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Throne of Thunder Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Throne of Thunder is a raid whose entrance is located in Isle of Thunder on the continent of Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 90+. The instance was released in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The raid contains 13 bosses. The end boss of Throne of Thunder is Lei Shen.

The minimum item level requirement for the raid is 480.

Thousands of years ago, the Mogu empire controlled much of Pandaria but whilst they could control the Pandarians, they could not control the Mantid and so Lei Shen, the Thunder Emperor built a wall separating them. Lei Shen died of natural causes and was buried in Kun-lai Summit. The Zandalari trolls unearthed Lei Shen's tomb and bought him back to life. Lei Shen rules over his Mogu empire from within the Throne of Thunder Fortress on the Isle of Thunder.

Killing Lei Shen on Heroic will allow the player to fight Ra-den, a Titan who was imprisoned in the bowels of the Throne. This is the highest raid that you can do in 10 and 25 modes before the raid becomes adaptive according to how many players are in the raid. Loot wise, the item levels that drop are 502 for Looking For Raid, 522 for Normal and 535 for Heroic.

List of Throne of Thunder Raid Bosses

Jin'rokh the Breaker Tactics

Jin'rokh, the Storm God or he likes to think he is will summon a lightning cloud which will create a layer of electrified water on the ground which the players must try to avoid. It is a simple raid boss that shouldn't be too taxing.

Horridon Tactics

Horridon will need to be tanked to each gate where Zandalari trolls will emerge. The raids priority is the trolls not the Horridon. Once the trolls from one gate have been killed, you need to move onto the next gate until all gates have been destroyed. The tanks priorities are with Horridon, don't worry about the trolls. Only when the trolls have died and there are no more trolls do the raid needs to attack and finish off Horridon.

Council of Elders Tactics

The Council of Elders consists of four representatives of non-Darkspear and non-Zandalari trolls that are advised to be killed in order. It is suggested that Sul, the Sandcrawler (Farraki Tribe), Frost King Malakk (Drakkari), High Priestess Mar'li (Gurubashi) and then Kazra'jin (Amani). However when one of the Elders becomes possessed, i.e. that turn a purple colour like a shadow priest, that Elder needs to be nuked as quickly as possible even if its out of sequence. Once the Elder has stopped being possessed, return to the other troll you was attacking before. Kazra'jin can be controlled by the tank and will roll round the fighting zone, leave him to last.

Tortos Tactics

His offspring will shoot from underneath him, these need to be the priority of the raid. Once the offspring has been killed, the empty shell needs to be kicked towards Tortos to damage him. If any offspring hit you, it will cause you damage but you won't necessarily die unless your health is low. Every so often the ceiling will fall down and you need to move out of the way. The tanks priorities are with Tortos, not the offspring. Bats will also fly down and attack the raid which have to be nuked.

Megaera Tactics

Megaera is a multi-headed monster with three different heads, heat (red), poison (green) and frost (blue). Only two heads will appear at anyone time. One tank tanks the blue head but you don't damage that head, you only dps the green or red head. The tank will tank the head away from the raid as the rest of the raid dpses the head down. Every so often a player will become a living bomb and you need to move out of the raid before it explodes. When a head has been destroyed, you move onto the next boss and the tanks swap roles, who last tanked a dpsed head, now tanks the blue head. Keep switching between the two heads to kill the boss.

Ji-kun Tactics

The raid will need to split into two groups, one to kill the adds and the other to kill the boss. The 'adds' team needs to fly down off the ledge and fly from nest to nest and destroy the eggs before they hatch and wipe the raid party. The main raid group attacks the bird in the centre of the platform. Every so often, Ji-kun will fire feathers at the raid, it will do a little damage but shouldn't kill you if your health is good. Periodically, the boss will try to push you off the edge of the platform, if you position yourself right, you won't fall off. If you fall off, you will be bought back onto the platform through a whirlwind and can then return to killing the boss.

One-Up Achievement

A golden egg will drop during the fight and it is the responsibility of the group to make sure that no damage comes to the egg.

Durumu the Forgotten Tactics

Durumu is probably the hardest boss in the raid. Whilst it might start off as a tank and spank boss, every so often, he will pick on a character that needs to run to the edge of the ledge before the ground turns purple which will cause damage to both the player and any surrounding players. There will also be a coloured beam aimed at a player who needs to run round the edge to discover a swamp creature which the raid needs to kill. The hardest part of the raid is when he turns the area to a purple cloud and you have to find your way through the maze. This does usually result in a wipe on occasions for the group, you need to mark a person who knows what to do and get the raid to follow them.

Primordius Tactics

The boss needs to be kited round the edge of the fighting zone and the raid party needs to destroy the blood that heads towards the boss. When the blood explodes and a played is near enough, it will buff the player, when the player has been buffed with good five times, he will transform into a lizard like the boss giving him more damage ability. The player should priority the blood until he transforms.

Dark Animus Tactics

The boss does not appear at the start, his minors will need to be attacked first and then the boss will appear. Every so often two players will matter swap, in other words swap places. The player will also receive a debuff that they will need to move away from the rest of the players so as to not to cause damage to all. When Dark Animus appears, you can prioritise the boss and ignore the adds.

Iron Qon Tactics

The boss will mount three quillans before he can be killed by the raid. He will use will whirlwinds in order to move you away from him but you just to run back to him. Occassionally he will throw up a shield in front and back of him. You need to dps him from the sides.

Twin Consorts Tactics

Lei Shen's consorts are two female characters, one blue and one yellow. At the start of the fight, one will disappear and once the timer has run out, they will swap places. It is possible to kill one before they swap places. At periods in the fight, the consort will fire a "comet" at you which means you need to move out of the way.

Lei Shen Tactics

The raid party will start in the middle of the platform, Lei Shen will switch between his lightning poles periodically. When the fight begins, you charge him and attack him. The tanks need to move him when the bar on the screen gets full. Every so often, the boss will jump to the middle of the screen and start lightning bolts. You need to split the raid party up, one group per lightning pole and stay there until he comes off his stand. He will jump to the centre of the room twice. On the second time, one of the areas must be left empty and the previous occupants spread amongst the other groups. During the final phase of the fight, he will try to blow everyone off the edge which you need to fight against the wind to stay on which is easy if your not by the edge at the time.

Ra-den Tactics

This boss can only be accessed at heroic level and not Looking for Raid. Flex or Normal.

Throne of Thunder Location

Location of Throne of Thunder

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Throne of Thunder

Clutch of Ji-kun

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