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Vault of Archavon Raid Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Vault of Archavon is a raid whose entrance is located in Wintergrasp on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 80. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The raid contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Vault of Archavon is Toravon.

Vault of Archavon is one of two raids that entry can only be gained when your faction has control of Winterspring Citadel, a tall building in the northern middle of the zone. It will appear either red or blue depending on who currently has control of it. The raid is up for conquering every two hours. If the Alliance won it last, the Horde must be attack with the Alliance defending and vice versa. The entrance is where the arrow is on the map.

The raid is still undertaken by many player for the honour of getting the Grand Black War Mammoth. The Mammoth has the ability to carry fellow players so they can sit back whilst you do the travelling. The Mammoth can drop on any of the four bosses At 100 and some time before, it is possible to solo the bosses and solo them all at the same time. If the player can get all the bosses together and hit them all then there's an achievement in it for them, both on 10 player and 25 player. You won't be able to enter the raid when the PVP battle is in play but after the fight, the player has two hours to get the gear. Archavon was the first boss released in the raid and is situated at the back of the room with the higher gear drop bosses closes to the entrance.

List of Vault of Archavon Raid Bosses

Archavon the Stone Watcher Tactics

Archavon was the first boss to be encountered when Winterspring Citadel first opened. He is situated at the back of the room. His main skills are throwing a lot of stalagmites at you so you need to move out of the way so that they don't hit. Another technique he does is to grab the player, maybe tank or another one and throw him around a bit before throwing him down on the ground.

Emalon the Storm Watcher Tactics

The Storm Minions are Emalon's guards, you can't kill them off before you start on the boss. If you kill any of the minions, Emalon will come at you. During the fight, Emalon will summon Minions to defend him. One of the tanks need to tank the boss, the other needs to handle the minions. If you're soloing this at a high level, just ignore the minions and take out Emalon straight and simple.

Koralon the Flame Watcher Tactics

Koralon's main hit is to kick so keep well back unless you're the tank. If you're dps, attack from behind, its safer that way. Lava from his bumbag will pour out so you need to move out of the way. The lava will stay on the ground so you need to permanently move out of the way. Koralon will spin round and breathe fire so those standing behind him need to move out of the way, Koralon is an easy enough player, you just need to move. Koralon is essential the same boss as you encounter in Ulduar, just a little simpler tactics here.

Toravon the Ice Watcher Tactics

During the fight, Toravon will inflict frostbite onto the players which will slow them down. In addition to the frostbite, he will freeze people on the spot so be prepared for that. One last addition to his armour is Frozen Orbs that will travel round and hit people with AOE damage. You need to knock out the Orbs as quickly as possible. More than one orb can be active during any fight so you really need to knock out those orbs as quickly as possible.

Vault of Archavon Location

Location of Vault of Archavon

List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Vault of Archavon

Grand Black War Mammoth

The Grand Black War Mammoth can drop from any boss in the Vaults of Archavon. It is people carrier so it has spaces for two fellow players.

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