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Trial of the Champion Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Trial of the Champion is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Icecrown on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 75-80. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Trial of the Champion is The Black Knight.

Arelas Brightstar

Trial of the Champion is a five man dungeon that appeared in Lich King expansion. The coordinates for the entrance is 74,20, the entrance at the top. The location of Trial of the Champion is at the Northern end of the Icecrown zone. The area where the Trials takes part is an area that the Horde and the Alliance have set up to train their respective heroes. It is meant as a teaser to Trial of the Crusader, the raid. Trial of the Crusader Raid is also in this area, so make sure you enter the correct instance.

To start the fights, you need to talk to the Arelas Brightstar, the blonde haired Blood Elf. Arelas gets killed by the Black Knight at the start of the final battle so don't go getting too friendly with him.

The bosses that appear in the first boss encounter are random. You first have to clear the trash by using jousting sticks. There's three of each group that you need to defeat. Once you defeat those, you face those group's leader. The leaders are from the opposite faction races. For example, if you are Alliance, you could expect to face off against the undead rogue but there won't be an undead mage. The only boss that is guaranteed is the final boss, the Black Knight. The second boss can be either Eadric the Pure or Argent Confessor.

Both Trial instances are found in the Argent Tournament, in the north eastern area of Icecrown on Northrend. The trial to the east is the Trial of the Crusader, the raid. Unlike the other dungeons in the game, this one requires a higher than normal item level to prepare you for the raid. As well as it having a higher than normal entrance requirement, it also has a higher than the other loot drop.

List of Trial of the Champion Dungeon Bosses

Grand Champions Tactics

The bosses that you encounter here are random but also depend on which faction you fight for. If you are alliance, you fight against the Horde and vice versa. The encounter starts with jousting and you need to equip a pole and jump on a horde in order to start the encounter. The enemy will come at you in waves of three. You need to increase your shield and hit them with with your pole. If you are soloing it now that you are high enough, some things to be aware of, they can still knock you off the horse and in capacitate you.

Once you have dealt with a group of three, you then need to ensure they can't get back onto their feet and walk again so simply run over them. Unlike a group effort, you'll have difficulty charging at them, you just need to keep hitting them with your sword until you've "killed them".

Once all the trash has gone, you then face the leaders of the groups. The main one to be aware of are the rogues. If you're alliance, then the rogue is the undead as you can see from the picture to the side. The rogue will poison the ground so you will need to move out of the way.

Argent Confessor Tactics

The Argent Confessor is always a blonde female immaterial of which faction you fight for. She is a Priest and has two phases. Her main attack is Holy Smite. In the first phase, its just you and her. When her health is down to zero or near zero, she will summon a ghost of the past, something you have killed in the past or should have. Hogger, the gnoll from Elwynn Forest is one of the ghosts. Once the ghost is up, focus on the ghost and leave the Confessor. Once the ghost is dead, finish off the Confessor.

Eadric the Pure Tactics

After defeating the Grand Champions comes either Eadric, the Pure or the Argent Confessor. More times than most, it will be Eadric who will appear. He'll be flanked by groups either side of him. You need to kill the groups before you can tackle the boss. The boss is relatively easy whether you are high or not.

The Black Knight Tactics

The Black Knight will make a theatrical appearance after you have spoken to Arelas. The Black Knight will appear on a bone bird high up in the rafters and then fly down. The Black Knight will complain that his entrance was spoiled and then kill Arelas. His bone bird will fly away and then the fight will be begin.

The phases are relatively all the same, except that in the first phase he'll be a undead knight with rotting flesh. After you defeat him, he'll become a skeletal boss and then finally a ghost. With each phase, he'll call on undead minions to attack. The undead will explode and cause damage if you don't kite the boss away from them in enough time.

Trial of the Champion Location

Location of Trial of the Champion

Trial of the Champion Entrance

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