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Ulduar Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Ulduar is a raid whose entrance is located in Storm Peaks on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 80. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The raid contains 14 bosses. The end boss of Ulduar is Yogg-Saron.

Ulduar raid instance is located at the northern end of Storm Peaks. It is a prison for the old god, Yogg-Saron, a distant relative of C'Thun, the end boss in Ahn'Qiraj Temple in Silithus on Kalimdor's southern coast. The pre-release video showed the Dwarf explorer Brann Bronzebeard notify the Kirin Tor in Dalaran of the awakening and therefore setting you on a path to kill the creature.

There are two mounts that can be had for doing all the 10 man and 25 man achievements. The mounts looks similar, just a different colour for each one. One of the bosses, Mirimon builds a mechanical machine as he fights you. The machine is in three parts, the top part, the head becomes a mount that can drop on the final boss, Yogg-Saron. Unlike in Karazhan, you will need to clear all the other bosses before you can get to Yogg-Saron and hoping the mount drops.

The Island where the entrance to Ulduar is located has two dungeons, one either side of the island to where the raid is located. Ulduar stands out from the others because it is high in the air and you will need a flying mount to get up there or a warlock to summon you.

When the raid first came out, when you killed Yogg-Saron, you could go on and kill Algalon if you had done it on heroic. There is no requirement now to kill Yogg-Saron before you go and kill the celestial Algalon now, you can just go straight to him and kill him. Most groups will kill Algalon when they reach the same area that he is in.

Certain classes were given the legendary quest line which enabled them to get Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, a mace that was useful for healers and ranged spell master, no use to hunters or plate wearers. It involves collecting fragments from various bosses that only randomly drop and putting the items together to get the item.

List of Ulduar Raid Bosses

Flame Leviathan Tactics

Even though Flame Leviathan was out in the Lich King, it can still prove to be a problem for some. Ideally if you can do two people, it'll make things a lot easier. What you need to do is take the catapult vehicle so you hurl yourself onto the vehicle if the chance arrives. Once all the goliaths have been killed at the gate, the Leviathan will come through and start the attack. The Flame Leviathan fight will start when you get close to the vehicle so be careful.

It will call upon a number of self-defences including walking weeks to attack you. You need to kite it round whilst shooting cannon balls at the vehicle and survive long enough to kill it.

Ignis the Furnace Master Tactics

The first rule of every fight is of course, clear the trash until there's only you and him left. Ideally if you have a Death Knight in the group, it would make things a lot easier as they can pull the hot robots into the water. During the fight, he will call upon the constructs to attack. When a construct turns yellows, the construct needs to go into water which when its most useful for a death knight to be amongst the group, otherwise just lure the creature into the water to disable it.

Sometimes a player will be pulled into the cauldron that he is carrying, you need to keep jumping out of it to survive, the healers need to heal the person up. Escaping awards an achievement. If you're the tank or soloing, you will not be pulled into the cauldron. If you're in a rush, you can skip this boss, you don't need him.

Razorscale Tactics

Razorscale is a giant dragon that at the beginning of the fight will be high in the air, you need to fight off the Iron Dwarves and their friends whilst the engineers repair the harpoons to bring her down. When the harpoons have brought her down, you need to give it all you've got to damage her as much as possible. After a while, she will break free of the chains and go in the air again. The harpoons will have to be repaired by the NPC engineers and brought down again. If you damage her enough, the dragon will stay down and no need to wait for the repairs. She is too high for the Ranged to hit Razorscale.

Razorscale will breathe a flame which if you can lure a damaged iron dwarf into the flame when she breathes, the flame will kill the dwarf and count towards an achievement. Razorscale has to kill a hundred dwarves to count. You should do this with a tank to lure the dwarves into position and a healer to keep you up. It may take numerous trips to the raid to complete the task. If Razorscale is about to die, you should wipe and start again or you'll have to come back later after lock out has ended. If you're in a rush, you can skip this boss as its not a mandatory boss.

