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The Stonecore Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

The Stonecore is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Deepholm on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 82-85. The instance was released in the Cataclysm expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of The Stonecore is High Priestess Azil.

The Stonecore is a dungeon that was introduced in the Cataclysm expansion. The entrance is high on the central rock mountain in Deepholm. Although it is no one of the highest level dungeons in the game, people still run it for the chance of getting the Vitreous Stone Drake which drops on the second boss, Slabhide. The mount drops in both normal and heroic so you can run multiple normal runs rather than only doing one run and then coming back the next day.

The gnome Millihouse Manastorm who you freed in The Arcatraz prison turns up but he just runs away and you don't get to face off against him. If you killed him, he wouldn't be able to come back in the Garrisons of World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor expansion but then this game does ignore time paradoxes to allow you to kill characters that you kill in the future.

List of The Stonecore Dungeon Bosses

Corborus Tactics

Throughout the start of the dungeon, you will encounter the gnome, Millihouse Manastorm who'll keep running off when you attack him, eventually, he'll be with a group of adds and shadow cloud underneath him, he'll summon the first boss. Corborus will break out from the side wall and attack. The main thing is that he'll fire spikes in all directions so you need to keep moving otherwise you'll hit. The spikes will affect all players so all players need to move.

He'll dive underground and pop up somewhere. During the phase where he dives underground, small crystal creatures will come. Only once all the adds have been destroyed will Corborus stop diving and start attacking again.

Slabhide Tactics

Before you can encounter Slabhide, you need to travel down a path where spikes fall out of the ceiling. The area around where the spikes will fall will be dark so you will be able to avoid them.

During the fight, Slabhide will take to the air and knock spikes down on to the ground. You need to move out of the way like you did on the way down, where the spikes will land will be dark. Once Slabhide has landed again, you need to hide behind the spikes as he'll breathe fire. Once the fire has stopped, move back out of the spikes and hit again. If you take too long, the air phase will occur again.

If you're lucky, Slabhide may well drop the Vitreous Stone Drake for you. If you're only here for the Drake, you can leave now as the drake doesn't drop again.

Ozruk Tactics

On the way to Ozruk, you need to kill the Orc Sentry as quickly as possible. If you have a dk, they grip and pull them to you. If you have a ranged in your group, that ranged dps must take them out as quickly as possible otherwise adds will be pulled. Clear all the trash groups that are near the boss otherwise the boss can push you into them and made it harder for you. Be aware that some of the trash walk around in patrols.

The main to be aware with Ozruk is that he'll stomp on the ground and cause people to jump back, which is why it is imperative you clear the area that is immediately before Ozruk. You also need to be careful, when he stomps, he can turn people to stone so move out of the area that he'll affect.

High Priestess Azil Tactics

Just before Azil is a large number of followers, if you, pull them away from her. It is possible to pull the boss without pulling the adds but if you accidentally run into the adds, they will come and attack. He main attack is with using the staff to hit people.

During the fight, she'll create shadow damage on the ground, not only will it affect you but it can kill the adds that are called by Azil. Azil will become immune to attack and retreat back to her plinth, during this time, adds will come from where you had come from to attack, lead them into the shadow damage.

In addition to the shadow damage, there are areas of light (yellow) that you need to avoid and she'll also throw stones at you which you need to avoid. Its not a case of being able to fight on the spot, you need to move around.

If you don't kill her quickly, the phases will repeat and she'll summon more adds and create more pools of damage. Once she's dead, the dungeon is over.

The Stonecore Location

Location of The Stonecore

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From The Stonecore

Vitreous Stone Drake

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