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The Emerald Nightmare Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The Emerald Nightmare is a raid whose entrance is located in Val'Sharah on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110. The raid contains 7 bosses. The end boss of The Emerald Nightmare is .

The Emerald Nightmare is the first raid of the Legion expansion. The Emerald Nightmare is the opposite location to the Emerald Dream which is often talked about in the lore. It consists of two parts, the first consisting of five bosses, one in a compulsory order, the others can be done in any order.

The Second Part Bug

The second part of the raid is accessed by talking to Malfurion Stormrage at the centre. The bad news is that accessing the second part of the raid solo is buggy and may not be accessible. It has been like that for a long time and the Warcraft designers have forgotten about it. You might get disappointed if you get so far and then get any further.

Support recommend leaving the raid, resetting all instances and then going back in but sadly it doesn't work for some people.

List of The Emerald Nightmare Raid Bosses

Nythendra Tactics

Nythendra is a diseased bone dragon and is the first boss that you will encounter. She will be sleeping but won't wake up until all the Gelatinized Decay creatures have been killed. If she still doesn't wake up after all the decays have been killed, it might be that a Decay is hiding behind her body which you then need to coax it out and kill it.

The Decay when its dies might look like it has spawned adds but these die quickly and they don't provide any real challenge even at Mythic level for a high level solo player. Just before you kill the last decay, be sure to move as far from her as possible otherwise the fight might start straight away.

She'll infect a player with Rot which is a poison. After time the Rot will then create damage on the ground or infect local players so becareful where you run. Once the rot has dropped, move out of the place so that it doesn't damage you or others.

During the fight, she'll infect you and if it the counter gets too high, you will die. Its difficult to do Mythic as a level 120 but the heroic level is passable at this level.

When she breathes out, move out of the way of her breathe so that you are not hit by her poison. Just keep moving and hitting to stay alive. During the fight, she'll make you but its only for a short time.

After about 70% of the fighting, she'll fall asleep and they'll be a lot of adds on the ground. You don't need to kill any of the adds, you can if you wish continue to hit just the boss.

Buggy Fight

For this boss achievement, you need to kill 15 Glow Bugs during the fight.

Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Tactics

This is a two phase fight, the first fight is to kill the eyeball, this is done by destroying stalks and monsters. When the monsters are dead, blood blobs will appear. You need to destroy these, ideally by the eye to weaken it. The eye will laser a player so they need to move out of the way.

When the eye has been destroyed, the monsters brain has been exposed. You need to nuke the brain down as quickly as possible. It is easy for a 120+ character to kill this boss without having to run for the exit.

Elerethe Renferal Tactics

The boss can only be started when the mini-bosses on the other platforms have been killed. Whilst the other bosses are alive, Elerethe will be in a cyclone and can't be hit.

The boss will start off as a spider and use a variety of poisons and stuns to attack you. You need to keep moving so as to avoid the damage on the ground. During the spider phase, the boss will go up into the web above and send little spiders down. its not difficult so long as you keep moving.

Webbing Crashers

Its a difficult one to do without help from a Demon Hunter ideally. The eggs that you need to destroy are on a platform off the main platform and DH are best able to glide down to the eggs. The DH just needs to glide down and destroy the eggs, he'll have to die on the platform, he doesn't need to get back, the other player needs to finish off the boss.

Ursoc Tactics

It is possible to get to the boss without killing any of the trash. If you plan to do the Scare Bear achievement, you will need to clear the trash to get to Tur Ragepaw, a Tibermaw druid.

Ursoc is a bear druid that was consumed by the nightmare and now works for Xavius in the nightmare. Ursoc will act like a bear, trash, charge and everything else to kill you. If Tur Ragepaw is killed during the fight, he will not res again and so you only have one shot at killing him. If you don't kill him first time, that is it.

Scare Bear

Kill Ursoc and keep the Tibermaw Tur alive at the same time. You only have one chance to do it during a lockout.

Dragons of Nightmare Tactics

When you first enter the fight area, there is a dragon that is flying, Rothos. Rothos is not a boss dragon and so can be killed without starting the boss fight.

The two dragons share the same health pool so you can concentrate on just one. During the fight, the dragons will infest players with their curses and diseases but that should not worry players too much. In addition to the bosses, there will be a number of adds that will be created which you don't necessarily need to worry about depending on your level. The bosses are easy to kill at level 120 on normal level. You only need to kill them at normal for the achievement.

Cenarius Tactics

Xavius Tactics

The Emerald Nightmare Location

Location of The Emerald Nightmare

The Emerald Nightmare Entrance

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