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Stormstout Brewery Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Stormstout Brewery is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Valley of the Four Winds on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 85-90. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Stormstout Brewery is Yan-Zhu the Uncasked.

Stormstout Brewery is location is on the banks of the river that separates the Valley of the Four Winds and the Krasarang Wilds to the South. Once you have located the river, just walk along the banks towards the west of the zone and you'll find it. Its a small dungeon, there are only three bosses. Don't forget that in the first part of the dungeon, before the first boss, you need to kill 40 Hozens. They hozens have put up explosives all round the place and have fallen asleep by them so high the explosives to make like easier for yourself.

There are a couple of achievements which doesn't require a boss and its quite tricky, its called 'How Did He Get Up There?', the objective is to get a Hozen who hanging up high down. The second one is called 'Ling-Tings Herbal Journey.

How Did He Get Up There?

Between the first and second boss, you will be attacked by Hoplings and Boplings, both types are rabbits but have different purposes. The Boplings will explode and make things jump whereas the Hoplings will just wear you down. On the way up to the second boss, look out for the giant tapestry on the wall, look above and you'll see a clinging hozen. That hozen must be brought down for the achievement. The tank will need to do some pin point accuracy to get all the hozen together and cause a Hopling to jump up high and hit the clinging hozen down. It can be frustrating and you need to keep trying. There is not an infinite amount of hoplings so attempts are limited.

Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey

At the very start of the raid are two Pandarens, one male and the other a shadowy female. Talk to the Female and buy Ling-Ting's Favorite Tea, suggest buying a couple because you might run out. Don't drink it yet. Complete the dungeon first then drink the tea, that way you won't have adds/trash interferring with you. Once you have drunk the tea, you need to head back all the way to the start, looking for Golden Hoplings that are scattered throught out the dungeon in the most hidden of places. You need to look everywhere, behind crates etc. This can be done solo so no need to persuade the others to stay. There is no count so the only way you know you've completed it is when you get the achievement.

List of Stormstout Brewery Dungeon Bosses

Ook-Ook Tactics

Ook-Ook will appear after you've killed forty monkeys in the opening areas of the brewery. He'll just sit down and wait for the attack. If you are trying for the boss achievement, you need to jump on the barrels and run into him until he's dead. If you are not bothered about the heroic only achievement, just tank and spank him until he;s dead. He'll start dancing, play acting when he's doing his most damage so be aware of that.

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin

With this achievement, the aim is to jump on the barrell that roll around the place and roll into Ook-Ook. The tank only needs to keep him in place whilst the others do any damage, no dps apart from the barrels, It can be quite hard to solo him as you don't have much time to get on a barrell once the fight has started. A Mage could use his/her mirror image spell to keep the monkey occupied whilst the barrels are rolled into Ook-Ook. A Hunter also has the ability to use his tank pet to distract the monkey whilst he runs barrels into the monkey.

Hoptallus Tactics

Hoptallus is best engaged when the little bunnies are all dead, when they are, engage the boss. If the little bunnies aren't dead, don't worry took much about them, if you're careful enough, they won't be the death of you. Hoptallus when engage will at times do a whirlwind which you should avoid as it will deal damage on you. Another method of his damage is when he vomits carrot juice so be warned.

Yan-Zhu the Uncasked Tactics

This elemental boss has a couple of methods of killing you from being healed, water rush on the ground or having to jump into bubbles. He'll only do one of these methods. not all and only a random one.

Type 1) Little Elementals will appear around the room, you'll need to block their healing streams to the boss and also kill him.

Type 2) You need to jump into bubbles on the ground to protect you from his attack moves. Even though you are in a bubble, you can still hit, the bubbles will eventually pop on their own accord.

Type 3) A stream of beer will rush across the ground and stun you. You should be able to jump over the streams without being hit by the beer.

Stormstout Brewery Location

Location of Stormstout Brewery

Stormstout Brewery Entrance

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Hi, I'm trying to locate the canals of the storstout brewery so that I can catch a panadaren water sprite.
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