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Tomb of Sargeras Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Tomb of Sargeras is a raid whose entrance is located in The Broken Shore on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 110+. The raid contains 9 bosses. The end boss of Tomb of Sargeras is Unknown.

Tomb of Sargeras is expected to be the third raid of the Legion expansion to be opened. The raid is expected to be open at the beginning of 2017. The raid information has not yet been released, however the raid information for Nighthold has already been released. It'll be a multi-sectional raid instance like those that have been released in the past with the LFR version being released weeks after the Normal and Heroic.

If you had undertaken the pre-Broken Isles scenario, you will have seen the entrance to the Tomb of Sargeras where Gul'dan and his Burning Legion prevented you from going any further. Access to the Tomb is not possible as there is no clear path to the dungeon as yet.

The Tomb is where the Avatar of Sargeras, the fallen titan who was beaten by Aegwynn in a battle thousands of years ago on the wastes of Dragonblight. The spirit of Sargeras is still out there in the wastes of Netherspace. The avatar was placed in the Tomb and sent to the bottom of the waters. However, over time and with Gul'dans help, the Tomb has risen. Both the Horde and the Alliance must travel to the Tomb and kill the Kil'Jadeen, the Eradar who was killed perviously in the sunwell Plateau at the end of World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade.

You probably wondering why you're fighting Kil'jaeden again, its because the time has changed when you went back in time to Draenor in the last patch. It messed up time and therefore Sunwell Plateau never happened and hopefully the last, they'll have another boss next time.

List of Tomb of Sargeras Raid Bosses

Goroth Tactics

Goroth is a green fel pitlord that will climb out from his hiding place at the beginning of the raid. You shouldn't try to engage him whilst the trash adds are in place. Clear the trash first then engage.

Goroth will cast a spell which will create spikes that come out of the ground. You need to run behind these spikes to protect you from the next Goroth spell. Once the spell has been cast, the spikes will crumble and you can go back to fight the boss.

In addition to the spikes, he will unleash fel onto nearby players and also use fel comets on players. If you get targetted, move.

Demonic Inquisition Tactics

There are two bosses in this fight. The two tanks needs to separate them so that the group can target them. (Artigan and Belac). When Pangs of Guilt is cast, Belac needs to be interrupted. If you use DBM, you will get a message to interrupt.

At the bottom of the screen is a slider control that shows how much power that the two characters are building up. You need to keep an eye on this. There is also a button that will take you to another room to fight a third demon. If you are in LFR, you do not need to worry about the third demon, just worry about the two that are in the present realm.

Harjatan Tactics

Before attempting the boss, it is best that you clear the trash in the room before engaging. The Naga female in the background is not part of this instance and therefore you do not need to worry about her. The Naga is only there to set the scene.

Throughout the battle, Harjatan will call upon Razorjaw creatures which are oversized Murlocs if you need to know what they look like. When the Murlocs come, one tank needs to collect all the creatures together so that they can be dpsed down and killed.

Look out for the water on the ground in the form of greeny circles. The circles are a debuff which causes your character to be drenched and therefore damage to be increased.

Sisters of the Moon Tactics

There are three sisters which need to be killed, they are the Huntress Kasparian, Captain Yathae Moonstrike and Priestess Lunaspyre. The good news is that you don't have to fight them all at the same time. They will phase in and out of a ghost state when its their time to fight. The order of the kills are the Huntress, the Warrior and then the Priestess. There is a fourth boss, a large bird which doesn't appear in the LFR version or that its been noted.

The bosses all share the same health so you don't have to worry about getting them down individually. Once a boss has been defeated, it will phase out. The Huntresses' pet is not a separate boss and you fight them both together.

This fight sees you moving a lot, you build up a debuff which can be removed by moving to the other side of the room where the debuff is not present.

Mistress Sassz'ine Tactics

The Naja Mistress that you saw in the previous boss encounter is now ready to face you. The Naga boss has snakes for hair copying the ancient Grecian legend of Medusa, the Gorgon.

