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Scholomance (MOP) Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Scholomance (MOP) is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Western Plaguelands on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 90. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The dungeon contains 6 bosses. The end boss of Scholomance (MOP) is Darkmaster Gandling.

Scholomance is or should that be was a school back before the Scourge attacked and took control of the place. It has been a dungeon within the game ever since the game came out. When Mists of Pandaria came out, the dungeon was updated and a heroic version of the game was put into the game. The premises is still the same, there are a few tweaks and also now a Heroic version of the dungeon which can be accessed when 90. The final boss encounter has an achievement called 'Schools out forever', a play on the Alice Cooper song 'Schools out for summer'.

The dungeon is located on the island in the middle of Western Plaguelands lake and can be reached by a stretch of land from the southern coastline.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 69, 73

List of Scholomance (MOP) Dungeon Bosses

Instructor Chillheart Tactics

When you first arrive in the room, there will be three people and Chilliheart siphoning power from an urn in the room, it is safe to kill the humans without starting the fight. Once you have killed the room, you can hit her and start the fight. Chilliheart will dismiss, i.e. kill everyone else to take you on solo. Behind her will be a wall of ice which will move towards the other end of the room, the side that you came in. You have to kill her before the wall hits the other end.

Amongst her arsenal is to poison the ground so you need to keep an eye on the ground and then move when its poisoned. When it looks like she's dead, she's on, she has entered her urn and is recouperating. In phase two, destroy the urn before she has a chance to come back.

Jandice Barov Tactics

She stands in the dark so its quite easy to miss her. Clear the room of the trash and then take her on. Her main moves are that she will poison the ground and thrown arcane in a direction. When she throws arcane, simply move out of the way. During the fight, she'll split into many copies of herself and spin on the spot. You need to identify which one is her. If you can identify the real rather than the clone, there's an achievement awarded for that. Once the one is identified, the fight will start again.

Rattlegore Tactics

Rattlegore the bone creature will only appear once the room has been cleared and there has been an exchange of words between Lillian Voss and the Grandmaster. Rattlegore's swords will get stronger over time whilst they rust. The only thing you need to be aware of when attacking Rattlegore is that he'll knock you back and cause a large amount of damage if you do not click on a bone cluster scattered all round the room.

Lillian Voss Tactics

Lillian Voss is the rare Forsaken character that will attack an alliance character. Throughout the dungeon, Lillian has been chasing after the Grandmaster and now has him in her sights or so she thought. Grandmaster has mind-controlled Lillian and killing Lillian will free her. It is a multi-phased boss fight. There are no adds in this fight, its just the player(s) and Lillian. Lillian will target a player and follow them. In addition to following, she'll bring them to her.

When her health is low, she will be split from her body and soul. Kill the soul, you can't kill the body. Once the evil soul has been returned, finish off the body. Once the body is 1% health, she'll launch an attack on the Grandmaster and then the fight is over.

Professor Slate Tactics

Professor Slate isn't a boss in the true sense of the word but he acts as one and one you need to get past. Slate is lecturering to his class when you enter the room. You need to kill the class before you take on slate otherwise things will get difficult. During the fight he'll turn into a larger monster, simply kill him. He'll drop a vial which you need if you wish to transform into the monster yourself. On the table is a green vial, when you click on it, you'll turn into a monster. The vial that dropped from Slate allows you to bottle the chemical to use later. Once the chemical is bottled, you can whenever you wish.

Grandmaster Gandling Tactics

When you reach the room, he'll be doing various incantations which he'll stop when you approach to attack. His main attack moves are fire and relocation. He'll relocate a player into one of the rooms thats locked. If you're not doing the achievement, kill the adds in the room and get out otherwise just get out. During the fight, he'll call upon failed students to help him so be ready with a bit of cc if you can.

Scholomance (MOP) Location

Location of Scholomance (MOP)

Scholomance (MOP) Entrance

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