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Uldir Raid

Uldir is a raid whose entrance is located in Nazmir in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 120. The raid contains 8 bosses. The end boss of Uldir is G'huun.

Uldir in central Nazmir is the location of where the Titans constructed a massive research station to better understand their foes, the Old Gods. The Titans didn't quite understand what they were letting themselves in for and something went wrong. The Titans left the area well alone but now its time to go back after a millenia of it being deserted. The blood trolls of Uldir worship and practice sacrifice and cannabalism to G'huun. It is imperative that G'huun is stopped above all else.

Uldir is at the base of the massive triangular shaped building in the centre of the zone. The location of the entrance is on the east side at the very bottom.

TomTom Location Coordinates for Entrance : /way 53,62

List of Uldir Raid Bosses

Taloc Tactics

When you first enter the dungeon, you will see Taloc incapacitated with two large storks, one either side of him. The boss fight begins when both storks are down. Hit the storks as hard as you can and get them down.

Taloc's health might look low but his fight is anything but quick. The tank needs to try to keep him at the back of the room whilst the dps and healers move around. During the fight, he'll move to the centre of the room and not do any attacks, the floor will lower. You can hit him whilst going down but the damage will be minimal. Of the first three bosses, he is easiest.

During the phase that you go down, there will be a number of adds that need to be kitted and killed rather than attacking the boss. Its best to fight near the edge because the boss will create large AOE. When the platform reaches the bottom, you may be blown off and receive a little damage so try and stay in when you can.

Mother Tactics

Mother is a large female titan. The fight area is split into three, each section is separated by a thin blue film. During the fight, Mother will create blood spots that will attack everyone. Mother will push everyone to one side of the room which you must resist otherwise you will burn to death.

During the fight, you will need to move into the next section of the room but not all at the same time as it will be a wipe. You need to coordinate as a group as to when people go through, can sometimes be hard when it is a PUG or a LFR group. The other attack method to be aware of is when bars come across the room, you need to move into the spot where there are no bars so you are not sliced open so to speak.

When players go to the other side where Mother is not, you are faced with having to handle blood globules which need to be destroyed. Everyone needs to be in the next section before the current section reaches 100 otherwise its a wipe and death.

Fetid Devourer Tactics

The Fetid Devourer is a a multi-headed dragon that wanders his room. In order to kill the boss, you should clear the trash in the room first by carefully pulling them to the entrance and killing them. You are able to pull the boss to the door and he'll reset. During the time he resets, you will be able to pull the adds at the back of the room to kill.

Tank Fetid in the middle of the room by the wall whilst everyone else fights behind him. The main thing to worry about him is his breathe which you need to move out of the way before it hits you. In addition to the breathe is the adds which spawn at the far cornes of the room. Compared to later bosses, this one is easy.

Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth Tactics

Zek'voz is a relatively easy boss so long as you keep moving out of the large Areas of Effect (AOE). Zek'voz will summon adds which need to be kitted and killed. On occassions there will be a player who will receive a debuff, it is imperative that you dps him down and free him otherwise it can be a wipe.

Vectis Tactics

You can quite easily clear the trash from this room without pulling the boss. Only start the boss once it is clear. The group should stack together when they fight has started so that the damage is spread. The main curse is Omega Vector which he'll cast on someone and then when its finished will move onto someone else. It won't prove too much of a problem though.

During the fight, he'll disappear and the fight will be replaced by adds. You need to nude the adds down whilst also avoiding the streams of fire that he sends down the room. Once the adds and stream has finished, return to the boss.

Zul Reborn Tactics

You will have encountered Zul in the past but this time he will be a raid boss. When you reach the centre room, there will be a lot of trash to kill but down try to take on all the adds at the same time unless you're stupid or over level 140 which at the time of writing is not available. The trash groups can be difficult but stick in there and you will succeed. Once the boss groups are down, move to the edge of the room so that you don't pull Zul.

This is an add heavy boss encounter so be ready. You need to kill the Hexers then Crushers and then the Crawg before attacking Zul. Only when the adds are not there, add Zul. You need to move quickly as eventually Zul will spawn circles of damage on the floor. The red circles will increase in size rapdily so you need to be nimble. The tanks have to make sure they don't traps themselves in with the red spots. During this phase, Zul will fear people and make them walk into the red, if your health isn't good, you will die.

Mythrax the Unraveler Tactics

G'huun Tactics

Uldir Location

Location of Uldir

Uldir Entrance

Entrance of Uldir

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