During the fight, she will call upon worm like creatures that float in the air. These creatures need to be kitted together and killed before going back onto the boss. She will call upon tornadoes which will knock you back so you need to be aware of them when they come.

Another group of adds are jellyfish like creatures. These need to be avoided which unlike the worm creatures don't stay around, their purpose is to get you stuck so you can't move. If you get caught, use a free yourself spell like Human racial, Every Man for Himself or shape shift if you're a druid.

The Desolate Host Tactics

There are three bosses to this encounter but in the LFR, you only see two, the Engine of Souls and Soul Queen Dejahna both of which are in the picture. The Engine of the Souls is the large green monsters and is in the present realm with the Soul Queen in the other realm.

The raid party needs to split into two groups, the main party taking on the Engine. You are not able to swap realms so choose wisely.

The main enemy spell is Soulbind which if it has been cast on you, you need to move to a similarly affected person in the other realm. Although yu can interact with people in the other realm, you are able to see them.

Maiden of Vigilance Tactics

There are two main points of her attack you need to be aware of. The first is that she will target one or more players with a bomb on their head and the character will grow big. When this happens, the player has to jump into the centre before the bomb goes off. The attack is known as Unstable Soul. If you time it right, the bomb will be disarmed and you'll bounce back. If you fail to jump in, the bomb will blast you back and probably kill you.

The other point of attack will be massive AOE damage which she'll fire felballs in all directions. Everyone needs to get to her, avoiding the balls and stop her from throwing more.

Fallen Avatar Tactics

When you enter the room, the final boss, Kil'Jaeden awaits you. The start of the encounter will see you listen to Kil'Jaeden go through how its going to be. A rather boring intersection so use the time wisely.

After Kil'Jaeden has said what he's had to say, the arms of the Fallen Avatar will break free and the fight will be begin. There are two main phases. The first phase up to 50% in LFG will see the Avatar fight half on top of the land with his feet underground, similar to how you fought Kil'Jaeden in Sunwell Plateau all those manly years ago. Like so many fights, the ranged will need to avoid the green crap on the floor and moving out of the way.

The second phase will see the floor disappear and you fall through to the ground below. There you the Fallen Avatar will be mobile and walking round killing people or trying his best. Every so often, the ground will give way and all that'll be left is Fel liquid which if you don't get to land, you'll die.

If you get a chance, look to the left area, you'll see Illidan fight Kil'Jaeden. Don't watch too much otherwise you'll might get killed. You also know the outcome, Kil'Jaeden will not be killed.

Kil'Jaeden Tactics

The final fight in the Tomb Sargeras takes place on the top of a space ship. a Sentinax like space ship. Kil'Jaeden is the same boss that we fought in Sunwell Plateau and killed. As Garosh Hellscream screwed up history when he returned to Draenor, we get the opportunity to kill the red demon again. This time, he's fully mobile and not half-in, half-out of any platform.

He should be tanked in the middle and facing away from the rest of the group. During Armageddon phase, when red flame like items appear, players need to soak up the damage or the result will be worst.

When people are surrounded by a red circle, they need to move to the outside of the playing area otherwise they'll cause AOE damage. If a player grows big, that player needs to move to the centre.

Kil'Jaeden will take to the air and become immune from all the melee but ranged should be able to hit him still. During this phase they'll be some crap on the ground like before that you need to avoid.

When the health is about 20-30%, the area will go dark and the players need to find Illidan Stormrage for protection. During this phase, they'll be some adds, Voids that need to be kitted and killed otherwise it'll be death for you.

Once the adds in the previous phase has ended, it'll return to day like before it was before the night phase. The players carry on doing what they were doing before and you should then see the death of Kil'Jaeden. In addition to these phases, people need to keep an eye out for a few adds that might spawn.

Tomb of Sargeras Location

Location of Tomb of Sargeras

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