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Uldaman Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Uldaman is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Badlands on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 35-47. The only achievements you can get in this dungeon are the ones for completing. There are no achievements awards for individual boss encounters for making him to do something. Classic raids and dungeons only had one mode and that was normal. Heroic level versions of the dungeon started in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Starting in Cataclysm and onwards, Heroic level dungeons were introduced for the highest level.The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Dwarf. The dungeon contains 9 bosses. The end boss of Uldaman is Archaedas.

Uldaman is a dungeon that is located at the very top of Badlands, you can walk past it if you're not careful. The dungeon is full of corrupted dwarves and troggs who provide the enemies.

The dungeon has a couple of easter eggs, one being a nod to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark. In the previously mentioned film, Indiana uses a pole to identify where the Ark is buried, in game its similar. When the game first came out, you had to make the pole to light up and open the door, now you just need to click on a keystone.

Another nod in the game is to one of the first games that the predecessor companies to Blizzard were involved in, The Lost Vikings. Instead of Vikings, its dwarves. Despite being similar, there is no connection to Ulduar or Uldum.

There are two entrances and exits to this dungeon, the first in the top left of the map, the place that says Uldaman. The other is a cave near Fuselight. The hidden entrance so to speak will take you to a door which behind is the Obsidian Sentinel.

List of Uldaman Dungeon Bosses

The Lost Dwarves Tactics

The Lost Dwarves are three viking looking dwarves that are the first boss you may come to. The Dwarves (Olaf, Eric and Baelog) are a nod to an early game, the Lost Dwarves which was created by the Silicon and Synapse, a pre-cursor company to Blizzard.

Three dwarves are separate but when you approach one, the others will attack at the same time. Olaf will be a melee person attacking with his sword and shield. Eric, aka 'The Swift' will storm into characters and run away whilst Baelog will fire arrows at players.

Magregan Deepshadow Tactics

Revelosh Tactics

When you approach him, there'll be two other troggs with him, if you kill the one nearest to him, the fight starts. Revelosh will have lightning bolts on his hands which will attack the person who has focus and close by people too.

Ironaya Tactics

This boss is a nod to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. When you enter the room, you will see a small village in the centre and a keystone near the edge. You need to click on the keystone to open the door and for Ironaya to walk out and start the fight.

The boss is easy like all the other bosses, the main things is that she will stomp and knock people back and cleave too. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, just nuke her.

Obsidian Sentinel Tactics

The Obsidian Sentinel during the fight when you knocked him about a bit will split into smaller versions which all have to be killed. During the fight, he will throw up a shield to protect himself but keep bashing away at him and be ready when the shield is down.

When the Sentinel is dead, you can click on the doors behind him. The doors will open and show an escape route out of the place, not something to do if you not finished yet.

Ancient Stone Keeper Tactics

When you enter the room, they'll be a lot of trash, clear it up before starting. When you move into the room, the ASK will move forward but won't attack so be ready. There isn't very much in the way of tactics with this boss. The only thing you need to know is about the sandstorm that he creates which does little damage but if you're low level, run away from it.

Galgann Firehammer Tactics

Galgann Firehammer is located near the back of the dungeon. He is accompanied by two adds that if you kill one, you will start the fight. If you can cc one of them that'll be best otherwise you'll have to nuke them down before the actual boss. The boss will use flames to attack the player including AOE flames so be ready to move when he casts. The flames he casts will be D.O.T. and will stack so the healer will need to heal that player for a short time.

Grimlok Tactics

Grimlok is the leader of the Trogs in the underground cave. Attacking anyone will start the fight. If you can, kill the troggs first then the pet then Grimlok. When the fight begins, Grimlok will send his pet to attack first so nuke that one first. Grimlok is like a Shaman and therefore has lightning abilities to attack his enemies. This boss is really just go in and nuke it down quickly, nothing special here.

Archaedas Tactics

When you enter the final room, he will be stone, to wake him up, click on the alter in front of him and he'll wake. Archaedas will swing his mallet around so dps should stay behind him at all times. Archaedas will awaken a stone guard at intervals who will then attack the group. Near the end, he will awaken the giant stone monsters to attack. If you're low, attack the adds otherwise just concentrate on the boss.

Uldaman Location

Location of Uldaman

Uldaman Entrance

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