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Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Siege of Orgrimmar is a raid whose entrance is located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 90+. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Orc. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The raid contains 14 bosses. The end boss of Siege of Orgrimmar is Garrosh Hellscream.

The minimum item level requirement for the raid is 496.

Siege of Orgrimmar is the final raid encounter for the 'Mists of Pandaria' expansion. Garrosh Hellscream is hellbent on changing the world for the better for himself. He has dug up large swathes of land in the 'Valley of Eternal Blossom' and has an unearthed a passage below Mogu'shan Palace. The first four bosses of this raid encounter takes place in and around the Valley. Once Garrosh has what he came looking for, the Spoils of Pandaria, he retreats back to his hidden base under the fortress city of Orgrimmar. The second part of the raid (the next ten bosses) has our intrepid heroes making their way to Orgrimmar from the coast and making their way through the city and its catacombs.

Before the Siege of Orgrimmar was opened, the location of the entrance to the final raid was hidden. Garrosh Hellscream was hellbent on trying to find a weapon that would help the Horde beat the Alliance once and for all. In fact he wanted to wipe the Alliance right off the planet. His determination cause havoc and total destruction to the Eternal Blossom.

At the end of the raid, Garrosh Hellscream is arrested by both sides who put him on trial. He manages to escape with the help of a Bronze Dragon and travel back into the past to affect the future. What he does next and what the factions do to is covered in World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor the following expansion.

Siege of Orgrimmar is the first raid you encounter that removes the 10 man and 25 man modes. Instead, there is only one mode and that is scalable but there are still the levels of difficulty, Normal (drops 540 level items), Heroic (drops 553) and Mythic (drop 566).

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 72,44

List of Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Bosses

Immerseus Tactics

The raid party will need to spread themselves out around the room making sure that the healers are equally spaced out. The dps need to attack Immerseus, avoiding the black areas on the ground which will cause damage. Periodically a wave of water will move round the entire room which will push everyone to the back of the room and cause them damage. Once the wave has past, run back and continue to dps the boss. Once the boss has been killed, "puddles" will fly out from boss. The blue puddles will need to be healed by the healers and the black destroyed by the dps. Once the puddle have reached Immerseus, the boss will return with less health than he did before. Keep repeating the process until eventually he dies and doesn't come back.

The Fallen Protectors Tactics

The three Pandarians have been corrupted by Hellscream, you need to kill these in order. One tank takes He, the other Rook, you can leave Sun alone, she doesn't move. You need to dps one Panda at a time and then switch to another after knocking about a third off the targets health. Every so often ghostly pandarans appear, these need to be killed as a priority, the tanks don't attack the apparitions, they keep with the boss that they are fighting. One apparition will freeze a player where he stands and a button appear, you need to select the player furthest from you and press the button, the apparition will then walk towards the other player. Every so often, Sun will create a cloud over herself, you need to move into that bubble or you will receive damage what happens outside. Once the bubble has disappeared, it is safe to walk out again. You need to kill the Pandas at nearly the same time or they come back to life.

Norushen Tactics

Norushen is a giant Titan that you talk to start the raid but you don't fight him, instead you fight a Sha that spawns in the middle of the room. For the LFR version, you will fight the Sha with some adds. A skull will circle the boss and its connected stream to the Sha will deal damage on players so move out the way. In the Flex version of this raid, players need to enter a portal and kill the Sha's inside then return out.

Sha of Pride Tactics

For this raid boss, you split into two groups, tanks in one and the rest in the other. The tanks face the boss whilst the rest of the raid party are behind dpsing him with all their might. Every so often two players will be imprisoned at the front and back, it takes two people to unlock each player. Mostly, tanks will deal with one prison but someone in the dps party needs to be ready to move to kill unlock the captured colleague. To unlock, two players need to step on the colour bar surrounding the prison. The prisoned will always be either a dps or healer. Once free run back to the group. Periodically, little shas will spawn and you need to move out of the area in which they spawn quickly and then once they are all dead, move back in. Also every so often, a medium sha will spawn at the back of the raid party, you need to kill him quickly, usually it only takes one dps to do it. Near the end, it might be tempting to concentrate on the boss and ignore the little sha which can cause a wipe so keep destroying the sha when they appear.

Galakas Tactics

The group will need to split into two groups, one group consisting of a tank, a healer and three or more dps are known as the tower team, the rest stay grounded. The tower team will after the first siege machine is destroyed, go to the south tower and make their way to the top killing the Horde along the way. Once at the top they need to kill the mini boss and use the cannons to kill the flying dragons. Once the team at the top have successful dealt with the tower, they move to the north tower. Whilst at the top, they need to be careful as the mini boss can blow them off the edge and they need to make their way up again. The group at the bottom just needs to attack the oncoming horde until both the towers have been destroyed. Once the towers and the dragons in the air have been destroyed, both teams needs to merge on the ground. Galakas will land and take on the raid party. The party needs to stack so that the damage can be shared.

