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Temple of the Jade Serpent Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Temple of the Jade Serpent is a dungeon whose entrance is located in The Jade Forest on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 85-90. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Temple of the Jade Serpent is Sha of Doubt.

Temple of the Jade Serpent is the first dungeon you can visit when you get to level 85 and begin your journey in World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria. There is a neutral flight point near the dungeon located to the south. Timewalking is not yet available (Christmas 2015) for this place so you need to fly there and do the work yourself. Timewalking will probably be enabled for here but not yet.

Even though it is the temple of the Jade Serpent, the Jade Serpent is not the last boss but is summoned by the third boss. The final boss is a Sha, a ghastly monster. The second boss is one of two that is summoned randomly when you destroy the box. One boss might be a number of suns, the other is two giant plants that need killing.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 55, 57

List of Temple of the Jade Serpent Dungeon Bosses

Wise Mara Tactics

Wise Mara is a Jinyu who when you approach will cause water bubbles to come towards you, you need to kill those plus the little ones that the big one turns into. This will happen for a few times and then the shield that is protecting Wise Mara will disperse and he can be hit again. Mara will rotate clockwise round the room shooting water in the direction he faces. If the water hits you, you will be pushed back and damage. In heroic, if you avoid touching the water in between the platforms and from Wise, its an achievement.

Hydrophobia Achievement

The name for this achievement is named after the term for a fear or hatred of water. The aim of the achievement is simple, you need to avoid the water between the platforms and avoid being hit by the water sprout from the boss. When the fight starts, Mara will call upon three water elementals which need to be killed. When the elemental is killed, it will split into three bubbles where you will need to kill each bubble before moving to the next one. During the first phase, Wise Mara will be shielded in a bubble and cannot be hit so don't waste your time to hit him. Once the elementals have been killed, the shield will come down and you will be able to damage him. Avoid the water sprout and jump over the gaps in the ground and you should be able to pick up the achievement.

Lorewalker Stonestep Tactics

After you have cleared all the trash to the boss, you will see Stonestep dealing with a "cauldron" like object which must be destroyed to prevent the evil from escaping. Once the object has been destroyed, one of two bosses will now appear. The first possible one is that two creatures appear, Peril and Stripe who look like two giant oversized plants with feet. They need to be killed relatively together, their health is not shared and they do not move. You need to swap between the two creatures, watch when the add that helps you switches and you do at the same time.

The other type is that five stars will appear and you need to destroy each of the Stars. Once the stars have been destroyed, one of the NPCs will become a corruption and must therefore be killed.

Liu Flameheart Tactics

Liu Flameheart is a two phase boss, the first phase, she will fire green and normal flames out from her to damage you and also create damage on the ground. You need to avoid the flames and the ground and lower her health to part 2. Part 2, the Jade Serpent will be released from her and you will need to kill that before it kills you, avoiding damage on the ground and from the boss. Tank the serpent away from the rest of the group.

Sha of Doubt Tactics

The Sha of Doubt is probably going to be the first Sha that you will encounter in this expansion. The mechanics are to tank and spanks but occasionally he will phase himself so can't be hit. During the phase, he will create apparitions of the players which will then hit who they've copied. Once all the apparitions are down, the Sha can be attacked again. You will need to repeat the phased section a few times before the boss is killed.

Temple of the Jade Serpent Location

Location of Temple of the Jade Serpent

Temple of the Jade Serpent Entrance

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