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The Ruby Sanctum Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The Ruby Sanctum is a raid whose entrance is located in Dragonblight on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 80. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The raid contains 4 bosses. The end boss of The Ruby Sanctum is Halion.

The Ruby Sanctum was a filler raid, it was meant to occupy players before the next expansion came out. The story was that a dragon who belonged to Deathwings legion of dragons The raid is similar to The Obsidian Sanctum in that there are four bosses in the zone and its entrance is in Wyrmrest Temple. When going for the raid, make sure that you enter the right one, not OS. Unlike OS as the other raid is commonly known as, there is little way in terms of achievements and no mounts to be had.

The locations of both Ruby and Obsidian Sanctums are beside one another so you need to make sure you enter the correct one. The Obsidian Sanctum resembles a volcanic area whereas Ruby is peaceful and very green.

List of The Ruby Sanctum Raid Bosses

Saviana Ragefire Tactics

Saviana Ragefire is a black drake who will only attack when you get near. The boss is easy, just nuke and be aware of the flames that spurt out.

Baltharus the Warborn Tactics

Baltharus will have his back to you when you reach him. He's captured Xerestraza in the tree and is keeping her there. When Baltharus is dead, Xerestrasza will leave. During the fight which is a melee one, Baltharus will split into two and both of these will need to be killed before moving on. Killing one won't kill the other. Inside the cave where the prisoner was is nothing.

General Zarithrian Tactics

General Zaithrian is blocked off until you have killed the other bosses. He watches down from his perch to survey all that is going on. When the fight begins, he'll cleave and hit his enemies. During the fight, the players gear will be damaged and their health will be depleted quicker. When his healths get down, he'll call upon two dragonkins to fight so target them if the Generals health is a lot otherwise just concentrate on the boss.

Halion Tactics

Halion is a foot soldier of Deathwing, released in the months just before the release of Cataclysm. Halion will only appear once the other bosses have been killed. All group members need to be quite close as he puts up a shield around the area. In the first phase, he will fire balls of fire at players and cleave.

Second phase, he will go into the twilight area and people need to folloiw him in. The Twilight Zone is similar to what happens in the real world. You need to avoid a large mana ball that is going round. The sooner he's nuked the better. There is a third phase but its just the same as before.

The Ruby Sanctum Location

Location of The Ruby Sanctum

The Ruby Sanctum Entrance

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