Iron Juggernaut Tactics

The Iron Juggernaut is a relatively easy boss, you need to avoid the bombs and the oil on the ground. Every so often he will push players back, you need to make sure that when he pushes you, it isn't far. The further he pushes you back, the more damage he causes.

Kor'kon Dark Shaman Tactics

The Shaman start off inside Hellscreams chambers and need to be coaxed out carefully or a tank can just go in and commit suicide and get them out. If the raid wipes on getting them out, they do not need to be pulled out again as they will now be outside. The first thing that needs to be done is to get them off their mounts which is relatively easy by just dpsing them. They need to be kited round the fighting area so you avoid the green blobs and the clouds on the ground. Iron monsters will appear and are fixed, you need to avoid contact with those.

General Nazgrim Tactics

General Nazgrim will appear as though he is on his own but every so often, he will call on his soldiers to help him fight you. The priority will be the adds and the banner all the time even if it looks like he is going to loose, you should priority the adds. Periodically, he will go into tank mode and he can't be damaged so you need to switch to the adds until they are all dead.

Malkorok Tactics

The raid part will need to space themselves out around the room evenly with healers every so often. Malkorak will spawn dark spots on the ground which need to be soaked up by a dps. He will also cause an "earthquake" like effect which everyone needs to move to the other side of the room to avoid damage.

Spoils of Pandaria Tactics

The raid party should split into two groups, one tank and two healers at least in each group. When the fight starts, the groups need to jump down into their respective areas and destroy the crates in the room. When a crate is destroyed, a Mogu or a Mantid will appear. The area needs to be cleared before you can move to the second phase. The second phase is essentially the same as the first except that where you fought the Mogu first, you now fight the Mantid and vice versa.

Thok, the Bloodthirsty Tactics

All except the tanks need to stand to the side of the dinosaur, Thok. Never stand in front, when he walks, he will cause parts of the ground to rise into the air which will cause damage. Every so often, he will target a player and that played has to stop what it is doing and run away from the boss until he looses focus. Thok's keepers will spawn and they will need to be killed before continuing with Thok.

Siegemaster Helix Blackfuse Tactics

Helix begins by walking round his room, when the fight starts, the tanks have to pull him to the edge of the fighting area. During the fight, he will target people and fire blades at them, the blades need to be avoided. Periodically mechanoids will spawn which need to be destroyed. You should also be aware of drillers coming from out of the ground as they can cause damage. The last thing to be aware of is the bombs which target and follow random players, these bombs are destroyable and must be done before they connect with a player.

Paragons of the Klaxxi Tactics

The Paragons, the ones you rescued if you did all the Klaxxi quests in the Dread Wastes have turned their backs on you now and want to kill you. If you had done the exalted rep quest, they did warn you about this. There are eight paragons, four appear on the left ledge, three on the right and one flies above your heads. They will not all attack at the same time, they will come in groups. The kill order for the Klaxxi is Hisek, Skeer, Rik'kel, Ka'roz, Kor'ven, Iyyakuk, Xaril, Kaz'til and then Ki'ruk. The tanks need to keep them all together in the centre with dps and healers outside. Every so often, a blood will make its way to the centre but you must destroy it before it gets to the Paragons. A Paragon will encase itself in amber and when it does, you need to destroy it to get at the Klaxxi. A Klaxxi will target a player with a beam which will throw the player back and prevent them from doing anything else.

Garrosh Hellscream Tactics

At the start of the fight, you need to use Heroism, the fight is long so the cool down will run out before the end of the fight. You need to put up two markers from where the ranged and healers run back and forth from. At intervals, Garrosh will throw a desecrated weapon which needs to be destroyed as it will cause damage. After he has been defeated once, he returns back to full health. Every so often, the boss will teleport you to different parts of Pandaria where you will need to kill Sha that is aiding and abetting him. In the LFR version, you visit the Temple of the Red Crane and the Jade Temple but in other levels, you visit the Terrace of Eternal Spring again. As well as the desecrated weapons, you need to take out Garrosh' loyal Orc soldiers who come to his aid.

You don't kill Garrosh, rather just knocking him out a small video begins showing Garrosh being arrested with plans to put him on trial for what he has done.

Siege of Orgrimmar Location

Location of Siege of Orgrimmar

Siege of Orgrimmar Entrance

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