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Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Burning Steppes on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The instance was released in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The dungeon contains 5 bosses. The end boss of Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) is Warlord Zaela.

In the greatest of Blizzard traditions, Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) has been updated for the World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor expansion. In addition to having a dungeon make-over, a heroic and mythic level raid was added to normal dungeon. The dungeon had been first introduced in World of Warcraft - Vanilla when the game first came out in 2004. The new normal can only be accessed when the player has reached 100. In new normal, bosses drop item level 615 gear with Heroic dropping level 630 and Mythic dropping 685.

This dungeon has two chances to get a heroic follower, Leeroy Jenkins and Millihouse Manastorm. For Leeroy Jenkins, you need to revive him after you have killed the second boss, you then need to make your way to just before the third boss, clearing the way and killing the dog so that when Leeroy Jenkins arrives, he can pick up his gear and return back to the garrison. The other follower will give you a quest if in your garrison, you have a level 2 inn. The quest involves collecting a large spiky ball just before the last boss and kill the last boss as well.

List of Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) Dungeon Bosses

Orebender Gorashan Tactics

When you enter the room, there are a few trash to kill which are simple enough. Spread out around the room are large bear traps with electrostatic on them. A giant electrostatic charge will go round the room, you need to avoid the ball otherwise its curtains. You need to click on the traps to unlock the next phase. Once the traps have been unlocked, you can start on the boss.

The fight doesn't start until you hit him. During the fight, he'll become immune to attack as the traps are started up again. A player or players needs to go down and unlock the traps. Remember to keep DOTS on the boss, that way they continue to deal damage whilst he's in a protected shell. Once the traps are disabled, the fight can start again.

Kyrak Tactics

Hitting either of his goons that on either side of him will start the fight so be ready for it. The tank needs to kite this boss around a lot because otherwise you'll find yourself in poison. He'll fixate on one player reducing their ability. You'll notice which player has been fixated on by the stream that is pointed at them.

This area in which we fight is where the legendary Leeroy Jenkins did his stuff. Leroy Jenkins was a video which whilst the raid leader was talking, Leeroy went off and started the raid and wiped it. The video went down in infamy since then. The incident has been revealed to have been staged and not as what it seemed like at the time.

If you have not got the Leeroy Jenkins follower for your Garrison, its a good time to get it. Behind from where Kyrak started is Jenkins, you need to click on him to wake him up, you then have ten minutes to get to his gear to complete the mission. To wake up Jenkins, you need to be a healer or have bandages high enough to repair him.

Ironmarch Commander Tharbek Tactics

When you enter the arena, Tharbek and Zaela will be on the other side, there is no way across, you need to jump down. The encounter will start with waves of Rylaks and Orcs attacking, you need to keep your ground until they are all dead and Zaela gets annoyed.

Tharbek will join the fight onboard his Rylak. The main things to be aware of is the adds and that the Rylak will breathe fel poison so you need to move out of the way. When the Rylak is dead or believed to be dead, Tharbek will jump off and continue on foot. Once Tharbek is dead, there is a small change that the Rylek will not disappear, if this is the case, you need to go invisible or whatever spell drops threat. When you drop threat, the Rylek will disappear and you can move on. In the bugged version, the Rylek will not die and continue on hitting you.

Ragewing the Untamed Tactics

The fight takes place on a bridge between two parts of the dungeon. It doesn't give you much room to move. Ragewing will rise from above but you need to first make sure you cleared the path behind and no trash coming. When the fight starts, it'll a be mix of fire balls and little pets. The ground where the fireballs are going to land is cleared marked so you have no excuse not to move. Its a case of fight and repeat twice as you engage him in the air. Eventually, he'll land and you can then unleash all you got on him.

Warlord Zaela Tactics

Even when you are a horde player, she will still comment about destroying Stormwind, the human capital. There are three phase to this. The first phase is tank and spank the boss. When she spins on the spot, you need to move out of the way otherwise its AOE damage.

Phase two, Zaela takes to her Rylek and breathe fire down on you. Try to take out the drakes that are breathing fire on you to move to the next phase. There will be some Orcs on foot to make like harder for you but essentially it should be easy. The final phase is just Zaela on foot again.

Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) Location

Location of Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD)

Upper Black Rock Spires (WOD) Entrance

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