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The Sunwell Plateau Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The Sunwell Plateau is a raid whose entrance is located in Isle of QuelDanas on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 70. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Blood Elves. The instance was released in the Burning Crusade expansion. The raid contains 6 bosses. The end boss of The Sunwell Plateau is Kil`Jaeden.

The Sunwell Plateau was introduced in patch 2.4 at the end of the 'World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade' expansion along with 'Magisters Terrace' dungeon. The location of the raid is on the island at the very top of Eastern Kingdom continent. The location coordinates for the raid entrance is 44,45. Access to the Island is through a flight path with a short-cut journey from Ironforge and Silvermoon. Sunwell Plateau marks the start of the Death Scar, a strip of land that looks like an empty river. The Death Scar passes through Eversong Woods and Ghostlands down to an area known as Deatholme in Ghostlands. Death Scar drives a wedge through Silvermoon, home of the Blood Elves. There is only one flight point on the island and it is shared by both the alliance and the horde.

The video that was released along with the film shows the story of how Blood Elf became addicted to the arcane power that the Sunwell gave off and when the Scourge attacked and destroyed the Sunwell, it nearly destroyed the Blood Elves. The video shows how the leader of the Blood Elves became corrupted by Illidan Stormrage and how the leader of the Blood Elves used his time in Tempest Keep's The Eye to regain his power and lead the Blood Elves to victory.

The final boss is Kil'Jaeden, one of Sargaras's Leuitenants. He is summoned and appears in the middle of a large lava pool. He doesn't climb out, he stays waist deep in the well. Killing him is the final part of the mission. The female above the final boss is Anveena Teague, human manifestation of what is left of the Sunwells Power. The remains of the Sunwell was turned into the female by a red dragon, Korialstrasz. Aveena was hidden amongst the people in the human settlement of Tarren Mill until she was captured and taken to the Plateau. You're able to see the final stages of the raid in a short video inside Magisters Terrace which is also on Isle oif Quel'Danas.

In Magisters Terrace, after killing the second boss and out on the balcony, there is an orb, when you click on the orb, you watch a small animation of the last stages of the Sunwell Plateau raid.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 44,45

List of The Sunwell Plateau Raid Bosses

Kalecgos Tactics

Kalecgos, the blue dragon will look to be in slumber when you arrive. When you start to attack, he have a debuff on him that will increase the amount of damage that arcane does so be aware of that. Its a two phase boss, the first phase, you need to get him down to near death. When Kalecgos is near death, he will phase and can't be damaged anymore. You need to enter a portal to the netherworld or you will be pulled in there. Once inside, you need to kill Sathrovarr who has Kalecgos under control. Once Sathrovarr is dead, Kalecgos is released and flies away.

Brutallus Tactics

Brutallas the Pit Lord has swords for hands so be aware of that. When you first enter the fight zone, there is an interlude between a blue drake and Brutallus, wait for the fight to end before engaging. His debuff is to increase the amount of fire damage is done. The amount of damage increases as the fight goes on and doesn't stay static.

Felmyst Tactics

Between Brutallas and Felmyst, there are no trash to kill. Felmyst, the bone dragon will appear in the air almost immediately. Ranged will need to bring the drake down and then from then on, everyone needs to take on the drake. Felmyst's debuff is Corrosion which will increase her damage onto you. Felmyst will cause arcane explosions and put you in a bubble where you can then do no damage. Part 2, Felmyst will go into the air and call upon a legion of the Unyielding Dead skeletons to come at you. The smoke on the ground will spawn and will cause massive damage even for a 100 character so you need to take down the drake as quickly as possible.

Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess Tactics

This fight involves fighting two female Eradar, one a yellowy colour and the other blue. Alythess is the ranged boss of the pair and Sacrolash is the melee. The tanks should separate these two and you should dps them down at roughly the same time. You should be aware one of them will shrink you down and summon adds to fight against you. The adds will be the same size as you are once shrunk. Alythess will cause a flame touched debufff which will increase the damage dealt onto you so you need to be careful. The bosses if you're lucky will drop the servant's bell pet.

Muru/Entropius Tactics

This is a two phase boss, the first part is that the boss will appear as a Naaru for the first phase. When the health of the Naaru is very low, Blood Elf adds will come from both behind and in front of the boss, you will need to take these on. After the Naaru has been defeated, the boss will turn into a Void God and will spawn a Void Walker, both of which needs to be taken down. You should kill the Void Walker first before taking on the Void God. Job Done.

Kil'Jaeden Tactics

On the way to this boss, you may encounter an Apocalypse Guard who when nearly dead will go phased and can't receive damage. To return him to normal, you need to apply some holy damage on him if you have a paladin or a priest. If you have neither, you need to wait until he come back to this reality.

In the final room are three Eradars who are summoning, you need to kill these all at the same time as when you hit one, they all come. Once they are dead, they turn into Imps and you need to do the same again, As soon as all the Eradar and Imps are dead, Kil'Jaeden will crawl out from Sunwell but will only appear top half, the rest will be underground.

He will fire a beam at a player and will cause massive damage. You need to hit him with everything you have. If you are a high player, it will still cause massive damage on you so be careful. Half way, he will summon adds that are the same as you to cause you problems, these adds will be melee. If you are a mage with mirror image, he will summon the same number as you have so be careful. You need to carry on hitting him until dead. When he is killed, he will return back to the Sunwell and a group fo NPCs will appear to talk over what happens next. If you click on the orb behind Kalecgos, you will turn into a dragon but you won't be able to fly high, just stay rooted on the ground. The buff will eventually wear off.

The Sunwell Plateau Location

Location of The Sunwell Plateau

The Sunwell Plateau Entrance

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