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Temple of Sethraliss Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Temple of Sethraliss is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Vol'dun on the continent of Zandalar in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 110-120. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Temple of Sethraliss is Avatar of Sethralis.

The Temple of Sethraliss is located at the northern end of Vol'dun. The zone is a harsh desert environment populated by the Voldunai and the Sethraks mainly. The Voldunai are small fox-like humanoids who ally themselves with the Horde. A faction of the Sethraks are friendly to both factions. The friendlies are situated around the Terrace of the Devoted. You need to be careful though as the just outside the Terrace are hostile Sethrak and its not easy to see tell which is which.

For the Alliance, the closest flight point is Vulture's Nest which can be upgraded through a quest. If you don't have the flight point yet, you an always use the Tortaka Refuge to the east. The Tortaka Refuge is controlled by theTortollans, a race of turtle humanoids who are friendly to both factions.

If you do the Vol'dun quest line, you will finish it in the dungeon. The dungeons enemies are a mix of elementals and Sethraks, all determined to stop you from completing the dungeon. The final boss sees you defeat enemies whilst the character in the middle of the room self-heals to complete the dungeon.

List of Temple of Sethraliss Dungeon Bosses

Adderis and Aspix Tactics

Adderis and Aspix are two Sethraks who are the first boss you encounter in the room. The tank should take care of Adderis whilst ther other take care of Aspix. During the fight, they will do empower one another using lightning strike.

Lightning Strike empowers a character but not by much and not for long so you don't have to worry about it too much, after all it is only a dungeon. In addition to lightning strike though is Cyclone strike which is a mini-tornado fired from Adderis. The Cyclone can be side-stepped and avoided. If you are ranged, you should have enough time to move.

Merketha Tactics

Merketha is a giant snake that only appears once the whole room has been cleared of trash. There are two main phases of battle and then swap between the two. Phase one will see you fight Merketha on his own. Sometimes he will produce a flash to disorientate you, other times, it'll just be a simple case of nuke the boss down.

The other phase is that Merketha will burrow into the ground and attack you but sadly you will not be able to attack back. You will need to deal with Merketha's offspring, smaller versions of itself, once the adds have been killed, Merktha will reappear.

Galvazzt Tactics

Galvazzt is a rock like elemental that appears out of no where in the fight. Adderis and Aspix, you can see them from far away but with Galvazzt, you only see when you are on the zone. The main thing is Galvanising which is him gaining strength.

He will create columns but that won't be around for too long. Damagers should stand in between Galvazzt and any existing core to slow down him galvanising. When he gets to 100, he will unleash a burst of damage to everyone so its best to get him hard and quick and block.

Avatar of Sethralis Tactics

When you enter the final boss zone, the boss will be held in a prison like object above an object. A number of humanoid serpents will be holding the Avatar in the air, you need to kill the serpents before the fight can start.

The fight is a near copy of what happened before you started the fight, humanoid serpents will keep the Avatar in the air. You need to kill the serpents so that the Avatar's health can regain. In addition to having to kill the serpents, frogs will spawn which will attack you and therefore must be killed. Once the health is full, the Avatar will help you get back out of the place by sending you to the entrance if you need it.

Temple of Sethraliss Location

Location of Temple of Sethraliss

Temple of Sethraliss Entrance

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