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Stratholme Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Stratholme is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Eastern Plaguelands on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 58-60. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The dungeon contains 13 bosses. The end boss of Stratholme is Balnazzar.

Stratholme is a human city that is located at the top of Eastern Plaguelands which is populated by various creatures of the undead. It was a city of humans before and long ago, Prince Arthas Menethil attacked and killed the inhabitants. Arthas attacked the place because he had heard that the place was being infected with the Scourge virus. Culling of Stratholme dungeon recreates the assault on Stratholme by Arthas.

Even though it is "outside", you are unable to use mounts inside the city. Along the way, you will see sparkling boxes, when you open, you find holy water bombs which you can throw at enemies to kill them in groups.

The dungeon is so large, its been split into two dungeons, the first is main entrance with Balnazzar as the end boss, the second is with Lord Aurius Rivendare as the final boss. The second part of the dungeon can be accessed from a gate at location 43, 19. It is the second part that drops the mount of which is said to be a very rare drop. There is no entrance from one place to the other. The second part of the dungeon is accessible from a secret passage.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 26,11

List of Stratholme Dungeon Bosses

Hearthsinger Forresten Tactics

Timmy, the Cruel Tactics

Timmy will target a player and thrash at them so the healer needs to be ready to heal them up. When he trashes, he will heal himself. When he is at 50% health, he will enrage and start attacking harding and quicker, at this point, speed is necessary to kill him.

The Unforgiven Tactics

The Unforgiven is a spectral and he'll appear out of nowhere with his spectral adds. Its difficult to tell which one is the boss but the Spectral in the middle is the Unforgiven. The main thing is to take out the easier spectrals first then take on the main guy. The Unforgiven will slow people but given the speed at which LFG groups move, it shouldn't be a problem.

Commander Malor Tactics

Commander Malor is the first Scarlet Crusade boss you will come across in the dungeon. He will lash out with mallet striking players that are too close and knocking them to the ground. In addition to that, he can reduce players healths by 15% temporarily so you need to prepare for when he does this. Before taking on the boss, be sure to clear the entire corridor of the Scarlet Crusade otherwise they will come into the room and help him.

Wiley Hopebreaker Tactics

Don't get too close to this boss otherwise the fight will start. One player should get into the cannonball machine so that they can protect from the back as his allies will come to aid him. He will call upon an add during the fight so you need to prepare for that. When he pummels a player, that player will not be able to do any spell casting whilst it is active.

Instructor Galford Tactics

Instructor Galford mopes about in his study waiting for his death. You could best describe Galford as a fire mage as he uses fire to attack his enemies. His flames are both targetted and will untargetted, in other words, they will be aimed at everyone. Unlike a fire mage tho, he will resort to a bit of melee action on his enemies. If you are on the quests, be sure to look at the photo on the right side of the wall as that is the objective, the picture of two planets.

Balnazzar Tactics

Balnazzar has a full range of spells to which to attack his enemies. The spells range from making characters sleep and making them run in horror. A player can be mind controlled for up to 8 seconds so they will become a goon of his. Only when being mind controlled will Balnazzar have an add, he does not generate any. He has a range of spells that will be both targetted and affect all the players so your going to get hit no matter what.

Once Balnazzar has been killed, the Brotherhood of the Light will enter the room and accept the quests you have done. To get out, go back the way you came, its all safe because the Brotherhood are taking on the Scarlet Crusade.

Baroness Anastari Tactics

The thing you most need to worry about here is that she'll possess a player and you need to hurt that player until she relenquishes control which is when the players health is at 50% or she's controlled him or her for 2 minutes. She'll curse all the players so you need to decurse them if you can.

Nerub'enkan Tactics

During the fight, he will pierce a players armour and make them weak, that player needs for 10 seconds. Nerub will summon a scarab that will attack a player, you should concentrate on the scarab and get them down as quickly as possible. The scarab will poison a player so priority is to kill it before it kills one of you.

He does what a spider is famous for and will web a player, another player needs to break them out of it to save them.

Maleki, the Pallid Tactics

Maleki is a frost mage and will do what frost mages do, he'll launch frost bolts at players and encase both himself and a player in ice but not at the same time. When he encases himself in ice, he'll be protecting himself and when its a player, they won't be able to cast or do anything. In addition to the usual frost mage, he'll also be able to drain energy and life from a player, very much like a warlock would do.

Magistrate Barthilas Tactics

Magristrate Barthilas will melee anyone who gets close to him so be careful when you attack him. He'll enrage over time and it'll stack, a small counter will appear under his picture up to and including 25. Although primarily melee, he will drain energy and life from a player like a warlock. He will interrupt spells and knock people back. On his death, he will turn back to human form. Alway, he'll drop a key to the city which isn't as useful as it once was even though it is green.

Ramstein, the Gorger Tactics

Ramstein will only appear when all the other abominations have been killed in the courtyard. The game may say you need to kill 9 but you need to kill all the abominations for the doors to open and Ramstein to come out. Ramstein doesn't have that many tools at his disposal, all he'll doing at worst is to knock a player back. After his death, hordes of undead will attack so be prepared.

Lord Aurius Rivendare Tactics

For the entire fight, Aurius will be on his mount. During the fight, he'll summon skeletons to attack and then they'll die without having been killed at your hands. When the skeletons die, he will heal himself. He'll use shadow damage on people. He'll cleave with his horse which will affect not just the targetted player but also the closest player too. Rivendare drops a very rare mount, probably the rarest mount in the whole game.

Stratholme Location

Location of Stratholme

Stratholme Entrance

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Stratholme

Deathchargers Rein

Death Charger's Reins is an extremely rare drop from Lord Rivendare, you might have to run many times

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