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Skyreach Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Skyreach is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Spires of Arak on the continent of Draenor in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 97. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Arakkoa. The instance was released in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Skyreach is High Sage Viryx.

Skyreach is set on platforms in much the same way that Vortex Pinnacle in World of Warcraft - Cataclysm. There are four bosses that can be encountered. The location of the dungeon is in North-western Spires of Arak on the southern end of the continent. The bosses in this are mostly slimmed down Arrokoas, more human alike that those you saw in World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade.

The nearest neutral flight point to the dungeon entrance is Apexis Excavation which is under a kind of force field. The force field doesn't need to be turned on or off to get in or out. Near the entrance, the world boss Rukhmar flies round but it should be ok not to antagonise it.

Skyreach is the first dungeon you need to visit when you are on the legendary ring quest line. As you can start the legendary quest line before you get to 100, before you enter the dungeon, you need to make sure you've visited Zangara and got the quest from Khadgar the mage.

The Mythic dungeon level can only be entered by travelling to the dungeon, you and your fellow players will need to fly there or be summoned. During the Bonus Reputation week, you are able to gain reputation with the Arakkoa Outcasts for both sides.

There are no mounts that drop here so once the achievements are done and the expansion is the latest, there's no point in coming back to this location except maybe for the bonus reputation.

The dungeon drops 570 item level gear on normal, 630 item level gear on heroic and 685 on mythic level dungeons.

List of Skyreach Dungeon Bosses

Ranjit Tactics

Ranjit is the first boss to be encountered. He will create walls of wind which must be avoided otherwise they will hurt your health and ultimately kill you if you are not careful enough.

Araknath Tactics

Araknath is a robot whose beams must be blocked. The beams will hurt the player so you can't block them for too long and players have to take in turns. On normal, there is only one beam that needs to be blocked, however in the heroic version, there are two beams.

Rukhran Tactics

Rukhran is a giant bird who does not land on the platform so you need to hit him where he stands. Every so often, Rukhran will create a firebird that will target an individual, you must kill the bird before the player gets killed.

High Sage Viryx Tactics

High Sage Viryx is the final boss of both the normal and heroic version of this dungeon. He will call upon adds to assist, these adds will carry people off the edge of the platform unless you kill the add before he can do so. Also a beam of light will follow a player and set light to the ground. The player needs to get away from everyone and avoid the first before they die.

Skyreach Location

Location of Skyreach

Skyreach Entrance

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