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Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Tanaris on the continent of Kalimdor in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 65-72. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Human. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep is Epoch Hunter.

The setting of this dungeon is the past, it was when Thrall, the legendary Orc leader of the Horde was imprisoned in Durnholde Keep, a prison in the Hillsbrad Foothills. It is a time when the Forsaken had yet to attack the area. Southshore, the main human village in Hillsbrad is shown as it was before the invasion is recreated in this instance. If you visit the town, you will see Kel'thuzad as he was when he was a human warlock before turning into a Lich. There are other small touches that you will notice when you visit the town, younger versions of people.

The dungeon was one of a series of quests that the user had to do to get into Karazhan, the tall tower in the Deadwind Pass zone. Karazhan attunement is no longer required for entry into the instance anymore.

When you first arrive at the fight area, talk to the bronze dragon who'll take you to the start of the entrance of the cavern otherwise its a long walk there. If you come here on your own, take some time to explore the area, a few easter eggs such as Kel'thuzad. This dungeon is worth running again and again because it rewards Keepers of Time reputation if you're into that sort of things, repping.

If you loose Thrall, you'll have to wait until reset that means overnight. You can come back later and find him in the prison but he won't come out of the prison. If you're on normal, you'll just reset the instances.

Location of Old Hills Brad Dungeon in Caverns of Time

Location of Old Hills Brad Dungeon in Caverns of Time

List of Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep Dungeon Bosses

Lieutenant Drake Tactics

Before you can start the encounter with the boss, you need to blow up three places in the camp. Only then you can engage Drake. When you started the instance, there was a Blood Elf who if you had spoken to him would've given you the explosives that you needed to set. If you don't have the explosives, you have to run back and get them. You need to visit each hut and click on the barrells at the back to set an explosive.

Like so many bosses, he is relatively easy. DPS should stand back away from if they can. The main thing is that he'll do whirlwind damage so you need to move out of the way when he spins on the spot and then move back. When he spins, he won't follow a player so you'll be safe.

After you have killed Lt. Drake, make your way into the castle and to the bottom. If anyone has the quest for the explosives, you must all hand in first before you free Thrall otherwise you won't be able to.

Captain Skarloc Tactics

Once you have made it out of the Keep with Thrall, Captain Skarloc and his men will come riding along the road to meet you outside the entrance. Captain Skarloc will attack Thrall so you nee to protect Thrall otherwise it'll all be for nothing. Take out the two adds first as they''ll be easy to kill then take on Skarloc after.

Once you have completed this boss encounter, mount up as you need to get to Tarren Mill. In the present, Tarren Mill is controlled by the Horde, more specifically the Undead but back then it was a human village. You don't need to explicitly follow Thrall if you know the way.

After Skarloc, you need to talk to Thrall and page through the conversation for him to get on the Captain's horse and ride off. Thrall's mount is very slow so you'll have plenty of time to kill. If you don't keep up with him though, he'll disappear and you'll have to do it all again.

Epoch Hunter Tactics

Once Thrall has been reunited with Taretha, Epoch Hunter, a dragon will call you out. He'll be assisted by three groups of Dragonkins who'll come in waves rather than in solo groups. Each group will have three melees and one ranged who'll stay at the back. Once the groups have been killed, Epoch Hunter will land and fight. If you're soloing, Epoch will target Thrall so you need to call him off Thrall or kill him quick. If Thrall dies, its all over.

Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep Location

Location of Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep

Old Hillsbrad Foothills - Escape from Durnhold Keep Entrance

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