XT-002 Deconstructor Tactics

The XT-002 is the last boss in the first section of the Ulduar Raid. Once you have killed this boss, Flame Leviathan, Ignis and Razorscale, you will be awarded an achievement for doing so. When you enter the room that the XT is in, make sure you clear the trash to the left and right of the front of the room otherwise it could be a costly mistake. The XT-002 stomps about at the back of the room otherwise they will attack when you attack the boss. The boss has a girls voice who complains she wants to play and is tired.

During the fight, the XT-002 will stop fighting and drop its heart, if you have the dps for it, you can kill the boss when you destroy the heart. If you run out of time, the heart will go back into the boss and you have to continue where you left off. When the heart is out, adds from the front of the room will attack so you need to kill them before they get to the boss. The XT-002 will cause an Earthquake and cause massive AOE damage to every one so be aware. Tank the boss to as far back as you can so the adds take longer to get to the boss.

The Assembly of Iron Tactics

Three bosses here but they all need to be killed. Depending on who you leave last will determine if you get an achievement. Don't try to take them all down at the same time unless you're not after the achievement. When you kill them, a quest item will drop, pick up the quest and complete it in the opened room where the archaeologist dwarf Bran will be waiting. The Dwarf goes ranged damage whilst the other two bosses are melee. Once the big guy has died, you need to move round because of the AOE damage. The dwarf doesn't move unlike the other two who follow you around.

Kologarn Tactics

Kologarn is a huge stone male human construct, you only ever see the top half of him. He never climbs out of where he is. He uses his hands to swipe people and hit them. For those who stand still, he will target you with his eyes so you need to be prepared to move. He has an AOE breathe spell which you need to be prepared for when fighting him. If you don't take the arms down together, the damaged one will repair and the effort be for nothing. If you can kill him without killing any arms, there's an "With Open Arms" achievement in it for you. Once he is down, he becomes the bridge between here and the next stage.

Auriaya Tactics

Auriaya is a giant Maiden, much like the ones you've seen in earlier raids and dungeons such as Karazhan. Auriaya walks round the ring of observation with her pet panthers called sentries.

Those sentries need to be killed as quickly as possible unless of course you're going for the achievement to kill her without killing the sentries. Her main spell is stomping on the ground. In 10 man raid, Auriaya will be assisted by two cats whereas in the 25 man raid, they'll be four. You don't need to kill the cats but if you're low then its advisable to kill them otherwise just nuke the boss lady. If you're not going after the achievements, you should get one tank to move the cats away from the boss and kill the cats first.

Freya Tactics

Freya is situated in the outside area of the raid but within the instance, hope that makes sense to you. When you start, make sure you clear all the trash that is round everywhere. If you're doing the Knock Knock achievements, make sure you do not kill any of the giant elderly trees known as Elders. If you do that the achievement is over.

Freya heals quickly so you really need to go at him hammer and tong if you're soloing it. When the fight starts, she'll call upon adds that will heal her. If your dps is low, you will need to kill the adds otherwise go straight for the boss and if you have dps then you can achieve 'Getting Back To Nature' achievement.

Thorim Tactics

When you first enter the Arena with Thorim at the top, kill the Worms and the captured mercenaries to begin the fight. Only when they are all dead will the fight begin. Go to the door handle and click on it. Move along the corridor all the way to the top where you find Thorim being seemingly controlled by Sif. Sif can't be killed so don't spend time trying to kill her.

Move quickly and hit Thorim, he'll jiump down and move quickly again otherwise he'll walk out of the arena and reset the instance. When you jump down to confront Thorim once more, he'll be assisted by Iron Dwarves and other adds. If you are soloing it, take out Thorim first. Once Thorim is dead however, the adds do not just go away and you will need to kill them as well.

