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The Arcway Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The Arcway is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Suramar on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The dungeon contains 5 bosses. The end boss of The Arcway is Advisor Vandros.

The entrance to the Arcway in under the city. You need to find the entrance which is at TomTom location 42,61. You will need to follow the corridors down until you find the actual entrance to the dungeon. The area is known as Scantum of Order.

When you go down the tunnel, turn right and step on to the transporter pad. Once you have stepped off the pad, folllow the corridor round and eventually, you will find the entrance. It should be aware there are a lot of hostile Nightborne in the area so be prepared for a fight.

The bosses can be completed in any order but generally its best to go anti-clockwise with killing Ivanyr first.

List of The Arcway Dungeon Bosses

Corstilax Tactics

Clear the room before engaging the boss. When you do, you need to keep moving. There are no adds but he does through damage objects around to keep you moving. To get the achievement, you need to kill Corstilax before the Nightwell Energy expires. The achievement is a nuke achievement so quickly as possible is best.

General Xakal Tactics

There is a lot of trash to get through between the previous boss and this one but it'll all be worth it when its over. Before you engage the boss, look up, you'll see a lot of flying creatures, one or two of these will come down during the fight. You can't kill them before they land.

The boss is really a tank and spank but... You need to avoid the crap on the floor, the crap is like all the other Legion bosses crap where there are lines across the ground. On the Mythic level, a flying creature will come down. You can ignore the add and concentrate on the boss. When the boss is dead, the add will disappear.

Ivanyr Tactics

Clear the room before you take on Ivanyr. There are two Anomolies near the boss but these can be pulled away from the boss without starting the fight. Kill the two anomolies first before engaging the enemy. There are no adds, just tank and spank the boss. If you feel the need to move, do so, it won't hurt you.

The achievement for this boss is Arcanic Cling, you just need keep moving so that you are not hit by Charged Bolt. It is easy when you are with someone, if you don't, you will be targetted and its harder.

Nal'tira Tactics

When you enter the room that contains Nal'tira, she'll retreat back up into the ceiling. For her to come down, you need to kill all the spiders that is in the room. She'll attack straight away, after all, you did kill her brood.

If the group wipes then you will not have to kill the adds again, you just face off against Nal'tria straight away. The only thing you need to worry about is when she pulls one or more players towards you, you need to run away to break the power. There will be an add called but you don't have to worry too much about it, just carry on killing Nal'tria to move on.

Advisor Vandros Tactics

Advisor Vandros will only appear when you've killed all the other bosses. Once you have killed all the other bosses, make your way back to the start and engage the boss. The tank should just move him slight to move out of the way of his AOE damage.

During the damage, he'll teleport the whole team to a random boss fight area and from there, you all need to run back to Vandros. Do not engage anyone, do not heal, just run. If one player dies, so be it. If you can avoid hitting or more specifically killing the Timeless Wraths then you can get the "No Time to Waste" achievement. Don't use any AOE damage spells that might hit a wraith by accident.

The Arcway Location

Location of The Arcway

The Arcway Entrance

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