly is a giant void like creature that is easy enough. The tanks should aim to keep him going round the centre. The main thing that everyone else needs to be aware of is when void material expand outwards from the centre. You need to avoid the void material so as not to be damaged from it.

Trilliax Tactics

Before you encounter this boss, you will encounter a large ooze that needs to be taken care of. When Sludgerax is taken care of, the whole place becomes a mess which will annoy Trilliax and he'll come to life.

Phase one is simple tank and spank. The tanks should keep the boss at the far end of the room. When Phase Two begins, Trilliax will move to the centre of the room and fire a beam across the room, in both directions, avoid the beam. The third phase, Scrubbers will appear, a player in the team needs to get to the cake that is on the outside of the room before a scrubber gets to it. If a scrubber gets to the cake, he'll expand and cause damage. If the scrubber has expanded, jump on it to defuse it.

Spellblade Aluriel Tactics

Aluriel walks round at the top of a flight of stairs. You should clear all the trash at the top and at the bottom of the stairs before you engage. Some groups like to engage and pull her downstairs and some at the top. There's not much to worry about with this boss. Just keep her in one spot and you shouldn't have any trouble with this boss. If you struggle where you are killing her, move to the other end of the stairs and try again.

Tichondrius Tactics

In his room is all manner of Legion soldiers so best clear those first unless of course you're high enough where you can take them all on. At the time of writing, no one is at that level yet, 110.

When he's about 20%, he'll disappear and you'll go into a dream state. At this point, bats will attack the group. Only when you have killed all the bats will the dream state be over and you can kill Tichondrius.

Krosus Tactics

Krosus, you might remember that when you first came to the Broken Isles, he was one of the characters you engaged in the start scenario. This time you will actually get to kill him. He'll come up from the water to face you rather than walk in or drop down.

He will on occasions, move back and fire a beam along the ledge that you are on. The beam may come from the left, it may come from the right, you just need to move to the opposite side of the ledge to avoid the ray.

Over time, the ledge will get smaller and smaller as he knocks it away. You need to retreat back along the ledge as quickly as possible otherwise you will fall into the water and die. He is in some ways similar to the boss in Ulduar who is only half shown above the water. They both have rays but unlike Ulduar, the rays come from his hands and not his eyes.

High Botanist Tel'arn Tactics

The first thing to make sure is that everyone is in the play area because if they're not, the fight could bug and you'd have to start all over again. If you had a hard battle, it'll have been for nothing if it bugs.

During the fight Tel'arn will split into two then three enemies of the same type. They will need to be controlled together, there's no point splitting them up at this moment. The players will need to avoid the stuff on the floor and also the spores that spawn that will hurt the characters.

Star Augur Etraeus Tactics

When he starts, he'll be facing away from but he will turn back in the fight. Its a relatively easy fight, tank and spank. One of the main things about this battle is that the walls will disappear and give the impression that you are out in space. There's a nice view of a galaxy but don't be fooled, its part of the illusion and distraction. During the fight, he'll summon adds to fight you which need to be kitted.

Keep an eye on the buffs that he gives out. If you get a debuff, move from other players as the explosions of the debuffs hurt players. If you grow big, move to the edge of the room. Although it might look you are in space, it is an illusion designed to distract and confuse you. The boss has a reputation of fearing so be ready for when that happens. The last thing you need to know is that he'll throw poison on the ground so you need to move out of the way when that happens.

Grand Magistrix Elisande Tactics

When you first enter her room, it'll contain trash which have to be cleared before you can engage the boss. She'll do her talking before she starts her fight, you just have to persevere.

The fight might look easy and her health will go down quickly. However, she'll freeze everyone and her health will get back to the max again and you'll have to start over again. For the LFR, the number of times is three, it might be different for the other levels.

When you fought the Chromatic Anomaly earlier, the mana balls came from the centre out, this time, they come from the outside of the room inwards. You need to avoid the mana balls and it'll be easy. No need to kite her round the room, you can try and keep her in one place.

Gul'dan Tactics

Time to kill the person who has brought all the pain and suffering onto both Draenor and Azeroth. When you first meet him in the encounter he'll be in the centre of the room casting his spells. Don't attack until the spell beams have finished. In the first phase, he'll be assisted by two adds which have to be prioritised.

In between phases, he'll have a shield around him to protect him from spells. There's nothing you can do with him at that time, the pets look like they're able to hit him but they're not able to do anything.

In the final phase, he'll grown powerful arms and start doing aoe damage on the ground which you will need to move out of otherwise will be hit for six.

Before Gul'dan is about to die, Illidan Stormrage makes his first appearance in Legion where he grabs Gul'dan by the neck and squeezes the life out Gul'dan, leaving only a skull.

Nighthold Location

Location of Nighthold

Nighthold Entrance

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