Mimiron Tactics

This is a four phase boss fight, the first parts of the fight, you fight the individual parts to his MK II Leviathan and then finally all the parts together. The achievement for this boss is gained by pressing the self-destruct button at the back of the room, its a large red button. After having destroyed the individual parts, the three parts join to make a whole one. You need to take out all the parts within a short time frame. If you don't, parts will heal themselves and you'll have to take out the parts again. If you press the red button, the place will go up in flames therefore making the fight that little bit harder. Adds will spawn during the fight. If you can avoid killing the Assault Bot in the aerial hed mode then leading it into a trap, the red circle in the final phase, you will be awarded an achievement for doing so. Yogg-Saron sometimes drops the head as loot.

Hodir Tactics

You've grinded in the outside world of Northrend to gain exalted rep with the "Sons of Hodir", only to come to Ulduar and try and kill their father, what a disappointment. When you first enter the room, they'll be friendly NPCs that are frozen, you can choose to free them or just leave them. When the fight starts, he'll start off as a melee player hitting you with all he's got. Look out for the white circles on the grounds as they will be where he rains down icicles which are not good. Occassionally, you will be knocked back and have to move back into position. Also Hodir will freeze you on the spot so you need to be careful, it'll be temporarily but if it you're not high enough, it'll cause you some damage and could kill you. Once you have killed the boss, remember that the loot is both large boxes, not just the one box.

General Vezax Tactics

General Vezax guards the prison of Yogg-Saron and to you must kill him to gain entrance. When you enter the room, there are groups of trash scattered all over the place to be killed. Wipe out the trash and then take on the boss. If you're soloing the boss, you only need to target the boss. When you hit, keep moving him around otherwise you get him by massive damage which if you're a high level character shouldn't make too much of a difference but if you're low, move. A slow tank and spank will be in order if you're doing the achievement to creature a monster in the back. For the achievement, just keep the tank up and get him to be the focus of the General without doing much in the way of damage, its a drawn out one so be prepared.

Yogg-Saron Tactics

Yogg-Saron is an Old God, reminiscent of the C'Thun from Temple of Ahn Qiraj in Silithus. It had been imprisoned in Ulduar prison but has since been awoken and now it calls upon you hero to make sure it goes back to sleep forever. It is a multi-phased fight. The good thing about this boss is that there's a possibility of a mount can drop.

Phase 1 will you combat creatures that summoned by Sara to kill you. There should be about 9 monsters that you need to kill before the next Phase begins. Don't forget to kiss Sara for an achievement when she's angry. They'll be green areas of mist, walk into them to summon the faceless creatures and then kill the creature by Sara to kill her. Killing the adds anyone else apart from next to Sara will prolong the fight.

Phase 2, Yogg-Saron will appear, he will be in a protective bubble and can't be killed. Tentacles will spawn up and grab players so nuke them as quickly as possible. Some players may be charmed and can't be controlled, it'll be for a short time but you need to be aware of it. If you're not soloing it, then two random players will be linked and they need to move quickly to one another otherwise you loose sanity.

Phase 3, When a portal to his brain opens up, go inside. Turn your back from the skulls as they will cause you to go insane by about 2% each time. You need to move around the illusion and kill the tentacles. Once the tentacles have been killed, move to where you see Yogg's brain and nuke it with all your might. If you don't nuke it, you will go insance and die.

Algalon the Observer Tactics

This boss can only be done on heroic and only after someone in the group has down the attunement for the entrance. The quest line begins when you speak to the female dwarf in the room behind the Assembly of Iron. The dwarf will require you to get to explore where the boss is then get the sigils from the four watchers on the other side of Kologarn. If you're in a selfish group, you might not be able to do the exploration as they won't want to help you out so good luck otherwise.

Ulduar Location

Location of Ulduar

Ulduar Entrance

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Ulduar

Ironbound Protodrake

Ironbound Protodrake is awaded after completing all Glory of the Ulduar 25 Raider Achievement.

Rusted Proto-drake

Rusted Protodrake is awarded on completion of Glory of the Ulduar 10 Raider Achievement.

Mimirons Head

Players have a random chance of getting Mimiron's Head on killing Yogg Saron, the final boss in Ulduar. Long after the raid had stopped being the max level, players are continuing to raid in the hope the mount will drop.

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