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Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Shadow Labyrinth is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Terokkar Forest on the continent of Outlands in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 67-75. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Orc and Demons. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Shadow Labyrinth is Murmur.

Shadow Labyrinth location is the southern most dungeon in the Auchindoun group of dungeons in the south of Terokkar Forest. This dungeon gives rep with Lower City (based in Shattrath). The main enemy in this dungeon are Orcs and Shivra. Ambassador Hellmaw is a giant demon which when you enter his arena, he is phased but after you clear the area, he's released from his prison.

Shadow Labs are its more commonly known used to be a requirement to clear so that a player was able to then gain entrance to Karazhan, the first raid people would experience in the Burning Crusade expansion. The final boss Murmur would look to have made a return in the Midsummer Festival boss fight but Ahune is actually a different boss.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 39,72

List of Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon Bosses

Ambassador Hellmaw Tactics

Ambassador Hellmaw is trapped between realities by the Ritualists. Only by killing all the Ritualists are you able to free him and kill him. Once he has been freed, he walks round the entire room and far passage.

The main things is that he has the power to fear and make people flee so make sure that the area is cleared before engaging as you don't want to be running into trashs and getting killed. In addition to fear, he'll apply a DOT on players for a short amount of time. The quicker you kill him, the better.

Blackheart the Inciter Tactics

Blackheart is a two headed ogre but that shouldn't give you nightmares about fighting him. His main features are that he can make people fight one another during the fight which you have no control over. If you're a healer, make sure that no one is very low at health, we wouldn't want people dying from friendly fire.

He'll stomp on the ground forcing everyone back and will charge at a player especially ones far away. The player that is charged will be knocked back.

Grandmaster Vorpil Tactics

Grandmaster Vorpil screams to his follows from his ledge. You can easily clear the trash and sneak up behind without starting the encounter. Try and clear all the trash even the ones that are close to him before you start. Vorpil being a warlock will use shadow damage on the players. If you have any shadow resistance, this would be a great time to use it.

Amongst the powers he has are the power to banish players for a short amount of time and to teleport any player into the middle of his platform for damage. When Vorpil summons a Voidwalker, concentrate on the voidwalker as it will cause damage if left alone.

Murmur Tactics

For those who skipped this dungeon the first time round might think he's Ahune, the summer seasonal boss in Slave Pens, this is his older brother. Whilst Ahune used frost, Murmur will use sound nature damage to attack players. When no melee player is in range of him, he'll inflict damage to all players once in a while. Players that are further than 25 yards are targetted for attack by Murmur so make sure that all players are not too far.

Shadow Labyrinth Location

Location of Shadow Labyrinth

Shadow Labyrinth Entrance

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