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Razorfen Kraul Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Razorfen Kraul is a dungeon whose entrance is located in The Barrens on the continent of Kalimdor in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 25-30. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The dungeon contains 6 bosses. The end boss of Razorfen Kraul is Charlga Razorflank.

Razorfen Kraul is one of those dungeons that you do as you level and then when you've done the achievement, you don't go back to. There are no pets and no achievements other than completing it that can be achieved. The dungeon is located at the bottom half of Southern Barrens. It is populated by hedgehog like creatures that are like the dungeon, you don't get to see much of when you've passed that level.

Although not a boss, early on you can encounter Kraulshaper Tukaar who will drop some nice loot if you encounter him. Tukaar appears near the start of the dungeon. One thing to be aware of, some of these creatures are hunters and they will trap players no matter what level they are, they won't do much in the way of damage for higher players but will prevent them from moving.

List of Razorfen Kraul Dungeon Bosses

Hunter Bonetusk Tactics

The boars that are behind Bonetusk are unattackable, they will come later. Unlike Roogug, he is not assisted by anyone at the start. He has two main attack moves, the first is fire in rapid succession and the second is to create a circle of flames with arrows. The rapid fire will follow a person but the circle of arrows will not.

During the fight, he will let loose his creatures to attack so you need to move out of the way as they stampede. Don't bother trying to attack any of the boars in the stampede, just move out of the way if you can.

Roogug Tactics

Although you won't be able to see all his adds in the picture, he is surrounded by three fellow quilboars including a spectral one. If you attack any of the quilboars, the fight will start. If you need to, CC one of the adds to make life easier.

Even if you are very high level, Roogug will be able to silence you. The Silence works when you are in the enlightened area so move out and attack. Roogug will create crystal totems, no surprise there for a shaman character. You need to move away from the shards if you are unable to destroy but destroying them is best.

Warlord Ramtusk Tactics

When you first approach him, he'll have his back turned to you, looking at a large campfire. There will be two spectral ghosts with him, Death Speeker Jargba and Aggem Thorncurse. Both of the spectrals were old bosses who have been removed from the dungeon and turned into adds in case you were trying to remember where you had seen them before. Hitting any NPC will start the fight. During the fight, health amongst players is normalised amongst everyone in addition to the enemy.

Try to take out the spectrals first if you can before you can attack. A priest may be able to help by shackling a spectral but if you don't have one, its not going to be too much of a problem. The spectrals will have less health than the boss so is easier to take down. The fight is easy enough, just be aware that the boss and the adds will target individual players so the healer need to keep an eye out for anyone whose health is lower than normal.

Groyat, the Blind Hunter Tactics

Groyat is at the back of a cave that is that is populated by bats. Make your way down the cave to the end. Groyat will be eating a large boar when you approach him. Hit Groyat to start the fight. The only things you need to know about this fight is that he'll bit individual players which will leech their life form and his sonic boom.

During the fight, Groyat will fly away and launch a sonic boom. The sonic boom will start in a location then spread out. When the sonic boom happens, players need to move out of the way otherwise they'll be stunned and receive damage.

Enormous Bullfrog Tactics

This is a rare boss that you may or may not encounter. He appears after you have killed Groyat on the way to the final boss. As you can see from the picture, he is accompanied by a couple of fellow but not so enormous frogs. You don't need to attack the other frogs if you can avoid it. The main thing is to keep moving out of the green areas which he creates so that you are not poisoned..

Charlga Razorflank Tactics

Charlga is a shaman who will create totems at various locations after you have got her health down a little. The totems will have a different affect, Venomous and the Molten totems will create adds which you need to defeat before returning to Charlga for more attack. The tidal totem will draw people into it and attack them. If you are good enough, you can avoid attacking the adds and just go for Charlga. If you kill Charlga but no adds, the adds will disappear.

Razorfen Kraul Location

Location of Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Kraul Entrance

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